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Today, December 13th, We at Tokyo Sports made Pro-Wrestling Awards, Tetsuya Naito of New Japan has won the
MVP award for the second consecutive year. We had 3 candidates, one being the
IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada, Naito, who held the Intercontinental Title
along with winning the G1. And Kenny Omega, who regularly had many
‘Best Bouts’ throughout the year. Naito delivered many of the top moments,
rivaling Okada’s reign, while gaining more fans. Naito was seen as having the top crowd reactions,
and increased the surge of LIJ. Naito received 15 out of 21 votes
to win this MVP award. Naito, how does it feel to receive this award? Even though this event is for
Tokyo Sports Pro-Wrestling Awards, There is something I have to address, Is it okay if I switch topics? Oh, please keep it brief. I want to talk about what they are now calling
a double main event, with Omega vs Jericho, Even though they are calling it a double main
event, the earlier match is still the semi-final. I experienced the same thing 4 years ago. Even though they are calling it a double
main event, you guys are in the semi-final. You guys are the opening act to Okada vs Naito. When I heard this announcement,
I had a moment to breathe. But, However, I earned this contract by
winning the G1 tournament. I won this contract in the tournament
which included Okada and Kenny. For New Japan, the main event in the
Tokyo Dome has a lot of significance. But just because there is some name recognition
involved, they want to make it a double main event. Does the G1 tournament and the main event of
the Tokyo Dome not matter to the company? I get that the big name is very important. To make this known world wide,
you have to take advantage of his name. I get all of that. But, isn’t the whole point of making it widely
known to showcase New Japan, itself. Shouldn’t they believe in what
they want to show the world? He has name value, but that’s not the point, What you have to push now,
is what we do everyday. How long will New Japan keep
tying to humor that company overseas? You guys haven’t learned a thing since
Nakamura left to go there. Why do you guys congratulate wrestlers
who leave for that company? It’s impossible to become the top company,
if you keep playing to the other one. No matter how hard we work, if the company
keeps acting this way, we’ll never be number one. I’m very disappointed in their attitude
about this double main event. Enough of that…
Let’s get to Tokyo Sports Pro-Wrestling Awards. Now it’s a bit awkward to transition.
Can I try to continue? Go ahead, please. Naito, you have won this award
2 consecutive years. 2 years in a row. Winning this award twice in a row- Hello. Sorry. I’m in a press conference.
I’ll call you back. Your phone please… Please, continue. Well, usually… Do you want to say something? Please speak up. Please, your phone… I’m always telling you this, If you don’t speak up, no one will hear you. It’s not only about pro-wrestling.
It’s common sense. This is basic stuff. Okamoto, If you are thinking
something, speak up. Please, set your phone to silent- Fine. I get it. I get it. You take so long. These people don’t have the time for this. I’ll listen to you later,
at the family restaurant. Keep it moving. If Kiyono was here,
we would be moving along. Sorry. Please, prepare better. Sorry about my hosting. Keep it going. Sorry. Allow me to regroup. Rapido. Rapido, cabron. It means ‘hurry’, right? Whatever. The other two-time winners were Antonio Inoki,
Tsuruta, Tenryu, and Okada. You are the 5th. What are your thoughts on becoming a
two-time consecutive MVP? You’re asking me? I’ve won twice now, but I’m sure some are
wondering why this isn’t Okada or Kenny… Unfortunately for them, the judges…
How many was it? 15 out of 21. I had majority support. This isn’t a surprise. Because I was the one who made the biggest news
and kept entertaining the fans. Winning this was a foregone conclusion.
I already set aside this time in my schedule. But what I’m most curious about,
is who did you choose, Okamoto? That’s all I want to know.
The rest is as to be expected. This is precisely, ‘Destino’. Let’s move on. It was a matterof much debate,
because of Okada’s championship reign. It came down to the argument of Okada’s
high skill level vs Naito’s popularity. How would you analyze this? So, the judgement came down to
Okada’s skills vs Naito’s popularity? Some would say. Okada did hold the title throughout the year.
That’s something I’ve never done. Honestly, I think that’s an
incredible achievement. But that doesn’t put me behind Okada. He hasn’t beaten me, one on one, this year. I won the G1 tournament,
which Okada participated in. He didn’t even get to the final. So, implicitly, I won. I do acknowledge his abilities. Doesn’t he lack many other skills,
besides his great ability? He should learn a lot from me. I have everything he lacks. You are heading into a title match with Okada,
does winning this award motivate you? Okada was the champion all year,
but he didn’t win this. He’s the one who is supposed to make it rain
here in New Japan, but he must feel small now. I’ll put him at ease at the Tokyo Dome. I think he hopes for that, too. Now, we will take questions. This year, ‘Best Bout’ went to
Okada vs Omega at the Tokyo Dome, You didn’t win this last year or this year.
What are you thoughts? This is upsetting. Honestly, it gets to me. I don’t want to praise the others…
Did the selection happen today? It did. The selection was now, and that match occurred
in January, so it must have had a big impact. It’s hard to win from then. I honestly think it’s
amazing for Okada and Kenny. But it frustrates me. There have been those who have won both, right? Some have won both, MVP and ‘Best Bout’.
I might have, but they didn’t choose that way. It’s disappointing. It is. Any other questions? Naito, go ahead. Okamato, who did you choose? Actually, the selection process is confidential. I see. If I said I picked you,
it would reveal who others picked, as well. It will create unnecessary friction. Does it matter who picked who? Yes. Especially you. How many candidates were there? The three finalists were
Naito, Okada, and Kenny. So, those three. Can you answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’? Did you pick Naito, yes or no? I can’t answer that. That means you didn’t pick me. Why do you think that?
I just said I can’t answer. It’s obviously ‘no’. Why do you think that? Even if I said I did pick you,
you would say- Let’s talk about this at
the family restaurant, later. Tranquilo, Okamoto. Tranquilo. Assenayo. I’m sorry that the unnecessary first part of the
conference took so long. Enough questions. We want to wrap things up, here. Finally, can you share your
New Year’s resolution for 2018? Even though this year isn’t over yet,
Los Ingobernables de Japon will keep entertaining. And, I hope that Okamoto picks me, next year. I’ll show you the pro-wrestling
that comes from the heart. That’s my resolution. Was it too small? If you win 3 times, you will join only
Inoki and Tenryu in that honor. It’s all up to you,
if I can win it a third time, or not. You said to be ‘Tranquilo’. It’s all up to you, Okamoto. I thought you were going to tell me to
be ‘Tranquilo’, but it’s all on me? I am highly looking forward to what you
have in store for the coming year. I hope now we can wrap this up. Thank you for taking time out of
your busy schedules to be here. Adios.

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