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– Not gonna lie.
I do like Logan Paul. – Forget the paperwork.
Beat his ass! ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ – (KSI) Jake Paul, Logan Paul,
any of the Pauls… – No way! – (KSI) …Logan Paul–
– Oh! Oh my god! – Oh my god. Is he
gonna box them or something? – (KSI) …Logan Paul–
– Oh my god! No, we aren’t. We cannot be doing this right now. – (Logan) Yeah, bro.
Have him fight, bro. – (dad) If he wants to fight me,
I’m totally up for it. – No way. – I’m not gonna lie.
I do like Logan Paul. – (Logan) A British YouTuber
by the name of KSI– – Oh, KSI. – I haven’t seen KSI’s videos
in such a long time. – (Logan) He had a boxing match
against this other YouTuber and wins the match–
– Yeah, I watched part of the fight and it was pretty cool. – I did not know
that this is happening. Oh my god! – (Logan) Am I, Logan Paul,
going to fight KSI? – Should he, though? – (Logan Paul) Yes.
– Yes! – I didn’t know that
he accepted it up until now. – (Logan) This is going to be
the biggest event in YouTube history. – Bro, I’ll tune in. – He’s making it so much bigger
than it needs to be. It’s not that important.
No one cares. – (Logan) It’s
the U.K. versus the U.S.A. – Ooh, I think I’m
team U.K. on this one. – (Logan) It’s gonna be huge!
– This is so intense. – (Logan) The goal is to make waves,
to provide you guys with the most entertaining fight
you’ve ever seen, to make history, to globalize
the Maverick Revolution. – The boy wears his own merch.
Did we all notice that? – I want to hear
from KSI’s perspective. What has KSI said about this fight? – (Logan) Work hard,
work hard every single day, face the challenge,
overcome the adversity. ‘Cause that’s what this is about, son! You call out the wrong mother…
– I love it. I love it.
Can’t wait to see it. – That’s the best thing
I’ve ever seen. I’m so excited for that. – I want KSI to win.
First of all, screw Logan Paul, and second of all,
KSI is a good fighter. – It’s not for me.
They can do their thing. I can just avoid watching it. – He did some pretty bad things
and this is the next biggest thing to get his name back in the spotlight. (indistinct chatter) – (Logan) It’s a contract. – I can’t believe this is happening. I really can’t believe
that this is happening. – (Logan) You tell them 50/50,
Logan Paul versus KSI, August 25th. – Okay, August 25th. – August 25th?
That’s so far. – They’re both trying to be so tough
and it just doesn’t come off that way. – (KSI) It should be 50/50.
That’s decent. – Even if one of them loses,
they still get 50/50. I think that’s pretty fair. – (Logan) You’re down, yeah?
50/50, then the deal’s on. August 25th, we fight! – I think JJ can get him
in three or four rounds. – All right, so Logan, you know,
I just want to fight. I just totally want to fight.
– I’m jealous of him. – (KS) Just get this punch out done. Legit, the reason why
it’s taking long is both our teams can’t agree on [bleep] terms. – Man, forget the paperwork!
Beat his ass! – (KSI) JJ, I’m doing the world a favor.
– Yes, you are! – (KSI) That needs to happen, man. The people want it.
Everyone wants it. – That’s true,
but I think he might win. I like Logan Paul.
I watch Logan Paul. He’s done a lot of bad things,
but he’s an entertaining vlogger and I kind of view him
as a motivational speaker. I think he did learn from his mistake
and I think people are taking it too far at this point. I think people should just move on
and see who he is now. – Is this the new trend? Like 2017, the year of diss tracks,
2018, the year of boxing? ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – The training montage? – (Logan) It looks
like I am fighting KSI. – Ooh, dramatic trailer. – (KSI) Bro, for real?
– (Logan) Yeah, let’s get a deal done. – Logan Paul
is scary when he’s heated. Look at those veins. – My body’s ready. – “YouTube live.” – No, it’s in the U.K.? – So stupid! – So he actually boxes? – Yeah, KSI’s gonna win. – Is he really who we’re going to have
represent America? – I’ll be watching, for sure. – Doesn’t Logan just
have a very punchable face? – Tickets?! They’re charging
people for this event! This is so stupid. – That is gonna be ridiculous. I will be so upset and I will feel bad
for every single person that actually pays money
to see this. – Should I go to England, guys? – I want to see KSI
beat the [bleep] out of Logan Paul. – (FBE) So the videos
we just showed you ultimately lead to a boxing match
in late August between YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul. – That’s the most amazing
and beautiful sentence. – I’m so up for whatever’s
gonna go down, man. – (FBE) So after
seeing all the buildup, what are your thoughts
on the match overall and the fact that
it’s actually gonna happen? – Beautiful. Logan Paul, everyone’s like,
“Oh, I hate that guy,” so everyone wants
to see him get knocked out. – I have, on some level,
respect for them. They’re actually doing what
they’re saying they’re gonna do. – Even if Logan doesn’t win,
he’s gonna get so much publicity. It’s gonna be
on all the news channels. It’s gonna be crazy. – I feel like this kind of comedic idea
of YouTubers fighting each other has always kind of been around,
and now it’s actually happening. Hopefully, Logan Paul
is just getting his ass whupped! Like, that’s amazing. – Has it really
gotten to the point now where the way we settle
our differences on YouTube is through physical confrontation? – It was probably
just an exchange of emails of, like, “Hey, I know you
tweeted at me, but now we can profit off of this.” And it works. And I think that’s the part
that makes me the most mad because I know
it’s gonna be successful. – (FBE) In February,
KSI beat YouTuber Joe Weller in a boxing match
in front of 8,000 fans and attendants in London. In addition, there were
over 1.6 million watching the match live,
and in the first 30 days, the boxing match had
well over 25 million views across YouTube.
– Wow. – I haven’t heard of the other guy
that KSI fought, so if they already got that
many views from that thing, imagine how big this fight will be. – (FBE) So what are your thoughts
that now there may be a trend starting where
YouTube stars are not just doing live events like performing,
but where we now seem to have creators
boxing each other? – I think it’s definitely
from left field. I’m so up for seeing
other YouTubers box. – This event just makes me
a little bit mad because I feel like it’s
another Logan Paul stunt. – I can’t wrap my head around it. This entire episode, I’m just like,
“What the hell is going on?” I literally can’t process this. Let it happen, I guess. Just don’t kill each other. – When you do live shows
or you go around touring, it’s for the fans, but this just seems
to be for their egos. – (FBE) Well, as a teen,
you’ve had YouTube around for most of your life.
– Yep. – (FBE) And have
been a part of the growth that the platform
has had over the years. – Yeah, I think I’ve been
watching YouTube since I was eight. – (FBE) When you
think of this new idea of two YouTubers boxing each other
in front of a massive audience for lots of money,
what does that make you think of these YouTubers
and how YouTube is evolving in your lifetime? – I think this is now probably
YouTube or YouTubers attempts at trying to do
something different now. What can we do to make
YouTube stand out even more? Let’s make YouTubers box each other. – All these fights and stuff
are probably getting more attention than most other videos,
so that’s definitely helping YouTube. – I don’t know whether
or not boxing or fighting is gonna be a good thing
or bad thing for the platform. The fact that they’re expanding out
of the YouTube dimension and into the real world dimension,
I think is super cool. – Of course, Logan Paul
would do something like this. YouTubers physically fighting,
not as a joke, is kind of scary and sad. – (FBE) There are some
that are critiquing the fight, arguing that this is another attempt
to distract audiences from Logan’s recent troubles
within the online community, and another way
for creators to make money. – Yeah, I mean,
I can see how this fight is just gonna generate clout
and generate money. – He did the worst things
in the past couple months. Of course, he’s
gonna try to do something to distract it from it. – A lot of people didn’t like
the Logan Paul Suicide Forest thing. He was exploiting that kind of stuff,
and that’s not cool. – No one should
be okay with that video, but I think he is learning from it
and I don’t know if this boxing match is gonna be
the best for his reputation, but I think he’s still just trying
to entertain people. – (FBE) So KSI in a recent interview
talked about how drama is always an eye catcher,
and that his recent success, to some degree, comes from drama,
that he finds unfortunate, but at the same time,
has talked about how you need to evolve with what is working. – Yeah, well, that’s not the way. I mean, people say
any publicity is good publicity, but, no, it’s not really case. People will hate you. – (FBE) There’s also many people
feeling that these feuds and the buildup around them
are all for clickbait, views, hype, and money,
and although they will box, it’s all basically a set up.
– Yeah. I definitely think that’s true,
but based off of the fights I’ve seen KSI do,
I don’t think it’s clickbait. It’s definitely not clickbait. It’s gonna happen, like they said,
but I think it’s just all about the views. – Honestly, when I was
watching the entire trailer, I expected Rick Astley to come up. I guess that’s still possible, right? On August 24th,
they’re gonna be like, “Nah, we’re not doing it.
Nah, it’s a joke, bro. It’s a joke.” – (FBE) Do you think
this is okay for people on YouTube to make
content and money around this, if people want it, or do you feel
it’s just not good as a whole. – I don’t see why. We watch boxing already. What’s the difference
if it moves over to YouTube? – It’s different when you’re watching
a UFC or MMA fight because they’re, you know,
that’s what they do. They’re fighters. But these guys just,
you know, make goofy videos or whatever, so it’s really cool
to see them out of their element. This is not the last time
we’re gonna see this. – I don’t think it’s right,
but at the same time, I don’t think that there
should be rules in place to stop it because
then you get into censorship, and then what’s right and wrong,
and whose for that to decide? – The boxing event is just gonna
sort of instigate even more of that YouTube drama,
which is the part that I don’t like. – (FBE) So finally,
after hearing all the hype, all the trash talk, who do you think
will win the match, KSI or Logan Paul,
or do you not care? – KSI, all the way. I don’t think Logan Paul
could beat Joe Weller, so being that KSI beat Joe Weller,
I think he’s gonna walk through this. – I hope KSI wins. – KSI. He trains boxing. I just feel like he’s got
the upper hand. – I want Logan Paul to win,
just because I’m his fan. – I don’t like either of them. No, I don’t care. – I think KSI’s gonna win
because KSI’s already done this once,
and he’s already done training for a lot longer. – Logan Paul, he’s had
a background in wrestling, but not in boxing,
so I think KSI’s gonna win. – KSI will win. I really hope he wins
because I genuinely think Paul needs to be put in his place. – I don’t give a [bleep]. They can do whatever they want. You know what will happen? I’ll get the little Bing on my phone
from the news app, and it’ll be like,
oh, Logan Paul or KSI won the fight and I’ll be like,
“It doesn’t affect my life either way.” – Thanks for watching
this episode of Teens React. – Subscribe, hit that bell,
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