SWORDFISH KICK | Improve Your Freestyle Body Positioning

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A drill that I think is fantastic for
front crawl is Swordfish! If done correctly Swordfish can be a bit tough but it’s brilliant to help improve body position
and leg kick. Let’s take you step by step at how Swordfish is done and what things you need to think about when mastering it. The main aim of swordfish is to keep your hips as close to the water surface as
possible whilst maintaining strong a six beat leg kick throughout. There’s two
ways I teach swordfish. The first one we will do is with your face out the water always
being able to breathe to the side. I usually do this for younger swimmers who
are learning how to kick on their side ready for when they progress on to
freestyle breathing. Doing it this way emphasizes the need to keep a good body position and strong leg kick, so that the swimmer can keep breathing all of the
time. If the hips are too low or the leg kick isn’t strong enough you will find
breathing very hard to do especially if your face goes under the water. The other and main way I teach Swordfish
is with your face in the water looking towards a pool floor. This is the way
that most replicates the actual freestyle stroke. Obviously you need to breath to the side at some point so you can simply turn your head to the side, to get that much-needed breath in. The only things that should be moving during this
drill are your legs are kicking and your head for breathing, everything else
should be staying still. The most common fault is when the leading arm drops
while breathing. It shows that the body position is too low and the leg kick may
not be up to the standard it needs to be. Another common fault is low hips due
to your head being too high in the water. Your body is like a seesaw and if your
head goes up too high your hips drop too low low So if you think you’re interested in doing
this drill and would like to have a go or if you have any questions, leave a
comment below and we’ll get back to you. We are always keen to find out how others get
on their swimming. Please like this video share with others and of course the
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3 thoughts on “SWORDFISH KICK | Improve Your Freestyle Body Positioning

  1. Hey Guys!! Hope you liked this drill, let us know if Swordfish has helped you with your freestyle swimming.
    If there are any other drills or areas you'd like us to cover, leave us a comment below and we will be sure to help out!!

  2. How many times should I do this on a 25m pool. Or What's a good program to follow? I think this and the zipper drill should be paired right?

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