53 thoughts on “Superior Horror Movies 2017 – Full Thriller Movies in English HD

  1. This is surprisingly intense to watch. The acting's good, great storyline and really enjoyable. Thanks for sharing this, I'm subscribing 😀

  2. I just subscribe to this channel I hope its good.. hi from Bosnia the most beautiful country in the world 🌎

  3. I know will lied to mi dat he or she dont waste time reading de comment first but i have the answer… This movie is awesome its 100%

  4. So y is she not showing James her back and didn't he say his dad was into rituals 🤔 and that baby eyes was black

  5. If that " like n subscribe" keeps popping up I will never watch again nor will my friends 😬😖😵😡😠😡😵🤬😠🤬🤧🤬😠🤬😡

    P.S. 🤭 but I kept watching and a very entertaining horror flix happened 😳👻. Thank you for the movie 😁. Oh! Look! The subscribe button 🤗❣️

  6. Just wondering about the filming camera. Using a higher ISO would have made some parts that are so dark one cannot see them, into something watchable. Who films this stuff anyway? Camera guy needs to take a course or two , or the editor needs to talk to him more as it is really difficult to watch repetitive frames of blackness… Just saying…

  7. something about the udio makes it really hard to hear what theyre saying. I think they make it that way on purpose so you turn it up real loud, who knows. but I miss almost everything they say

  8. This was a good movie but also true things like this are real and god do give his people different powers you gotta believe me the differnc7is with me and this lil girl is that I had to fight and by the grace of god I made it and I know my daughter has the same gift to see things and its my job to teach her to fight and out the lord first

  9. you need not to look on the comment section. you just look on how many views the video has and it will prove you it's worth watching. nice movie btw

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