Sumo Wrestling Lesson

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(quirky music) Welcome back to the show We are hanging out with two-time world Sumo champion and the
heaviest Japanese person in recorded history, Yama, and also the head of US Sumo and also the current US Sumo champion, lightweight champion, Andrew Freund, Thanks Guys. Are you gonna teach us some stuff? Well, whenever you guys
are ready to learn, Yama’s gonna teach you
as much as possible in just a few minutes, you guys ready to go? Yes
Yes I’m just saying yes. You’re not meaning it? Well, the first thing
is, you guys are not as impressive physically as
him, so it sounds like you don’t wanna reveal your physiques. We do enough of that
on this show, honestly. But we’re gonna tie you
up in these sumo belts, these Mawashis, these are the real deal. That sounds incredible. Sounds great It looks like a fire hose in
its current configuration. We’re just spread eagle? (hip hop music) OOOOH! It’s really not that bad. But you can’t slap, (all laugh) Yeah, do that again. You can’t slap a man with glasses. Oh, really? You can’t
slap a man with glasses. Yama’s gonna show you the basics here, you want him to be in the
middle and you guys on the sides or what? Yeah yeah
Sure, yeah So, Yama (speaks Japanese). So Yama, you’re gonna
face camera (Japanese). You’re gonna do the
basic exercise of Shuko. So you’re gonna Squat down, (Japanese) Wow, my jeans are pretty tight. And then your right foot,
your right leg’s gonna go up, look how high he goes, Whoah! Like this guys, way up. (grunting) Now all the way down,
squat all the way down like he does, now the
left foot is gonna go all the way up, come on guys He’s gonna put is toe in your nose. We’ll do two more, let’s try to do it in sync with him, you
ready 3-2-1 everybody up one more, now normally,
in Japan he’d be doing about 300 of these in a row every morning. 300? 300 Yeah, Take an hour. Kinda like a one legged squat. Now what are the noises
that are happening? There was a ‘shoomp’ what was that? It’s just kind of a,
just a grunt basically. But normally we’d be counting in Japanese. Every time he would say
ichi, then we’d echo ichi, then he’d say ni,
and we’d echo ni and we’d be counting for an hour straight. All right let’s do it,
we got all kinds of time. Okay, now we gotta show you how limber you have to be in Sumo, you
wanna be very flexible, (speaks Japanese) you wanna be very flexible
because it helps you avoid injuries when you fall down. So let’s have you guys do this please? OOH!
Let’s go guys. Uh, I can just observe. Now wait, wait, do the best you can, he’s not done yet, again,
Yama is the heaviest Japanese human being in recorded history at almost 600 pounds, Oh! Oh! Yama! Very, very flexible, now wait wait. Part two, He’s gonna go all the way down. Get ready for this,
alright here we go guys. (Japanese) (Laughter) You?
You, Just you buddy. So part two here, Oh my goodness, I got quite
a view back here guys. (laughter) – [Andrew] Oh what a bunch of wimps, okay Link can do the worm. He’s got you!
No! No! Yeah yeah, get’im (Laughter) He’s playing with you like a toy. (Japanese) And that’s it huh, it’s over. One or two more exercises,
now you know how in boxing you move a certain way? In Kung Fu, whatever, but in Sumo, you’re gonna move where you don’t lift your feet off the ground, your feet are gonna slide, they’re never gonna leave the ground, you wanna be stable, so watch him move, he’s gonna go to camera, no boxing okay? So watch him one time and then you guys are gonna do it. He’s gonna slide the feet, elbows in there, come on Rhett, what are you doing. Elbows in here like this
so you’re gonna be like low, like this, tuck your head in yeah? Okay go ahead guys,
you’re looking a little wobbly there, you wanna
have a wider stance there. What you guys can learn from
us is the look on the face. That’ll get everybody really intimidated. Now learn from his mistake, his footwork is horrible,
his footwork is sort of, Keep a wide stance,
make two railroad tracks and slide your feet, keep it wide. Wide stance, good, too wide, too wide. There we go, open up your
knees, that’s better. That’s better Rhett, elbows in. Wow, can we be a tag
team, are there tag teams? Well no, now we gotta
wrap it up in a second so there’s one more thing we’re gonna do. I think Yama needs a
little bit of a workout. I think he does not. I think you gotta challenge him, Link. I think
There we go. I challenge you to a couch-off. Let’s fight! Link, I think you should
probably take off the glasses. Uh, doesn’t that make my
face more of a target? That’s okay, there we go, thanks Rhett. Let’s do the ritual so
you’re gonna back up here, You’re gonna bow
together, do what he does. You’re my manager man,
like give me a pep talk. All right, you might die! (whispering) All right, here we go I understand
Yeah. (Sumo grunts) Fists down, when I give the command, you’re gonna attack so all you wanna do, all you’re gonna do is you’re
gonna push him over okay? I’m like a bird. Here we go, here’s the match. Multi-time world champion, Yama vs. Link, who is not. (wrestling bell) Alright, fists down,
What do you mean? (martial arts screams) Push! Push! Push! Push him link, push! (laughter) come on, Link! You got him right where you want him. Try harder! (Link yelling) (Yama grunting) (laughter) Yama Wins! (wrestling bell) That was amazing! Hey, if you could be here every day and do that, that would be great. Hey hey look! (laughter) OK! OK! Thanks for liking,
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  1. Links double take reaction from 4:52 to 4:55 was hilarious. And that pep-talk from Rhett from 5:10 to 5:17 was funny as h🔥ll!!!

  2. I paused when the trainer told Link that all he had to do was push the Sumo… jajajaajajjajaajajajajajajjaa
    I can imagine Links family watching this…

  3. ショーに参加して私の顔に笑顔をもたらしてくれてありがとうヤマ! Thank you for taking part in the show and bringing a smile to my face!

  4. Nice video
    Just 2 questions:
    1) why wearing shoes inside the tatami (ring)?
    2) why wearing jeans to fight sumo?

  5. This is the most cute and funniest episode I might have seen, laughed so much with a big grin on my face :)<3

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