STRAY KIDS (스트레이 키즈) – ‘BOXER’ Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

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아 아 예 안녕 난 어디든 비행할 수 있는 청소년 그렇다고 be 청소년은 아냐 가 [음악] go to be too we we we 주식은 너 없음 the the order to be the people who 잡아둔 4 몸짱 숨이 참 날아 올랐어요 my water 갸루 갸루 갸루 겸 절 놓기 갸루 짤 때 아르켜 약 쑨 봐 루프 r2 하락과 신청 걀 알이 자리 자느냐 한번 점 아케치 ep20 날 있잖아요 뭐라는 걸 잘 새 목표입니다 ho 태아 깬 5대 1 그러면 샤브샤브 [음악] open wound [음악] 소름 드냐 봤어요 the the order the 5 [음악] we hope to the hotel who will be a [음악] 막사 아줌 3 박스 wee 5 222 oh eh oh eh oh woo woo woo woo no no [음악] 쌀 쫙

100 thoughts on “STRAY KIDS (스트레이 키즈) – ‘BOXER’ Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

  1. 1:12 Its bangchan not hyunjin
    1:57 its changbin
    2:39 its hyunjin, not jisung
    2:57 its chan
    3:00 its minho
    And the jab's is hyunjin

  2. Hye everyone..This is Hamtaro Gasa 2nd channel..I'm focusing more on this channel from now on..Please do subscribe and support me muah 😘🥰 Thank you so much everyone ❤️

  3. this song.
    was the death of all minho stans.
    like when he was slightly laughing at 1:58 sksks💀💀

  4. 0:47 – 0:52 is Hyunjin
    0:55 – 1:01 is I.N
    1:58 – 2:01 is Changbin
    2:04 – 2:07 is Hyunjin (x2)
    2:37 – 2:41 is Hyunjin (x3)
    2:59– 3:07 is Minho

  5. I can't stop repeating Han's part at 1:32 (╥﹏╥) I can't get over on the duality of his voice goshhh I can't choose whether to focus on his oh so strong and deep voice or the high tone one that sounds so good to hear too (-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Beaucoup trop d’erreurs, quand Minho chante par exemple tu dis que c’est Bang Chan. Mais ce n’est pas très grave 🙄 (traduis ceci)

  7. I was listening to music outloud and boxer came on and i didnt feel like listening to it at that moment so i wanted to skip it and my brother walked in the room and heard just minho's aahh, looked at me with disgust and leaved. This was really random sorry.💗

  8. I thought that being the Leader was when you were the person between the old and young members… apparently not… hmmmm…

  9. Me looking at the thumbnail: bOxer?!?
    clicks on it
    I swear if this is one of those sinner songs-

    * hears Minho moaning*


  10. 1:32 I fucking telling you! You need to hear this with headphones on the highest because you’ll just die🤧😍

  11. Stray Kids is just amazing 🧡 I can’t stop listening to their music 🎵 😫 It’s just too good 😭♥️👏🏻

    I can’t wait to see the days where they start collecting Daesang’s. Trust me. It’s going to happen so GET READY!!!! 😏

  12. Um…just to let you know when it was at the end and it said ah smash and then beep that is Hyunjin singing or rapping that part just so you know

  13. therapist: any fears?
    me: yes. yes, I do.
    therapist: what is it?
    me: the start of boxer.
    therapist: ah, okay.
    me: *screams*

  14. Han: I'm gonna draw my future like-
    Me: pauses and takes a few deep breaths I can do this
    Han: PICASSO

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