Snatch (2000) – Mikey’s decisive fight [1080 HD][ENG SUB]

By Stevie Adams / in , , /

I’m in charge here.
No fucking about, no eye-gouging. Do your worst. Let’s get it on! What the fuck’s going on?
You gonna finish him or what? Talk about saved by the bell. Do you understand the consequences
of knocking that man out?Do not knock him out, Mickey.All right, let’s break it up. What, is he fucking deaf? What is he doing? Come on and sit. What the fuck are you doing, Mickey? You’re dancing like a fairy.They’ll hang us
if they think it’s rigged.
Get out there and hurt him. But for fuck’s sake,
do not knock him out.All he’s got to do is stay down.Now, we are fucked.

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