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I am asking you at SummerSlam,
you put your career on the line too.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Be the man you say you are. You beat me, I’m gone. But if I beat you, everybody gets
what they want because you are done.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That would be an emphatic no.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You’re the one who threw out the stipulation
that if you lose, which you will, you will quit and
therefore you are gone. And Kevin, let me remind you of all
of the ways that that can happen. Because, by the way, it’s no shame
in losing to the best in the world. But when you do, let me lay this out for
you specifically. Number one, I could do it the old
fashioned way, very simply, and pin you right here in
the middle of the ring. One, two, three and you are gone. Or I could quickly slap on one of the most
devastating submissions you’ve ever seen, the Triangle Choke. And Kevin, you can tap out and
submit and the end result is the same. You are gone.>>So let me just get this straight. The point of this entire
very painful diatribe is that you’re not going to do it. You’re not gonna do it. You’re not gonna do it.>>I’m far smarter than you. Of course not.
>>Yeah, that’s really surprising, Shane. Not that you’re smart,
because I knew that, but then I gotta tell you after all
these years of watching you, and all these death defying acts,
we’ve seen you perform. You just exposed to everyone that
you really don’t have any balls.>>[SOUND]
>>I got those and brains, Kevin, but
I can see the hostility in your eyes and maybe the professional decorum
tonight isn’t working. So, perhaps we give a little prelude
to what will happen this Sunday.>>Are we gonna prelude to SummerSlam? Let’s do it. I’m cool with that.>>This is exactly what Shane was talking
about, Kevin Owens’ lost his cool.>>Look who it is.>>It’s Shane McMahon’s buddy Elias. And it’s turned into a two-on-one
situation but Kevin Owens fighting back.>>Kevin fighting with everything
he’s got but outnumbered! Shane McMahon from behind.>>It’s plain as day this was a set up
by Shane McMahon, but look at Owens.>>And Kevin Owens is teeing off
on the quote, best in the world.>>Look out guys.>>My gosh,
Shane McMahon sent over the desk.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now this certainly is a preview of SummerSlam.>>Yeah, but if this happens at
SummerSlam, Shane will be disqualified and then he’s finished. This is exactly what
Shane McMahon was talking about.>>Turning in to Shane McMahon and
then there’s Elias. Elias getting back into the fight. Wait a minute, wait a minute!>>Stunner on the table!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Look out! And Shane McMahon takes down
Keven Owens punches in bunches.>>And the same
>>Wait, wait a minute, wait a minute. No no no no. No.>>God.>>Guys.
Jesus Christ.>>Shane’s still not done.>>Owen’s is pinned underneath
our announce table. Shane still going to work
on the opposite side. Owens can’t even defend himself.>>[NOISE]>>[SOUND]>>The possibility has got to be becoming all to real for Kevin Owens. This could very well happen
Sunday at SummerSlam. And we’ll never see Kevin in WWE again.>>[NOISE]
>>What is Shane thinking now?>>[NOISE]
>>No, no, no,
>>No. [NOISE]
>>Looks at me that’s you to get, cuz you are done. You are over, you are over, quitter. You will be done out of my life. [SOUND] [SOUND] [SOUND]
[SOUND] Out of my life.>>Shane, shane.
>>Out of my life.>>Shane, calm down. Come on, calm down.>>Shane.>>Calm down.
>>Take it easy. [CROSSTALK]
>>You have gone too far. You have gone too far. You are going down, down.>>Shane, enough, come on.>>Get away from me.>>[CROSSTALK]

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