Saiyok WindySport – Muay Thai Minute

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Hello I’m Saiyok WindySport or Saiyok Pumphanmuang, I train out of MuayThaiPlaza 2004 Today I’m going to show you a Catfish shakes its tail (Reverse upward elbow) I’ll demonstrate in an orthodox stance, you can just switch to southpaw set your stance… watch your opponent… stand normally, and step forward or fake a teep or a kick, to move in once your inside turn your shoulder and swing your elbow upwards move in and deliver the elbow you’ll need to fake, they’ll think your going to kick and you’ll move in I’ll demonstrate in real time step in and swing step, turn your shoulder down and deliver your elbow you should aim for the chin you’ll have a good chance of knocking them out or knocking them down thank you

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  1. Pad holder looks like little brother of '' sensei of I love hamburgers'' Steven Seagal ……..whahaha 😉

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