100 thoughts on “Roman Reigns’ entrance lights up the sky: WWE Crown Jewel 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made them change the lyrics to Hulk Hogans theme song. They would’ve changed it to, “I am a real Arabian!”

  2. Roman Reigns Transfer value is 1000 Million $ corresponding One Bilion Dollar 10 X more like the most expensive soccer Player in the History, Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal, with a Transfer value of 100 Million Dollars, this mean because in soccer play 11 Guys in a squad a whole team where is each one Cristiano Ronaldo. Mr. McMahon payed One Billion $ to the NFL to receive Leati Joseph Anoa'i the number 96 not for 960 Million not a preando precio for 1000 Million A Billion 'cause he have the world's hardest Takedown (Spear) in American Football's History thats why he get famouse and Mr. McMahon want to know who is this Takedown Artist, in Rugby and also in Professional Wrestling's History was no comparison when it cames to the Takedown Damage or just Spear. He as well benchpress 550 Ib . When you see the "Bliss Twist is Born" and Alexa Bliss' Insault to Injury V3 you know she is not under 720 Million Dollar Value 'cause the gender is also female by Alexa and such a talented woman, especialy her prettiness is truely one of a Kind. Seven times more than Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal is our five feet of fury value I would say, 720 Million Dollars. I personally Rock more on Alexa Bliss then even on Roman Reigns. This One Bilion Dollar Deal between Mr. McMahon, the NFL and Roman Reigns is the reason why the Big Dog's Nickname is THE GUY. The Most expensive Athlete in Sports History, Roman Reigns. UAAAAAAAH

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