Robert Downey Jr. & Tom Holland on Spider-Man: Homecoming

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How you doing? Good, I’m very well.
How are you? I’m doing well, thank you. And I want to say I saw– it was a rough cut of the movie. But it is easily the
best Spider-Man movie and a great movie.
– Thank you. Thank you. [cheering] JIMMY KIMMEL: And we were
all knocked out by it. Thank you so much. JIMMY KIMMEL: Have you
guys seen the movie yet? I have, I have.
I saw it about a month ago. You did.
And what did you think? You know, you know when
you revise for an exam and you feel like you
crushed it but the longer you wait for the results, the
more you think you kind of– ROBERT DOWNEY JR: He’s
British, by the way. –ruined it? He means a test or a– A test or something. Thank God you brought
your translator. Exactly, yes. Thanks, Pops. But, yeah. So walking into the
screening I was like, this is going to be awful. I’m going to hate it. And, leaving, I
was over the moon. JIMMY KIMMEL: You were?
Great. – Yeah, I loved it.
– OK. So you’re not overly critical
of yourself and your performance and all that stuff?
– No, I loved it. Robert, you have
not seen it yet? I have personally
yet to see it. When can I– You will see it
when I’m ready for you to see it, Robert, all right? Just take a minute. He’s the new blood. Get used to it. JIMMY KIMMEL: Robert,
how much are you involved in casting Tom in this movie? I would assume that
there’s some kind of– that you play some
kind of role in that. Uh, yeah. Well, when we were doing
“Civil War” was when– right at the beginning of
that, they were casting. And so they brought in all
the finalists for the exam. Yes, the exam that I– And Tom nailed. I mean, what I– what I had to
do, they were like, he’s great, isn’t he? I was like, yeah, he is.
JIMMY KIMMEL: And that was it. – Three words.
– Nice. Yeah. Did they say “he’s
great, isn’t he” about any of the other
guys that they brought in? The– everybody was good. And then there was just this
other element of, like– you saw it. And I was there. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. It feels like the
Spider-Man that I read about in the
comic books when I was, like, eight years old. That’s the Spider-Man that
you played in this movie. The “Spider-Man Homecoming,”
a coming home to the OG– I never went to homecoming, so
that I didn’t really relate to. I was left– I was at home
crying during homecoming. What do you call homecoming
over across the pond? JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. We call it prom. JIMMY KIMMEL: You call it prom? What do you call prom? [laughter] That was the whole thing. We got halfway through
shooting the movie. I was like, by the
way, what’s homecoming? JIMMY KIMMEL: Really?
– Yeah. I had no– we don’t do that. Our proms are very
different, though. JIMMY KIMMEL: In what way? Well, they serve
booze at the prom. – They do?
– Yeah. [cheering and applause] Yeah, because we’re 18. We have to drink ours in the
parking lot before we get in. Exactly. That was half the fun. Yeah, my prom was a disaster. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, I bet it was. You’ve got a bunch of
18-year-olds drunk and throwing up on each other, yeah. Did you know about, like, what
American schools are like? Because you have to
play Peter Parker, who is a student– a
high school student. Yeah, I think that was
probably the most daunting part of taking on this character. So, as a joke, I suggested
to Marvel that I should go to a high school undercover. And it was completely a joke. And Marvel took it
completely seriously. I guess they didn’t
get my British sarcasm. – Yeah, they do that.
– And yeah. So, the next thing
I know, I was like– had a backpack with a
pencil case on my way to Bronx School of Science. Oh, boy. JIMMY KIMMEL: They let
you go actual class? Yes, yeah. I went to school with a
fake name and a fake accent. JIMMY KIMMEL: Did you have a
fake mother drop you off at– [laughter] Yeah. No, they brought Marisa Tomei
in just for that weekend. [laughter] But yeah. And Bronx School of Science
is a school for genius kids. JIMMY KIMMEL:
Genius kids, right. And I am no genius. You’re not? No, I– even the
teachers didn’t know that I was not a real student. So they would bring me up
to the front of the class and be like, what do
you think, new kid? I’m like, I have no idea
what you’re talking about. So it was– it was
very embarrassing. You’re like the
worst narc there is. Like, you’re like
a very bad narc. Is– did they ever figure
out that it was you, like, when the movie came out? Or did you ever tell
them that it was you? Well, I had– I had one funny experience. I was sat in the
back of a classroom next to quite a pretty girl. And eventually she was like,
so, dude, what’s your deal, man? I was like, well, do you
want to know my secret? She’s like, OK. So I’m actually Spider-Man. She was like, dude,
you’re not Spider-Man. You are nuts. I was like, no, seriously,
I’m actually an actor. I’m British and I’m
playing Spider-Man. And she didn’t believe me. Of course she
didn’t believe you. That’s a ridiculous story. Because “Civil
War” wasn’t out yet. Yes. But the fact that you were
allowed to just suddenly go to Bronx Science in
the middle of the year with no explanation– that
breach, that was believable. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, that was– it indicates we’ve got a problem
with our public education system.

100 thoughts on “Robert Downey Jr. & Tom Holland on Spider-Man: Homecoming

  1. Not many people know this but robert downey jr was so hot in the mid 80s just search him up as a teen

  2. I'm just sitting in my room at 3:00AM in the morning imagining Tom Holland coming to my middle school and asking me and my friend to come with to pick him and I see how cute he is and I literally fall then when we get to class tom sits next to me and i'm like what's your deal man and he says i'm spiderman and i'm like SERIOUSLY NO WAY gimme proof and he ain't got no pictures so I take my phone out and take a picture with him and keep it as my screensaver till this day but that didn't happen i'm just a sad depressing girl

  3. At 3:22 Tony starts to laugh and then his face after is like “oh crap why did I laugh” 😂

  4. I feel like Robert thinks that he can’t laugh. Every time he laughed he would stop quickly. I found that funny idk why

  5. 3:21 straight up you can see that RDJ was about to laugh and hears no one laughing….
    Instantly gets serious
    RDJ mind was like "Dang I messed up".

  6. Legend says the girl who didn't believe him is still crying to this day because she could have dated Spider-Man

  7. Bronx Science is not for smart people anymore lol there’s this girl who was in my dorm freshman year from Bronx Science and she was a rock. She was in the hotel school at Cornell and she was just rich with nothing going on upstairs

  8. Tom: "You wanna know my secret?"
    Girl: "Okay?"
    Tom: "I'm actually spider man"
    Girl: "Dude you're not spider man!"

  9. Anyone here actually remembers TOM at the Science School itself??????
    Because I am VERY CURIOUS.

  10. RDJ seems a bit uncomfortable. May be because he is no more Iron man and a kid setting next is a super hero. Feeling sympathized.

  11. Girl: whats your deal man?
    Tom:you wanna know my deal?
    Tom:I'm Spider-Man
    Girl:your nuts dude.

  12. Americans: clapping because they serve alchohol to 18year olds in britian

    Me: Sittin for my self smiling because in my country u can drink whenever u want and buy it yourself when u r 15

  13. Tom Holland really looks like he has learned so much from RDJ I'm sure he really looks up to him in the MCU and in real life but now no more iron Man who's gonna be Holland's role model now well I here John Cena may be joining the MCU so…..

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