Ric Flair names Drew McIntyre to Team Flair: Raw, Oct. 21, 2019

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100 thoughts on “Ric Flair names Drew McIntyre to Team Flair: Raw, Oct. 21, 2019

  1. Do they really think their rates will sufer if they don't keep Flair, or Hogan around? lol if  the ratings would sufer it is because the scripts are not longer compelling and the wrestlers aren't as good of actors as they were in the 80's

  2. The 18 hr flight to Saudi. He should get pretty plastered. He'll need Hogans sunglasses. Have a seat Ric. ( before you fall over)

  3. Of course WWE edited out the part where Flair tells a guy, "I knew your mother".
    You guys are going down the drain thick and fast.

  4. Drew McIntyre is Team Flairs New Team Member – 399K Veiws 13K Likes 382 Dislikes.

    Roman Reigns is Team Hogan New Captain – 7Million Views. 723K likes 5K dislikes.

    This is The Fair World.😑

  5. He described Drew as same with him because he couldnt remember any lines anymore. Vince just let it happened because Ric is too old.

  6. Ric flair still giving us memories of the great promos he cuts. I hope he continues doing it for as long as he can.

  7. Rics last brain cell talking through several strokes like "MEYE, EYE, I, MY, I AM MEH, THE, THE MEH, I AM THE WOO MAN, IM THE MAN WOOOOOOOO!

    The Baitcha Noy Fick Rlair

  8. I have loved wrestling since it first started as All Star Wrestling then it went to the wrestling ring then it went as WWF then WWE it is my life to watch wrestling it is my intended to be at a wrestling match is my life experience on what I learned from wrestling it is my dream to see all the wrestlers it is my passion and my glory my expertise on how I enjoy wrestling when I Can't Get Enough it inspires to sit there and watch it it's a dream to be at the WWE watching it live it is my circumstances that someone has to get a True Value like Ric Flair back again without Ric Flair there is no wrestling at all and then which Ric Flair was better say would take on Hunter Hearst Helmsley the mouth of the East Charlie is a mouthpiece thank you thank you very much

  9. Drew McIntyre adding to team flair is a great idea and he is the wild card of the group. I can't wait for crown jewel and he's a badass scottman.

  10. Like the shield reunion, it’s gonna be great to see the team of Corbin lashley and McIntyre in action again!!!

    I for one can’t wait!!!! This is exactly what I wanted post draft a fresh start!!!!

  11. Drew McIntyre is a great choice for Team Flair and look who Hogan picked, Chad Gable and Ali. Are you kidding to me? He could have picked Daniel Bryan and Aleister Black.

  12. Drew Mcintyre is really badass and the greatest heel in wwe. Don't angry me now Randy Orton fans. Orton is old and boring.

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