100 thoughts on “Reality TV star Brittney Taylor says rapper Remy Ma punched her at NYC concert

  1. Stop the mutherf…ing press I don't know what went down Tuesday but what I do know is Brittany fake as. been itching for it for this beat down for a minute now and Rema is the right one this go to everyone fake people who have fake beef on social media via Instagram, face book need to stop cause when you get face to face y'all be scared SO STOP IT 💪💪💪 real people do real thing Power To The People🙏🙏🙏

  2. Remy Is Changing The Way Police & Courts Deal With Us.. Threw Justice Reform. That's Why This Is On The News. PAY ATTENTION!! Since When Does Channel 7 Care About Some one Getting Punched In The Eye?? 😑

  3. But Brittany Taylor blacked Just Brittany eye too an nobody pressed charges on her 🤷

  4. Is it on the right or left eye because in the pic it was on the right eye but in the video it was the left eye

  5. Haha I can't stop laughing her face looks funny af she's so wak that's why she ain't on vh1 because she sucks aan dreams doll

  6. So now when call wolf but she has been so disrespectful to Remy for months now…An running her mouth now she go to the cops…Brittney need to learn respect and stay in her place…

  7. Some of the comments are just disgusting this is not funny. at all she is really small an all of that that probably Remy was trying to ask her she did not have anything to do with that words cannot even describe Brittney I am so like this is crazy bananas…

  8. An I just want to thank the man with the suit an glasses an eyewitness new for bringing this on the news thank you I witness news channel 7 eyewitness news

  9. Thats what happens when you keep poking at someone. You get popped . She been pokibg at Remy on social media for awhile and it finally caught up with her. But i highly doubt Brittany learned her lesson.

  10. Wow, this made the news? Surviving cardi didn't make news even though it was more or less a confession. Smfh.

  11. Girl we saw your eye! You REALLY milking it go AWAY! People aways WANT to play victim when a real person shows up, I don't believe HER believe I believe Dejanae punch you!

  12. Remy Ma should have put her boot in your but what's wrong with you don't you know how to respect your elders that's why you got bitched slapped and you need a whole lot more take your lumps grow up and go somewhere and sit down and put some ice on that eye.

  13. Well now you see Remyma is not playing now stop getting on media and Playing bully You can’t Back it up 🥺

  14. I'm so sick of these people poking bears than running teling and begging for help. Now you wana send her bavk to prison and keep her away from her family. Im sick of it. And "news folks" Remy had a little girl

  15. I’m alittle shocked that Brittney is 29 yrs old. She acts like a kid with a lot of mouth, and she’s quick to throw them hands too. She simply messed with the wrong one this time, get over it. I bet she’s trying to get back on Love and HipHop too. Remy’s now wearing a ankle bracelet monitor so hopefully she doesn’t get into any more trouble until the completion of her probation.

  16. This girl is a trouble maker.aint nobody gone bring no video she was in there being messy she mad cause she aint remy.

  17. Man stop telling…trying to get that woman violated…you better take that eye punch and move on lol lmbo lol SMH

  18. A person gone say anything to anyone that doesn't hurt but if you put your hands on me then it's another story

  19. Unmmmmm they don’t have a son they have a daughter!!!! Brittany is probably looking for a story line cause she hasn’t been popping for a while🙄

  20. Your mouth is too big your mom caught up to you talkin that s*** to somebody and now look what happened to you keep your mouth closed and quit talkingshit

  21. Cell phone recorders are laughing at that. They will not report Remy Ma. They love her get that in your head little girl.

  22. Mean while Cardi is out here confessing to drugging and robbing men and they just swiftly look over her but they got time for Remy though. 😒🙄🙄

  23. If she did it that's what she get they told her she not about that life 😠 and she tired the wrong person

  24. Remy ma is a momma bear her child is worth that last five months to her and mothers will do life for their chilf

  25. If you hired a lawyer then you looking for a cash come up this ain’t about remey hitting her in my opinion this is about money

  26. I don't believe this even if I saw it myself. Remy has way to much to lose! Besides Remy has a brand new baby & marriage! Why is this trouble maker coming for Remy! Man that lil girl (Brittany) been picking with people. She only got hit by an onlooker who she didn't know she had beef with & blamed Remy for it happening.

  27. Snitchennn…so she can lay hands but as soon as she gets popped she calling the police …I smell a whole lot of fuckery.

  28. Why dose the black eye keep moving for right to left which eye is it Brittney 👁️/R or 👁️L tell the truth 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  29. Her right eye or her left. Cuss the blck eye keep switching sides. Which eye or was it both! This is a stunt….

  30. Oh see now this is crazy really??!…Brittney Taylor's face looks terrible is Remy Ma going back to prison now?…smh.

  31. So is this girl making this up or what because this is crazy?..doing it for money or some clout is pathetic!!

  32. Did he say what happened should not happen? I don't really care for reality shows, just because they portray woman of color as savage and no class (some) But, many of the stars of these reality shows don't really set a positive example. So, I'm not sure what is meant by that shouldn't have happened!! Why because you wasn't paid for it? Some fight like cats and Dogs, fouled mouth, negative, ……So!?

  33. Brittney you run your mouth you’re reckless with your words and you stepped to the wrong one. Now put your big girl britches on and take the blow like a boss you’re trying to be. Maybe next time you will watch your mouth.
    Stay up Remy, we got your back.

  34. I quite sure if she shot her friend and left her for dead .. ummmm she punched that girl. Come on now .

  35. Her weaves are horrible. Both of them are too grown to not be able to produce a healthy head of hair.

  36. Remy ma ain't no joke these young cats need to know that 🤣🤣 she already did time yall better leave her alone yo. She plays no games

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