Real Reason For WWE Crown Jewel Women’s Match! HUGE NXT TakeOver Match! | WrestleTalk News Oct 2019

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Hello, and welcome to the WrestleTalk news!
Because Crown Jewel likes to mess with our schedules, I’m covering today for Laurie.
Or Oli. Or Pete. Luke? Guys, who does the news these days?
If you haven’t met me, hi! I’m Dave – Just Dave – and I usually do the Smackdown Live
Reviews on Saturdays with Pete, but CROWN JEWEL IS A THING, so here I am. Hi. Hello.
In case you missed it when we spoke on this earlier in the week, WWE’s first ever women’s
match in Saudi Arabia is set to go down at Crown Jewel tonight – and if you didn’t
know Crown Jewel is tonight, get out from under that rock, it’s terrible for your
posture. Much like that one library book I forgot to
give back seven years ago, this is obviously long overdue – please don’t tell anyone
about that. I can’t go back to prison. I just can’t. Yes, we’re all set for another round of
Natalya versus Lacey Evans, which, while it’s certainly a match the hometown crowd won’t
have seen before, it most definitely IS one we’ve seen about a million times. So, why
these two? Stephanie McMahon herself has stated in an interview with Bleacher Report that
“A lot of our focus has been on having this particular match as a part of this PPV in
Saudi Arabia”.Not
that I want to cast aspersions on what Steph is saying, but I am currently pressing X to
doubt. In any case, Steph has given some more details
as to why these two women are the choice for the match: “Natayla is somewhat of a legend in the
women’s division. She is the veteran. She has been here for so long, been a part of
so many of the changes that have happened. When you consider her legacy and family history,
it’s pretty remarkable.” “You take Lacey Evans, who is fairly new
on the scene but who has not been shy about sharing her perspective on overcoming, especially
in her life and the things she’s been through. She has a young daughter and she wants to
set an example and pave the way not only for her daughter but boys and girls all around
the world. That’s their personal stories.” “I can’t think of better representatives
for WWE.” Can’t really argue with that. Natalya and
Lacey are well acquainted with each other in the ring and are definitely wonderful representatives
for both the women’s division and the WWE as a whole. The caveat is that they will have to wear
body-suits, which kind of goes against how progressive the women’s division has been
in recent memory. However, as Steph said to TMZ, “We need to be respectful of the cultures
in the countries we perform in” – which I guess is fair enough? Then again, she also
said, when talking of how proud she is of Natalya and Lacey, that “I am ecstatic,
I am thrilled, I am many different adjectives to describe how I feel right now.” Many different adjectives. Ah well, we can’t
all be philosophers. The body-suits may give Natty a bit of an
advantage though, having been wearing them whilst wrestling for years, whereas Lacey
Evans… well… hasn’t. Still, if Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss can do it – as they
did in Abu Dhabi in 2017 – then so can she. Either way, hopefully the match at Crown Jewel
will be as well received as it certainly deserves to be. It’s worth mentioning that Steph also addressed
rumours of an Evolution Pay-Per-View in the coming year. Apparently it was considered,
but with the focus being on the women’s match, Steph simply had this to say: “More to come on Evolution but it’s most
likely not going to happen in 2019.” So, no Evolution PPV. And no Mae Young Classic.
But hey, women’s match at Crown Jewel! Progression! Am I right guys? Speaking of returns, rumours have been floating
around about Paige making her in ring return to WWE. Paige has taken to Twitter to address
these: “Yep this is obviously true. Now if someone
could lend me their neck that would be great…” So, those have been shot down like a rogue
alien spacecraft that definitely doesn’t exist, Mr FBI Agent who is watching. Again,
I really can’t go back to prison. And finally, massive news coming out of NXT!
Swerves! Surprises! And, it goes without saying, major spoiler alerts for those among you who
haven’t quite got around to watching the latest installment. If you’re intending
on catching up with NXT soon, I really recommend pausing this video until you do, because this
next bit is pretty huge. Again, spoilers alert. You have been warned. The NXT women’s roster is at one of its
strongest points right now, and chaos reigned at the last show as a brawl of near-apocalyptic
levels broke out after The Kabuki Warriors defended their Women’s Tag Team Titles against
Teagan Nox and Dakota Kai. Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir came out
as Kai was getting treatment for some lovely green mist, and promptly tried to murder Nox.
Rhea Ripley wandered down only to get blindsided by Io Sharai, before Bianca BelAir and Candice
LeRae joined the party, presumably feeling a bit put out that they weren’t invited. The brawl that followed was spectacular, and
prompted GM William Regal to put a stop to it with two monumental words: “WAR GAMES!!!!” Yes, NXT is going to be giving us the first
ever Women’s War Games match at Takeover: Wargames in November. This is the latest “big
first” for women’s wrestling on the brand, and with such a dominant division, it’s
quite possibly going to be a show-stealer. It’s looking like we’ll have Shayna Baszler’s
team, including Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir, Io Shirai and Bianca Belair taking on Rhea
Ripley’s squad with Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, Tegan Nox and a fifth partner. Who this
last person is remains to be seen – early money is on Mia Yim, but that’s certainly
not confirmed just yet. Rumours have been circling that it could be the return of Nia
Jax after injury. Shayna squaring off against Nia. Yes. Yes
please. If you want to find out more about Lacey Evans
versus Natalya, Oli covered the breaking news here and click the video below that for Oli’s
latest wrestle sketch about Seth Rollins and The Fiend. A special thank you to our Pledge Hammers
on Patreon who you can see scrolling below me right about now. I’ve been Dave – Just
Dave – and that, was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Real Reason For WWE Crown Jewel Women’s Match! HUGE NXT TakeOver Match! | WrestleTalk News Oct 2019

  1. OLI: BE NICE TO JUST DAVE! We're all busy with Crown Jewel stuff today (with Luke on holiday too) and he's been a star helping out.

  2. I knew it
    I think this will be the first and last women's Match will see in Saudi Arabia because after this I don't think any female superstar will ever want to compete there ever again.

  3. All of you Brits are so indoctrinated into your equity bs that you can’t use logic.
    First, you don’t change the sensitivities of an entire society by offending, you do it with one step at a time.
    Second, being ‘progressive’ and having ‘equality’ isn’t having a ‘No Boys Allowed’ event, its having a chance to feature the same, or being given a chance to main event regardless of gender.
    While I think WWE’s product has been garbage, you have to admit, they are not the same company anymore.

  4. Listen I get it. I get all of the eye rolling and whatever about crown jewel period… But this is historic no matter what you think about the Saudi government or the royal family or the wwe for taking their money. Of course if you could write a book about how the change would come it would be much better than the reality. That being said real life doesn't work that way! This is still a huge step!

  5. while the woman´s match in crown jewel is an important thing and i applaud wwe for getting it, i would have still preferred another evolution ppv since last year was really fun and had a different feel to it, still you can´t win them all

  6. You can always count on WrestleTalk to find the negative in any situation. Are all poms this negative, or just these wrestling poms?

  7. I know I can't be the only one tired of the Stephanie McMahon meme. She's barely around anymore so saying "StEpHaNiE lUlZ" about anything involving women just seems dumb.

  8. It's pretty obvious that Paige isn't anywhere close to an in ring return when she only got green mist in the face and no beat-down afterwards.

    I was watching the segment expecting something to happen as it was too obvious a setup while remembering that she can't take a bump. Then when she didn't take any bumps, it just confirmed to me that there's no way she can return right now.

  9. Dave's comment and negativity on wearing body suits is heartbreaking.. just because your culture is opposite it shouldn't mean you cant respect other cultures and what they believe in..

  10. Culture and law are 2 different things. Culture changes, laws don't if the people are forced to obey them, and have no right to change them. So women, cover up, "Us Saudi's prefer to look at naked men". Nuff said.

  11. I’m sure the women the Saudi government have in prison for protesting for women’s rights would’ve loved the match. I mean if they could’ve watched it, but you know, prison.

  12. Well, I can't see them doing a May Young Classic. Every wrestling company is snagging up talent like crazy, the First Ever Women's WarGames Match proves that WWE (NXT especially) has a hell of a Women's Roster.

  13. Nia Jax is a horrible wrestler gtfo of here with that.lmao. I wish I never had to watch her barely stumble around a ring again.

  14. Just saw the show.. it was SOOOOOO predictable.. except for the ending. i was right about all the results except for 1. Crap show in a shithole of a country

  15. This was boring this guy trying to be a smart ass just tell the news and not trying be a smart ass we ain’t got time for that

  16. you know ppl tune in to get the news you mention in the video title right? so there's no need for little side jokes, esp when it feels someone was like "ok we need to get a joke in here somewhere – make it sound as inorganic as possible – and put the joke here…no no wait here is better, fuck it do it in both spots"

  17. Can we stop pretending that two woman wrestling makes a difference in a garbage hole of corruption that is commuting genocide in Somalia

  18. The match was ok. The exit, hugging & kissing that woman, showed me the back stab that WILL come. Sell out of a Marine she is.

  19. "We need to be respectful of the culture" – What culture? The culture of murder and oppression? Screw respecting that.

  20. Honestly that Women's match in Saudi was waaayyy better than it should of been. I am not gonna lie, I popped at the end as well.

  21. WWE loves to make a big deal out of really nothing.
    If you really wanted for women to be accepted and recognized then WWE should have had Bayley defending her title against Nikki Cross or had Becky Lynch defend her title against Charlotte.
    A woman champion defending her title in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel to retain it or lose it to another woman and have the fans there cheering and celebrating would really be glass ceiling shattering for all women.

  22. The reason they wanted these two, doing this match, is they wanted a match that was going to go flawlessly, and tick like a clock. And that's exactly what it was – they've done this match many times, and they did it again, for a new audience. And now they're on different shows, so we needn't fear it happening again.

    Until they lock up in the women's Survivor Series match, of course.

  23. 3:26 – why sigh… it literally is progression…. wtf? WWE kind of has a lot of their plate right now… an extra show and an extra tournament jammed into the last 2 months of the year isn’t really necessary. They actually did something genuinely important and made another massive cultural impact, this time on a global scale… but that isn’t good enough now is it… go ahead and turn your nose up…

    Ya know the shitty part about being “progressive” …. you never quite know when you need to stop “progressing” and people tend to ignore the reality of situations to make room for their unobtainable and indescribable ideal.

    Maybe instead of taking a deep breath in disappointment that those WWE neanderthals aren’t as woke as you, you should look at the bigger picture and put some things into historical context. God damn… the worst part about this SJW attitude is that it seems to numb self awareness and increase self-righteousness.

  24. Yeah….Score on the corporate jargon for the women. I DO believe this was genuine about the reason for Nattie, HOWEVER I willm say when you are getting blocked at every turn on bringing a women's show by Saudi royalty, what better way is there around it than by bringing your former Marine into the negotiation during a time that the Saudi's are needing the aid of U.S. Troops to guard their recently bombed oil fields? That's it I would wager…YOUR REAL REASON not only for the participants of the match but HOW IT WAS ACTUALLY ALLOWED THIS TIME.

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