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Oli while he’s on holiday. I just did what El Fakidor attempted to do when he tried to
infiltrate WrestleTalk, but by accident! Accident. *evil laugh* We’ve got a stacked show for you today,
including the latest backstage reworkings of WWE television, the real reason why Kevin
Owens turned babyface on SmackDown, and WWE potentially leaving the PG era behind to appeal
to a teenage demographic. Press the timestamps in the video description below to be taken
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notifications, and leave us a comment answering the question of the day, which today is “Would you like to see WWE abandon the PG
era?” But today to change things up, let’s lead
with the biggest story of them all. *clears throat* JOHN CENA GOT A HAIRCUT. SOUND THE
Show-down, the one with the hyphen, people weren’t talking about Buddy Murphy’s or
The IIconics incredible hometown wins, no no, they were talking about Cena’s haircut,
which made him look like JBL. Now though, it’s time to say goodbye to
the luscious locks as Cena has provided a video via WWE’s Twitter account showcasing
his new haircut and explaining why he got it cut…but he explains it all in perfect
Mandarin…okay? His new look is for a role in an upcoming
movie, but the shorter locks make him look immeasurably younger. So we can expect to
see him back for a feud with Shane McMahon before long, because that’s apparently what
the legends do now. Speaking of legends, and at Super Showdown,
the one without the hyphen this time, see it’s a very important distinction, the Omnishane’s
latest rival The Undertaker faced off against Goldberg in a match that was scarier than
Jon Moxley vs Joey Janela, but not in the right way. The match left a sour taste in
many fans’ mouths as this wasn’t the match many had expected from two legends of the
industry, with both men botching their signature offense and working unsafely. But it seems
it wasn’t just the fans who were left with a poor taste in their mouth though, as Goldberg
has now updated us on Twitter of his plans in WWE. “The only thing I need to accomplish is
to erase the feeling I have from my last performance REALLY REALLY ANGRY EMOJI.” Or maybe that’s
just the emoji of him bleeding a lot after headbutting a door, I can’t tell. It’s a shame, because Goldberg’s last
run within WWE was a near-perfect one, beating Brock Lesnar in quick fashion, entering the
Royal Rumble, winning the Universal Championship, then losing it to Lesnar in a great match.
That was a great ending Goldberg, but now WWE have dried the well up and now Goldberg
will have to wrestle AGAIN to try and get the perfect ending he already had. Well done
WWE. While WWE might have some more legends matches
on its hands, AEW have just announced a new six-man tag match for Fight For The Fallen,
and…it’s a confusing one. The frankly terrifying team of Darby Allin,
Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela will take on the team of MJF, Sammy Guevara and Shawn Spears,
which is unusual as MJF and Shawn Spears had a kayfabe confrontation regarding Spears’
chair shot to Cody. Now the pair will have to put their differences aside to make sure
they don’t like, actually die from their opponents, which honestly, is a possibility. It’s not quite on the same level as unprotected
chair shots to the head, but WWE have also been trying to be a little more hardcore and
edgy in recent times, with Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley crashing through the stage,
Corey Graves dropping a holy s-bomb, and Kofi Kingston flipping off Samoa Joe on SmackDown.
But has this led to any results in terms of viewership? Yes. Sort of. This past week’s episode of Raw was Paul
Heyman’s first foray into running the show, and while he didn’t run the show entirely,
he reportedly worked alongside Vince McMahon to helm it, and as a result, Raw’s viewership
increased by 10%, pulling 2.496 million viewers. Things weren’t quite so peachy for SmackDown
though, which had its viewership drop ever so slightly to 1.89 million viewers. Interestingly though, while Heyman was on
Raw, it seems as though his counterpart wasn’t at SmackDown. According to John Pollock of Post Wrestling,
Eric Bischoff was not present for this week’s episode of SmackDown, despite emails being
sent out claiming that he would be. The supposed reason for this mis-fire from WWE is a miscommunication
between various departments that sent out an alert when they shouldn’t have, and it
definitely didn’t have anything to do with promoting something that wasn’t going to
happen. I’m sure they wouldn’t do anything like that. While some fans might have been concerned
that the first SmackDown after the announcement of Bischoff and Heyman taking Executive Director
roles was still down in viewership, it might be a slight relief knowing that Bischoff was
not responsible for the show, and that his influence is still to come down the line. Which means that Kingston’s middle finger
to Samoa Joe, Bobby Lashley cutting a promo about putting Braun Strowman in a morgue and
Kevin Owens’ sudden face turn were nothing to do with Bischoff and were all under Vince’s
watch Well now the real reason behind Kevin Owens’ face turn has possibly been revealed. Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio
commented on Owens’ stunner to Dolph Ziggler and babyface promo earlier in the night, saying “It’s very clear that this is a babyface
turn for Owens who just turned heel a couple of months ago. I hate turns back and forth,
but originally he was supposed to be a babyface. The heel turn was just a last-ditch effort
because Daniel Bryan got hurt and now he’s getting back to where they wanted him originally.” This will no doubt be a relief to some fans,
mainly me, who want to try and see Owens thrive as a babyface. He was doing some great work
as Big O in the New Day, before the rushed heel turn again to face off against Kofi.
Now this is just a hard reset to get him back in position as one of the top babyfaces on
SmackDown, which personally, I’m here for. I think babyface Owens could be great. Want to know something else that’s great?
The Street Profits! The current NXT Tag Team Champions made their debut on Raw this past
week, cutting backstage promos by themselves, and interrupting Paul Heyman to do more shenaniganry
as The Profits tend to do. While this might just seem like a good-natured
idea, “let’s get some new faces on the show”, it seems there may be an ulterior
motive behind it. Once again on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave
Meltzer noted that this may very well have been a political move from Heyman to attempt
to secure The Street Profits for Raw. “There was a lot of politics involved in
the Street Profits thing, but they’re still technically NXT wrestlers. It was not a call-up
but they are going to be on Raw TV. I think that was a Heyman move to have new faces on
the show. When someone starts, you always want new faces, you always want young talent
and you want to create new, wild stories.” Considering that Eric Bischoff was not at
SmackDown, and isn’t scheduled to start his position as Executive Director for a few
weeks, and that Paul Heyman has the luxury of already being at Raw as an on-screen character,
it allows Heyman to essentially get a head-start over Bischoff. Bringing the Street Profits
to Raw allows Heyman to already start cherry picking some of the NXT talent he wants on
his show, while Bischoff doesn’t have the same luxury. It’s worth noting though, that The Street
Profits are still an NXT act, and their call-up to Raw wasn’t a permanent move. This was
more likely just a little tease of what’s to come for them in the future. Speaking of the future, and my goodness, it’s
all go in the WWE as of late isn’t it? The company has officially entered the OH MY GOD
PLEASE FIX OUR SHOWS phase, and it’s very, very entertaining to watch. Now though, a new report suggests that this
may be the beginnings of WWE leaving the PG era behind. As previously mentioned, WWE has been noticeably
more edy in this week of programming, with Corey Graves saying “holy s***”, Braun
Strowman and Bobby Lashley crashing through the stage and Kofi Kingston flipping off Samoa
Joe, just to name a few. On the post-SmackDown episode of the Wrestling
Observer Radio, Meltzer stated that WWE will be focusing on more salacious material and
utilising younger wrestlers to try and capitalise on a teenage audience moving forward. Meltzer then followed up on this by responding
to a fan on Twitter who asked whether this all means WWE are pushing to distance themselves
from a PG product with a simple “yes”. This was then further expanded upon, saying
that with the rise of AEW, WWE felt like they had no choice but to make the product edgier
as to not lose the teenage demographic to All Elite, which sounds shockingly similar
to what happened during the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW. Whether or not the occasional s-bomb and a
middle finger will be enough to entice some teenagers to stick around or not remains to
be seen, but there’s no doubt showcasing some more younger talent and relying less
on the legends moving forward, such as Undertaker and Goldberg, will be a good thing for the
company. This is perhaps why The Street Profits were on Raw, why Ricochet is being pushed
in the main events, and why Andrade and Apollo Crews were showcased on SmackDown as well. The move away from a PG product is genuinely
a shocking one if it does turn out to be true, as for what seems like an eternity, it’s
been said that the PG product was crucial with building a family audience, and was necessary
for a publicly traded company to maintain relationships with sponsors and the like.
I guess, it’s only necessary when there’s not another company threatening to take away
one of your key demographics, right? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I
am legitimately excited to see where this goes. I’m excited about WWE shows. Who’d
a thunk it. There’s a Blizzard gaming censorship problem,
and it goes deeper than you’d imagine! Click the video to my right to be taken to ScreenStalker
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been Chopper Pete Quinnell, and that, was wrestling.

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