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We know that Conor is going to go out there
and out-strike Khabib. At least we’re willing to concede that to
the point that Khabib’s own coach, Javier Mendez, came out and said, “We can’t out-strike
Conor. He’s just too good and he’s too dynamic and
we don’t have enough time.” I think that the same could be said, it wasn’t
said by Conor’s coach, but I think the same could be said about the wrestling. He’s not going to be a better wrestler than
Khabib. Look, here’s the dirty rotten truth coming
to you from a wrestler, okay? Garbage wrestling but wrestling—you got
to have some wrestling, but it could be bad—is enough to work in MMA, alright? So back up just a little bit. Conor put a training video out of him wrestling. He videoed it and he put it out. He must have thought he looked good. Whoever put it out must have thought Conor
looked good. The wrestlers took a look at that footage
and went, “Man, this guy’s terrible. This guy can’t wrestle a lick.” I’m telling you guys, the dirty secret is
that’s enough. You don’t have to be a great wrestler. That is a huge misconception in this sport. You just got to have a little bit of it. Some of the best fighters we’ve seen were
good wrestlers and I hate to insult them, right? The great T.J. Dillashaw. I don’t want him to see this and go, “Chael,
how you can say I wasn’t a good wrestler?” You’re a multiple-time world champion in MMA,
okay? You were never a world player in wrestling. That’s just the reality. You had good wrestling. You’re a great MMA fighter and nobody out-wrestles
you, right? You look at Demetrious Johnson. We just saw him take on the world’s best,
the Olympic champion in Henry Cejudo. That was very close wrestling. In the first match, Demetrious Johnson out-wrestled
Cejudo. In the second match, Cejudo out-wrestled Demetrious. But it was close. It was good back and forth. Okay wrestling is all that you need in MMA. You can go look at a guy like Daniel Cormier,
one of the most decorated wrestlers that does the sport. He doesn’t use a ton of wrestling. He uses that grind. He uses that wrestler’s mindset. He stays in your face. He makes you work for it. Go see the Stipe fight. He didn’t have to use a lot of wrestling there,
right? Ultimately ended the fight with a big shot. But he has enough. He has enough. I’m just saying a lot gets made out of wrestling. You take the world’s greatest wrestler and
then you put him against an okay guy. Benson Henderson comes to mind. I can’t remember what Benson Henderson placed
in [00:02:08] state. I want to say it was fifth. It’s enough. He never gets out-wrestled in MMA. Never. Won world championships doing this. World championships. Kelvin Gastelum comes to mind, #1 contender. I mean, do you guys see the issue here? Wrestlers will always make a little bit more
about their sport and there is a mindset, and there are some skills—there are some
actual techniques that work in wrestling that carry over to mixed martial arts—but they’re
very few, very few and almost zero setups in wrestling. If I had a partner right now I could show
you, but everything we do is either from what we call the open, which means you’re not touching
the guy, or you’re tied up. You got two-on-ones, you got collar ties,
you got underhooks, you got double underhooks, you got double overhooks, you got wrist control
– none of that stuff works in MMA, none of it. One of the greatest controls you can have
in wrestling is called a Russian tie. It’s a two-on-one, meaning one of my arms,
you’re going to grab it with both of your arms. My arm’s dead. My arm can’t be used. Just picture that, even without a partner. Picture my arm being in my opponent’s arm. See the problem? See why that doesn’t work in MMA? There’s not very many things that translate. So when you watch Conor’s wrestling, yeah,
it’s garbage in comparison to Khabib’s. The dirty little secret: It’s enough. It’s enough. Khabib is going to come at you with two attacks,
a single leg and a body lock, and they’re great and you only need one or two. That’s not to dismiss Khabib. Just don’t get lost in the fact that Conor
does not have to know A to Z about wrestling. He needs to have a good understanding of a
single leg defense, he needs a good understanding of a body lock defense, and then ultimately
he needs that defer button he can push, which is, “I just got taken down. I got to get my ass up off the bottom.” They don’t do that in wrestling. They don’t do that in Dagestani wrestling. The opponent doesn’t try to get up off the
bottom, the top guy doesn’t try to hold you down. That’s grappling. Khabib has adapted to a great grappler. But you can ask Eddie Bravo who I think we
all respect in the world of jiu-jitsu and grappling. He will vouch for Conor McGregor. The only point I’m trying to make to you guys
and I just don’t want you to get lost in this, there are going to be positions that
Conor McGregor is going to have a deficit and you’re going to see the video of Conor
out there wrestling and go, “Man, this guy is garbage at wrestling.” There is not very much wrestling going to
take place. There’ll be a lot of grappling. There will be a lot of grappling, but that’s
a totally different conversation and I feel that it always gets missed. The only thing the wrestler has the ability
to do is control, “Is the fight going to be here or here?” Once they get here, this is a different sport. This is called grappling. This isn’t called wrestling, and once they’re
here this is a different sport. This isn’t wrestling either. It’s that in-between. It’s a huge advantage. I say this as a wrestler: I believe in that
advantage, I believe in that in-between. But I can also reveal to you guys, it’s only
one spot, and that video you saw of Conor while perhaps not a polished wrestler getting
ready for the Olympic Games, I can tell you as an MMA fighter, it’s enough.

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  1. Well bad wrestling is ok for MMA. Connor could be a proof to that. But the real question is "if bad wrestling good enough for Khabib?"

    Scratch that. The real question is "How good is Connor M…"

  2. Yeah but the problem is Khabibs wrestling is above and beyond anything anyone else has to offer. It's going to be striking vs wrestling. The thing to remember is Nate Diaz was hit with big shots and wasn't able to be knocked out. I think Khabib will get knocked down but not knocked out. If Connor goes anywhere near Khabib after getting knocked down, Khabib will grab a body part of Connors and latch onto it and that's all she wrote.

  3. Id love to see Ben Henderson come back to ufc. Against Kevin Lee, or Khabib or Eddie Alvares..any of the top 5 lightweights. Or top 145ers. Max would give him a damn good fight. Im sure hes making more money where he is because I cant see the ufc cutting him. Which means he left on his own for some reason.

  4. Khabib will muscle Conor to the cage, get the takedown, or get TKO'ed trying. I can see him eating a knee because he shoots so often and Conor WILL see them coming. Not saying it'll be an easy fight but Conor's got a decent chance.

  5. Here's the problem with the whole "hey, Conor can grapple" argument. It doesn't matter. So he can grapple a little. Half of Khabib's victories in the UFC have been against Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts, whom he completely dominated, controlled and mauled on the ground. Khabib is not just the best wrestler in the promotion, he's the best grappler too. Conor's grappling will not be an equalizer.

  6. I am not buying this at all every top guy in the UFC has okay wrestling has enough according to him that doesn't stop khabib

  7. Extremely contradicting you're saying here that you don't need great wrestling but you're saying an interview just now at 229 that someone with wrestling versus someone that doesn't have good wrestling it always ends the same that's not a paraphrase. But that's basically what you said



  9. lol @ title: In MMA, bad wrestling is enough… 😀 Now after the match is over and all if us saw what happened… no, bad wrestling us not enough, at least not enough for outstanding wrestlers like Khabib is. After that mach my bet is that most MMA fighters with enough healthy brain cells will work out more on their wrestling skills, there is no other solution for Khabib like class of fighters, either to outwrestle him or to be outwrestled.

  10. Grappling/Wrestling is the worst thing you can do in a fight. The only things that work are counter attacks and leg swipes in such a sport

  11. Well I guess bad wrestling is a lot worse than you thought, Chael. Connor got owned on the mat. He couldn't stop the takedown and had no submission attempts. Didn't even try to get up for most of the fight. Nice to see an epic fail from Mr Knowitall, Chael.

  12. was watching for much the same reasons as everyone else; However, I was looking for how much if any of Macgregor's jaw has been affected by the punishment he took from Mayweather over 10 rounds. Don't forget a pro boxer's punches are fast, hard and much heavier than most MMA fighters. Also, he took heavy damage at the hands of Nate Diaz in 2 fights, and Nate carries proper boxing trained punches as well. I also have to not here that if a fighter's jaw goes kaput, often so does his punch if he is a knockout artist. When Pipino Cuevas ran into Thomas Hearns he was demolishing everyone and had an Iron jaw. He lost both his Jaw and punch after Hearns and had to soon retire. Roberto Duran ran into Hearns and got starched, but he went on to beat Iran Barklay and Davey Moore and had an illustrious career and so forth. Most lose a little bit of jaw and punch here and there throughout their career by aging and punishment or both.I noted Mcgregor's reactions seemed very compromised and slow from the outset. After round one it seemed he didn't even bother ducking a lot of power shots, and I noted the jabs were hurting Mcgregor badly Both indicators of concussive damage, boxer's brain. He hit Kabib a few times with the vaunted left and Kabib was literally unfazed. Another indicator of Mac's being somewhat punch-drunk possibly or at least damaged.The first round was text-book Kabib, but pretty much had to be. He is a notoriously slow starter, and Macgregor could end it then and there. The fact he did so well in round one was bad, bad news for Mac. Kabib did so well moving to his left and away from Macgregor's power which kept falling short. That bothered Macgregor, he thought of Kabib's sound strategy of movement and away from his power. In that instant Kabib shot a takedown knowing full well Mac had prepared a knee for it. Macgregor's preoccupation, which Kabib knew was going on set Mac up for the takedown. For Kabib that was a warm-up round. Macgregor incidentally was bone dry and hadn't warmed up properly himself.Kabib was so much faster than Macgregor who is himself noted for his speed. That was evident by a lead right knockdown. In fighting 98 percent of the time you lead with a jab and almost never throw a lead right hand which is easily countered. Aldo tried that and got dummied. A lead right is also what Ali used to set up Foreman for an upset. So it can have its place but very exceptionally. In MMA lead with a jab, or at least a Teep kick. Best option is move away from your opponent's power. Agreed to most a two point round for Kabib which would have a profound effect on and influence Mac's eventual tapout. It's tough having 3 rounds to go, being out of gas, and being down 3-0, and staring a full tank loco-motive in the eyes with bad intentions in his eyes not to mention hate. Macgregor comes away from round 2 beaten up, out of gas, and Kabib is now 60 percent warmed up; more on that in a bit. I believe at this point Kabib has it in the bag and he knows it.Round 3. Macgregor will now look for Kabib to slow down which does happen but not for what Mac thinks. It is a voluntary round off for Kabib. I believe at this point Kabib is looking for ways to safely beat on Macgregor without letting him back into the fight. I also believe that Kabib thinks he is off on his own perceptions of not having warmed up properly, and expending so much gas, so in a sense he is out of kilter. It's kind of like jumping out of bed too quickly in the morning. If nothing else the early punishment has removed Conor's punch. Kabib took some shots and was not only unfazed, he was clear eyed, energized and galvanized by it. That had to sink Macgregor's ideas even further, because that was so apparent. To be invited to stand toe to toe by Kabib, and having Kabib's jabs hurt him badly took the rest of the stuffing out of Conor. At this point Macgregor is fouling left and right; The most egregious was the illegal knee on the ground. He would also try to land fingers in Kabib's eyes and if he weren't so afraid of the takedowns, and if Kabib was not so insanely quick at closing the distance Mac would have fingered him in the eye. A huge aspect of this fight was Kabib staying way beyond Conor's reach. You'll note when Conor reaches an opponent, and measures, Kabib is always at least a foot beyond. And also, why play that chess game ? Hand game, footwork. Kabib just stays out of reach, or walks away. That frustrated Conor even more.Herb Dean absolutely was looking for a Conor win here. He let all those fouls go ? Maybe he is just lousy. Riddle me this. The third is Conor's best round but you must have seen Kabib gaining confidence and pep and jump. That demoralized Conor, now more than ever he was looking for a way out. More on that a bit later. Now Kabib is fully warmed up and Conor knows it.Round four is strange. Conor does well, and is winning the round, then Kabib lands a jab that wobbles Conor. After some boxing a short time later, and visibly wasted, Conor signals okay and nods. I took that as it's time to go. At that point I said "Its over". Time to lose one way or the other, and it will be on the ground. He stands and waits to get taken down. The neck crank didn't matter. It did not matter if he'd sunk the choke or not. Or if it was a head crank. This could have ended much earlier. Watch it again, that was a lame attempt at disguising giving up your back, Conor. Kabib couldn't let it go the distance and leave it in the hands of the judges. Look at what Herb Dean was doing? Look at who you are fighting. UFC needs and depends on Conor Macgregor. Rousey's Gone for Good and Lesnar is only here sporadically.I took away that Conor's fights against Diaz and Mayweather has done significant damage. His reaction is gone, as is his punch. Kabib is not slow and sending that shot from across the cage like that on Conor was insane. I don't think I've ever seen that.

  13. Wtf wrestling is the most important aspect in mma no bad wrestling gets guys to lose fights 10-8 rounds this makes charl seem ridiculous

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