RAMBO 5: LAST BLOOD Official Trailer (2019) Sylvester Stallone, Action Movie HD

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I have lived in a world of death I have watched people I loved, die. Some fast with a bullet. Some, not enough left to bury. All these years I’ve kept my secrets, but the time has come to face my past. and if they come looking for me they will welcome death I want revenge I want them to know that death is coming and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

100 thoughts on “RAMBO 5: LAST BLOOD Official Trailer (2019) Sylvester Stallone, Action Movie HD

  1. Whenever Sylvester Stallone decide to stop 🛑 acting we’re gonna miss him more than anything! I grow up hearing my Grandmother talking about Rambo and before I know who he was I was already familiar with every line and scene in all the Rambo 1,2 and 3. Thanks to my grandma Rambo is both our all time favorite action star ⭐️!

  2. RAMBO 6. You thought everything was over after his funeral ? Now Rambo is attacking hell (full of goddamned communistes again) and the devil him self will realise what hell is ment.
    Soon on your screens… RAMBO 6 … 6 … 6 …. (echo sound repeating)

  3. Music is not that great and not imotianl. ….
    Trailer music is very important
    All the trailers musics in the 2018 and above are shit.

  4. This man is in Out of this world shape for 73, no man that old should look anywhere near that young, my grandpa is like 80 and can bearly walk, while this dude is filming an action movie

  5. I love me some rage, revenge, and Rambo, but doesn’t anyone have an original thought in Hollywood anymore instead of rehashing old characters? Apparently not. I love movies like “Taken”, for instance, but did we need two sequels that just rehash the same theme? Rambo has been done to death. It was original in the 80s. Now? Not so much…

  6. Enemies are waiting for his downfall, just wait until he die, the government is gonna get his DNA to create more soldiers like him, they'll call them judges.

  7. This movie looks great but me and a bunch of others in the cinema when the trailer played couldn’t get over how they made Old Town Road sound so badass

  8. Man, I remember sitting in awe watching Rambo First Blood with a young Sly and David Caruso as a baby…lol on the big screen in 82…..and now here we are…Time sure is zippity….Try telling these young folks that lack adventure, stamina and grit…..These days are short and time flies….Make your life count…"coming from an old guy….lol

  9. A Legend Kids Today have no idea Rambo is the truth! Stallone still doing it at 72 he can be 82 another rambo I would watch it . Would be cool if Arnold could do this Commando 2 like this really good

  10. Lol omg… Sylvester I know u refuse to think you’re getting old but please stop w/ the “bad ass” movies. It’s just silly anymore.

  11. This is the original and best Tv action hero and even at 73 he is still better than any of the so called hard men that has come since

    Can’t wait till they try and make a remake of Rambo and watch them make such a mess of it like Judge Dread cos how can anyone follow a true legend like Stallone

  12. My prediction: they will kill Rambo. By story: he will die to protect his daughter, just the usual feminist propaganda. And we will get next a "new generation" action hero SHEMBO.

  13. My Grandpa was the only one I ever heard more or less call Rambo a pussy. But then again, he fought the Japanese in real life.

  14. The town of Hope, where the original was filmed, is having a special event double feature. First Blood, Last Blood. I hear Stallone's coming.

  15. Is THAT supposed to be his DAUGHTER?? LMFAO! Isn’t he old enough to be her great grandfather? F*cking YUCK! These stinkin OLD men gotta let it go.

  16. He drank Monster Energy drink before this +10000000000 strength

    We need him to pull to the area 51 raid with a 50 cal machine gun

  17. Happy that Rambo does not balk from doing what he is good at rather than caving in to political correctness like James Bond is doing.. but then the latter is really about the women (and toys) while the former has always been about the mission. So I think Rambo is under no pressure to change. All that said, I was kind of hoping John J would get married or something and this final movie would actually turn out to be a gentle Western involving raising horses, etc. But I will go see it! Just a bit unhappy Franco Columbo will miss this one 🙁

  18. "Over there, I was in charge of million dollar equipment. Over here, I can't even get a job parking caaarrrss!!" Can't wait to here the sound of the explosive arrow flying through the air.

  19. Before we had all these RIDICULOUS comic book movies…BEFORE the SJW's done took over Hollywood and started preaching at us…as we THOUGHT we paid to see a movie… there was and from the looks of it… Rambo is STILL HERE!

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