Queen of the Ring: The Champion Wrestler Who Competes in Drag

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(guitar music) – [Cassandro] In the dressing
room something happens while I’m getting ready. Once I start putting my makeup on, I turn from this male to female. And that is amazing for me. (crowd cheering) My name is Cassandro El Exótico. I am a professional wrestler; I’ve been wrestling for 28 years. I’m an Exótico Luchador,
which is a flamboyant, a wrestler with glamour and style. (crowd chanting “Cassandro”) (cheering) I always knew I was different. I remember when I was in second grade, I think I was like seven
or eight years old. And I already knew I was gay. I was taught that I couldn’t be gay, I couldn’t act this way,
I couldn’t dress this way, I couldn’t talk this way because I was going to burn in Hell. When I was first called to be an Exótico I was like, “Wow, freedom.” This weight that I’d
been carrying for years was just like melted down. Rhinestones, rhinestones, rhinestones. Glow in the dark. I started using the pantyhose, the makeup, the bathing suits, rhinestones, feathers,
and boas and all that because I wanted to be different. And that was the scariest moment, but when I saw the audience and the fans, how they took me in, they were just like “Wow,
look at him, her, she.” I feel like a woman inside. And then it’s like this is me. And that transformation is beautiful. Something happens when I get out of the dressing room to the ring. I’m still looking like a
woman, I’m looking flamboyant, and then once I step in the ring, my macho side kicks in and I’m like “You gotta
be ready for the fight.” (slapping) (yelling) All my title matches and
mostly all of my matches has been against men. Masked men, machista’s, homophobics, and I vow always being true to myself. It’s lucha libre, not a beauty parlor. Even though it looks like it sometimes. Today I can tell you that being gay has been a gift from God to me. And I understand that. So that’s why lucha libre has always been one of my biggest medications. I don’t think I will
ever leave lucha libre. This is what I’ve done all my life. (crowd cheering)

14 thoughts on “Queen of the Ring: The Champion Wrestler Who Competes in Drag

  1. God is not real. Leave it to the rest of the world, God hate homosexuality. God is not real if you're real.

  2. Nice! You do you man, and fuck these haters. They just gotta fuck off and mind their own damn business. Rockin the Donald hair man!

  3. I've seen her perform half a dozen times with Lucha VaVoom. Truly one of the, if not the most, captivating Luchadors in the business.

  4. hey 28 years. and in a brutal sport like pro wrestling. i give him all the props. he has to be a good trainer as well. he should be back stage in wwe. or at a school doing training.

  5. I love Cassandro! He's such an inspiration to young queer kids, ande everyone in general, he teaches a lesson of acceptence and openmindness

  6. This is disgusting. One day everything will be laid open, and what's right will be called right again and what's wrong will be called wrong again, not as it is today.

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