Putin Fumes At The Polish Government: Russia Will Shut Their Filthy Mouth!

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Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! Dear colleagues! Chairman of the Council of Veterans of St. Petersburg Volobuev Vasily Tikhonovich. Let me congratulate you on the New Year 2020 and all those present here, because this is the year of the 75th anniversary of our Great Victory, this is the Year of memory and glory. You have rightly recently given a tough and documentary rebuff to those who are trying to distort the history of the Great Patriotic War, to belittle the role of our country in the victory. Three-quarters of their personnel and equipment was destroyed on our front. Thank you very much for this presentation. We will now work even more actively to combat the falsifiers of history. Sorry to interrupt you, I just can’t help but to add. I already talked about this, I just said in the message: we will definitely create a center for archival documents, film and photo materials, and we will shut mouth to those who are trying to re-read the story, misrepresent it and belittle the role of our fathers, our grandfathers, our heroes who died defending their homeland and protecting the whole world practically from the “brown plague” – from Nazism. I think that this website and in general this center will be open to both our citizens and the whole world. And we will not allow these attempts to present history in a completely bad light. I want to emphasize once again that we will shut up this filthy mouth with documents forever so to disgrace them. After all, you just said how many enemy equipment and manpower were destroyed on the Eastern Front, on the Soviet-German Front. And what losses did we have? You know, I’ll go to Israel now to take part in the unveiling of a monument to the victims of besieged Leningrad. And I am very grateful, we should all be grateful to the leadership of Israel and those people who were the initiators of this event. This is a good event that recalls the victims of World War II, recalls who made a decisive contribution to the fight against Nazism. You know, I sometimes even think, and now I began to understand this, that in general, Jewish public organizations and the leadership of Israel are doing the right thing, that they do not allow the world to forget about the victims of the Holocaust. Incidentally, among the victims of the Holocaust, a significant, very large number of Jews were citizens of the Soviet Union. But we, too, should not let anyone forget about the victims of other peoples of the USSR, the Russian people. Indeed, of all the losses of the Soviet Union during the Second World War, World War II, almost 70 percent of the losses occurred in the RSFSR, that is, in today’s Russia. Also, they should not let us forget, in fact, about the genocide of other peoples of the Russian Federation and the former Soviet Union. Extremely important mission. Once again I want to repeat this, let it sound rude, but it is true: this filthy mouth, which is opened by some figures “beyond the hill”, in order to achieve their short-term political goals, we will shut up with truthful documentary information.

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  1. Watch The Greatest Story Never Told to learn what really happened before and during WWII. All references in last episode.

  2. With the benefit of hindsight, although folks fought for what they perceived for their homes/communities,
    the “Red Plague” by far caused more devastation and suffering than the “Brown Plague”

  3. The GREATEST Diplomatic President, Mr. Putin the BOSS. Russia strives for Peace, long live Motherland Russia, my brothers and sisters. Russian Citizens are Peaceful, kudos to the Greatest President, my President, Mr. Putin.

  4. A lot of injustices have been done against the sensible mother Russia because the Holy Tsar tried to stop his people taking part in WWI for he knew it would have a domino effect but Zionist-funded Lenin was so against the stability of mother Russia, himself! Similarly, Zionist Hitler was, completely, under Zionist-West for they brought him to power and within night he was made the head of German military…..and pro-Zionist Poland knows it!!!!!!

  5. Pra combater os palhaços gananciosos e maiores mentirosos da história da humanidade (EUA), só expondo a verdade da segunda guerra mundial vencida pela Rússia.
    Voa, Rússia!!!
    Voa, Россия!!!

  6. I would not wire much, just two facts:
    1. Lenin and Stalin as well as Hitler were … nothing but Jews
    2. When Putin is saying Jews he should say we cozze he is Jew as his mother якубова (Jacobva)
    Sorry if it is off topic but knowing this two facts this video looks like poposist story from fist person – Putin.

  7. Why are they doing these revisionist actions? What does it accomplish? Many, many years ago, I was taught in World History that the Russians played a key role in defeating Nazism. The US, Britain and Russia worked together.

  8. Russia and Putin deserves more respect from the world we need to stop thinking that only US did something in WW II, like it's said three quarters of Germany army has gone in that useless attempt and there's no need to say the real reason why US join the battlefield they knew that if Europe losses they wouldn't get paid, Pearl Harbor is just a pretext
    Respect from Brazil! 🇧🇷❤️🇷🇺

  9. Herr Outin, you need tao check that the american are doing in the History Channel with all those new programs about WWII; they started the update of that information since last year, and is amazing to see new videos with distorted comments from fake historians. Therefore you need to explain what eally happen, supported by real and reputed historians; otherwise it will be useless.
    To give you an example, they showed the lost tapes or videos that were lost from D-Day and specifically in Omaha Beach, and showed the slaughter that was for the americans and prompted Eisenhower to have a letter of resignation as Commander in Chief, because he was about to resign because of the losses. So choose the better strategy for the information you are about to publish.

  10. Russia did invade Poland 2 weeks after Germany. that triggered Britian to enter into a war also. don't lie, Muslim communists.

  11. The poles will never learn, I don’t know what they are after? If they want recognition as a great nation then they must realize that they can’t be great by just behaving like pricks. Great nations and people behave differently, with dignity and respect.

  12. I Know Quality When I Engage My Senses. It All Adds Up. Doing The Rounds Adding Up Humanity's Balance Sheet. Vladimir's Going To Set The Records Straight. There's A Big Demand For Classified Russian Documentation. The Eastern Girls Leave The West Behind. Back In The U.S.S.R.

  13. If he is against the rewriting of historical events, that is good. Everything from holiday songs to The Holy Bible seems to be undergoing re-edit. And, perhaps the true history of the world pre 1900 will be revealed..

  14. No-one Country shed more blood than Russia in WWII. And no-one stopped Nazi Germany like them. The USA was "patiently" waiting for the "right" time, while even England was being destroyed, and even then, they (US) charged heavily for old war equipment.

  15. It will be hard for Russia to deny the fact they did start the war on the side of Nazis. Only when betrayed they had no choice but to fight with allies. If Hitler did not attack Russia who knows how Europe would look today…

  16. It’s amazing western criminals are trying to frame Russia claiming Russia started a war it has no business in. It show’s how the west intends to fight Russia 🇷🇺 lies and deception along with a propaganda machine. Japan has also rewritten their school textbooks in japan claiming japan didn’t start a war when in fact they did.

  17. Pogana usta – lit. pagan mouth – filthy mouth. It is common in Slavic languages if you bad to call u a pagan. I remember in Yugoslavia, my parents considered it more rural villager expression for term pagan was used for natives to other continents and beliefs, and for PC reasons and cultural in general. It is crazy to think homo sapiens is the centre of the point of the world.


  19. Gosh, what a pile of coockdoodle.
    Bring out the facts, who invaded Poland with Nazis? Russia. Who cooperate with Nazis before the war ? Russia.
    Russian people are victims of tzarist Imperialism before and later toralitarian bolshevism, turned Stalinism, followed by failed socialism en rout to Communist paradise.
    Now Putin is stirring up the best of everything soup to create neo imperialistic socialism for masses, with capitalism for state elites with totalitarian stalinist flavor mixed with dose of good old fashion hero cult.

    Ww2 Facts are facts, and whole world knows it, and it seems that only ex Soviet Russians believe in their own propaganda.
    True, Russian soldiers fought and died, but not because they wanted to liberate Europe from Nazis, but because got stabbed in a back by their 1st allies the Nazis.
    This sacrifice of Russian peopl, the red army was titanic effort, but at the end, it brought easter and central Europe under another totalitarin regime's occupation, this time for 44 years of slow attrition.
    Russia 1st caused the war, and then put stranglehold on Europe enslaving half of it.

  20. Everyone deserves the truth , ambition over facts won't win anything🐾🍀😎🍀🐾 while this debate or argument is going on Stand back and take a look at who is cashing in on the Nervy,Responses. Avoid conflict and just face up to where the mistakes are being made and peacefully oblige on all sides to strengthen a way forward 🐾🍀💚😊💚🍀🐾God Bless and take a deep breath before your next chess pieces need to move ,👻 . President Putin I know you can do better than that . though I respect the difficulties facing hungry stirshite heads try to unsettle everyone's nerves , Stand by whoever stands by you and we will all live to tell the tale 🐾🍀💚😎💚🍀🐾Have a nice day Much love and respect. From The Republic of El DeZomgo Olobong.

  21. bravo… Russia and President Putin …you saved the world by defeating the worlds enemy then,(WW2) and you are saving the world today. anything else that denies this, is lies.

  22. You dont want to get to close to Israel Mr Putin and be labeled as a Zionist. That will destroy your great legacy.

  23. I'm Polish , lived under CCCP occupation until 1980 and left for Canada  . I agree with Pr. Putin . But don't forget the crimes of Soviet Union /worse than Germans did in 39/ against Poles . Saying that I respect Pr. Putin very much and I think he's the best leader in today's world just like Pr. Trump …….

  24. Who cares? This is 80 years ago. If it wasn't for the US opening up a Western Front than Poland and Russia would not exist as we know it today. Germans would have pushed through Stalingrad and received reinforcements. Thanks to America there were no reinforcements to spare. We were kiIIing them all over France and Italy

  25. Due to the fake wrong history that the Zionist’s have propagated. Most people in my family and those closest to me curse Russia. I always try to the explain to them about what actually had happened.
    Praise be to the Lord that He has guided me towards understanding the truth behind almost everything. From darkness to Light.
    He also helped me become a spiritual follower of Him.

  26. Wha is deal with Russia and WW2 history..? 70+ years later, some things are not to be discussed. Thanks for truthful answer.

  27. Regardless of the current government officials in place at this time…I know the great majority of polish people…do not agree with that Mr Putin
    And actually bear Brotherly love and gratitude for the Russian people…they like the rest of western nations are on the hellsbeast agenda.
    Your right to fight though.

  28. Russia the world knows, History didn't lie this time, it's written in books and there's allot of victime alive today that knows the truth, the world knows your not the victim in WW2, you shook hands, break bread, sat at the dinner table with the Nazis and invaded Poland and added your name to the holocaust, "by massacring hundreds of thousands of polish people" and try to play victim that the Nazis invaded your country, when Poland did nothing, Russia is just as guilty as the Nazis, and will always carry the humiliating stain in history as Allies of the Nazis who work together in destroying Poland.

  29. I give President Putin the assurance that once the documents are unveiled, I will devote the rest of my existence in sharing the information.

  30. With a grateful heart …. My first patient in nursing was a Russian Jewish Dress Designer in New York whose Russian Jewish husband fought Nazis in WW 2 and the stories of the Great Patriotic War were unforgettable. When Nikki died in Va. Beach, the only item she owned was her husband´s Russian WW 2 Medal she left to me in the mid-1970s. It was an honor to have known her and care for her as my father was also a U.S. Army Soldier at 17 during WW 2 stationed twice in Germany laying land mines and again during what America calls the mop-up campaign. My father died in 1963 when I was 12 and feelings are very deep regarding WW 2 events. Thank you for not allowing the world to re-write the truth in history.

  31. Keep in mind Putin has personally endorsed Solshanitzens account of 66million killed solely by the government when this so called archive is opened.
    Also keep in mind it’s the KGB archives he personally closed so it’s the KGB archives we want to see. Also bare in mind there was more ppl working in propaganda then in the NKVD and Red Army combined and this is who kept the archives…
    I wonder if Putin has ever explained why Stalin ordered full military mobilization of the entire Russian economy in 1939?

  32. Honestly… the hero wasnt the US.. it was the russian. The US came in to the picture after selling a lot of military weapons then was force to attack when pearl harbor was attacked. And it was at 75% finished. UK may come as someone considered a hero vs US.

  33. Hermoso homenaje a los caidos en la guerra , presidente vladimir putin todos mis respetos y saludos desde Argentina

  34. Dear Vlad

    I will always applaud your long term vision and your track record repositioning Russia as one of the major players in the world geopolitical arena …

    One of such vision is setting the record straight that those who won the war against Zionism were Russian soldiers who paid dearly with their lives and certainly not the USA although all major Hollywood movies never gave Russia any credit
    So I really enjoyed hearing this short exchange and seeing that finally Russia will take matters into her own hands and set history on the right path. Perhaps movies, documentaries, kids stories etc in many languages etc…

    However although I absolutely understand that you are caught in a diplomatic pickle but I was taken aback deeply by agreeing to have a country that has done horrible things to Palestine and continues to murder Palestinians and to destroy them… To have this country honor the fallen Russian heroes????

    Am at loss here…. Am actually sad that you allowed this to happen

    Israel should have no right to honor those who fought for justice
    It's a murderous military state not even a country.
    I am sure you have your reasons perhaps to remind those Zionist that if it weren't for Russia they would all be dead or something?

    Honestly I don't know why or how you could do that.

    Respectfully I disagree
    Long lives Russia

  35. You see, this is why I love Putin and Russia, and why my father ALWAYS loves Putin and Russia.
    If history has taught us anything, it is that Russia is the force of good (20th & 21th century). The Soviet had lost so much, and most, in WW2 to defeat the terrorizing Nazi. The Soviet helped the people of Vietnam to defeat the US invader. Now, as Russia, it has been fighting effectively against ISIS, legitimately defending Syria to not become another Iraq, Lybia. Russia also shields Venezuela from regime change attempt from the US to steal oil.
    Obviously, you don't need the mind of a genius to understand the logic behind these events.
    I choose to trust Russia and Putin, and I will support them.

  36. Pls add eng subtitles to all Russian public broadcasting channels so that we Indians can understand better.
    Mr President
    Dear Sir,
    We Indians also have received little credit of the victory of WW2.
    Though we lost close to a Million casualties fighting for the allies under Royal Indian Army against the Nazis in Italy, against the Japanese in Singapore, Malaya, Burma and many more.
    West wantsall the credit.
    But it's the Red Army and it's patriotic professional heroism and sacrifice which culminated the most in the destruction of Hitler.
    Moreover have they forgotten Kursk and Stallingrad
    Coz we Indians don't forget or forgive liars.

  37. be honest, for polish it doesnt matter who rapes them, nazis or russian communists. be honest about that, russians, you were occupying east europe and commited numerous of crimes, while Stalin was making crimes over you too. dont bullshit please.

  38. Poland always hated Russia . It has nothing to do with the communist era.
    Poland hated Russia under the tsar, Poland hated the short-lived russian republic 1917
    as well.

  39. Russians good, killed 40,000 Polish officers, imposed a terrible system on Poland for 45 years… Russia good, Poland baaad. Da. Being the vodka (and the corruption)

  40. The Germans weren't all that bad. Germany and Russia should throw away their differences and tell Poland to fuck off!

  41. Old KGB agent says "we will create a centre for archival documents" – so I will translate into non-KGB language: we are making false documents to rewrite history.
    In Poland we have LOADS of documents to prove the Red Army was worse than Nazis. But before the war even started things like this happened:


    during the war:


    After the war, nothing changed and we've had those red parasites for the next 5 decades in Poland.

    Soviet Russia = Nazi Germany

  42. The soviets murdered 20,000 Polish officers when they invaded Poland and then tried to blame it on the Nazis . Stop lying Putin.

  43. >Izrael blames the camps on Poland
    >Poland refuses to bend the knee
    >they demand gibs from Poland for said camps
    >Poland refuses to give gibs
    >few months later Putin attacks Poland and blames ww2 on them


  44. Russia and Serbia will be alies for ever we helped each other when we need help the most 🦅🇷🇸❤🇷🇺🐻

  45. That is a very worthwhile project. People will be able to see, physically, and probably online too, what exactly happened and what part various nations played

  46. Putin better be careful. The communist Soviets were not the "good guys" in WW2. This could blow up in his face.
    Nevertheless, I understand his program to combat the propaganda against Russia with his own propaganda.

  47. The Soviets practically lost the war after "Operation Barbarossa". It was only the Russian winter which stopped the German advance. Which gave the Soviets opportunity to be resupplied with American made tanks, planes, artillary etc through the lend-lease program. If it weren't for that, Soviet Russia would have been dead in the water.



  48. Bolshevism meaning funded by the Jewish people and america also funded by the Jewish people 🐾🍀😎🍀🐾 ⛔👻All you of you get your evil fucking pedophile army and citizens out my country,Stay the fuck out of Poland with your Bullshit Bitchy Mouths and Fingers. 😎Get Fucking Stuffed

  49. "History is written by winners". Putin wants to open up books? Ok! Start with the list of Polish intelligence massacred in Katyń after WW2 by the Soviets, surname by surname, followed by official acknowledgement of the massacre, followed by retribution. Then we can move on to the 60 years of communist occupation, plus the German attack. Let's! Calculate it. And let's even the books – sure! I'm all for an HONEST closing of this discussion who owes what to who.

  50. As a christian German I send my condolences to the christian Russian people for their losses in World War I and II, as well as in the Bolshevik Revolution. And I will never forget the atrocities committed against German civilians and soldiers by the Allied Forces etc. AFTER the cease fire and during the military occupation. Millions of Germans were brutally killed AFTER the fightings. A documentary book about this: "After The Reich – The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation" by Giles Macdonogh. Who lost the most in this wars and revolutions? White christians in Europe and Russia. Don't you see, don't you know that these wars were instigated by the evil empire of antichristian freemasonry? They are the enemy of The Church of Christ. It is sad, but true. Christian brothers should not fight among each other but help each other. But the devil and his freemasonic minions managed to agitate christians against christians, thus we destroy ourselves and who is the profitting, laughing third party? Do your research and pray to Almighty God through Christ Iesos for knowledge and understanding … otherwise this bloodshed will be repeated over and over again until HE comes back. And Christ will come back to judge His enemies and deliver salvation to His own.

  51. Notice how Russia “Putin” never does wrong or accepts any wrong doing throughout history but jumps on the opportunity to polarise others wrong doings…. russia is 80% in poverty…pretty self explanatory!
    Don’t forget the patterns and that the Russian government always sides with dictators…
    Who, what, when, where, why. -“A silly question is one not asked”!

  52. I do not know who the filthy mouth is that President P is referring to BUT as an Englishmen let me be very clear.
    The West will be forever in the debt of the Russian people for the immeasurable sacrifice they made fighting the Nazi ‘s with losses in the region of 25 to 28 million killed my God. Suffering on an un imaginable scale. Great Britain lost around 500,000 , a lot for a small country and the US lost around 550,000. Read those figures several times.Then read them again.
    It makes my heart ache the way Britain and the USA have treated Russia after the wall came down. Britain especially. A golden opportunity for great friendship was squandered by us brits so the banksters could rip off the Russian folk on there mortgages.I also accept , as the supreme leader of Iran said a couple of weeks ago that we are nothing more than lackeys of the US now.
    However, EVERYONE in the world knows President Putin is head and shoulders above every other world leader. Put him in charge of the planet I say, before it’s too late.

  53. Try rewriting the Holodor, Stalin gulags, 20-30 million starved, total annialation of about 100mill.and you're bitchin about the Nazis?

  54. How is this not preparation, so that once the Russian soldier comes, he no longer has compassion, for he's been lied to and deceived, and will go gladly against his neighbour, of similar descent and values.

  55. Russia was not the country in WW11, it is today. That's why the tribe hate Putin, as it is no longer the milk-cow they want it to be.

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