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In a crosstraining class, you can expect to
cover everything. We use gymnastics, we use Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, calisthenics.
We use monostructural movements like running and biking. It’s literally everything possible
put together. Yeah, it’s the best workout you’ll get. Nonstop from start to finish. My sessions, whether it be one on one or a group class,
it’s always nonstop. Even in a recovery period you’ll be doing something active during your
recoveries. I really emphasize form a lot, especially in a group class setting. If people
have sloppy form, I’ll try to encourage them to lower the weights and focus on technique
so that we can really bump them up in a healthy way. In one of my 360 abs classes you can expect
a little bit more of an intimate environment, so eight people or less and we focus on all
muscles of the core. Everyone really enjoys it and we offer a free trial, so come check
it out. Operation Alpha is a periodized program for
strength training and organizes all the accessory lifts. What a person will expect in the classes
are going to be a good warm-up that will have dynamic mobility, getting them ready to go
from say they were sitting at their desk all day, making sure they’re ready to lift heavy
weights by doing a lot of dynamic mobility and then instruction on technique and then
some heavy lifting in a periodized program. Periodize means the weights change regularly.
A lot of people don’t see results because say they start out lifting 8 to 12 reps, your
standard after 3 months, you’ve seen some results. If they keep doing that same rep
range for a year, the results really Peter out. We changed the reps almost weekly as
a 12 week program. The reps are changing weekly, so that the weights are going up as the reps
go down and then there’s a little bit of de-loading built in. It’s quite scientific that people
don’t have to learn the science behind it. Just know that that periodization really works.
I think a 12 week cycle where your weight weights are constantly changing. There’s or
de-load building and at the end, they’re building towards an increase their maximal strength.
We’ve been running the program successfully for a few years now, and everyone who comes
and sticks with the program sees amazing results. Increasing their strength, changing their
body composition, and over overall improvement in their lifts

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