Practicing Boxing on a Double End Bag : Coached Sequences on a Double End Punching Bag

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In this area of our double end bag workout,
we’re going to work with a coached type sequence. It’s relatively easy, not for me, but for
these boxers sometimes, to go in there and do their own thing on the double end bag.
They know what they’re going to do usually before they do it. So they’re working around,
they’re jabbing and they’re doing their uppercuts, they’re doing their things. But sometimes
I like to get involved with it and I come over and I’ll try to slip them up a little
bit. We’ve agreed upon some predetermined combinations, not only on the double end bag
but on the heavy bag and on the mitts and everywhere else we use it, where if I call
out a one, it means to throw the left-right. If I call out a two, it means to throw the
left-right left-hook, for instance. So we’re going to let Paul go ahead and work this and
then I’m going to just arbitrarily now and then throw something in and see if we can
slip him up. Paul? Yep. What this does is when you’re working with a rhythm you actually
will build a rhythm and in a way that can be counterproductive because you don’t have
the irregularities that you find in a ring. You don’t know what that guy’s rhythm is,
you know what your rhythm is. So when you do this, this will create like the irregularity
where you have to always try to compensate and make sure that you’re ready to throw that
punch, whatever it is. I’ll just start out. I’m going to throw jabs and obviously he’ll
call out the combos. Okay, one. There you go. Okay, one. Two. Good. Okay, one. One.
Okay, one. Ah, we slipped him up. Okay, two. Two. Okay, two. Alright, good. Good. That’s
great. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Practicing Boxing on a Double End Bag : Coached Sequences on a Double End Punching Bag

  1. Youtube never ceases to amaze me when it comes to Boxing. Why don't you collection of experts post your own videos up so that we can all see your correct technique? Yes, the guy needs to work on his left hook. So what? I bet he already has. I learn lots from watching tapes of myself. I video everything and I noticed this week that I was leaning with my face a bit in the final round, so I did something about it. Thats why he's hitting the D.E Bag – To improve.

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