POKÉMON Detective Pikachu – Official Trailer 2

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Pikachu: So there I was.I woke up with a heavy case
of amnesia
in the middle of nowhere.The only clue to my pastis Harry’s name and address
inside this hat.
So I made my way
to the apartment,
and that’s when I found you…
and your stapler gun. Stop talking.
You’re a hallucination! You’re a hallucination.Tim: So you’re a talking
Pikachu with no memories
who’s addicted to caffeine.I could stop whenever I want.
These are just choices. Another round. Extra shot.[ whispers ] Black as night.
Thank you, sweetie.
Ludicolo!Pikachu: I don’t know.
Maybe Harry got in too deep.
Mixed up with the wrong crowd,
that kind of thing.
Look, you can talk to humans.– [ snoring ]
– I can talk to Pokémon.
[ squeaks ]Pikachu: And if you wanna
find your pops,
we’re gonna need each other.
– No. I don’t need a Pokémon. What about
a world-class detective? – Ah! My clues!
– Tim: What is all this?
Harry is still alive.
Case closed. But still open until I solve it. ♪♪♪Pikachu:
All right. Here it is.
Harry faked his own death. Or…somebody else
faked Harry’s death. ♪♪♪ Or Harry faked
somebody else’s death. – Hmph.
– That last one doesn’t work at all.
– No.♪ Ah, ah ♪♪ I need a hero ♪♪ I’m holding out for a hero
till the end of the night ♪
♪ He’s gotta be strong,
and he’s gotta be fast ♪
– Oh!
– ♪ And he’s gotta be fresh ♪
♪ From the fight♪ I need a hero ♪– Oh!
– [ snarls ]♪ And he’s gotta be
larger than life ♪
Now, obviously, I’ve dealt
with this putz before. – [ growls ]
– So I’ll just do it again. [ grunting ] Hey, bud! What are you doing? I can’t do it
when people are watching. [ growls ] Get me the hell out of here! [ roars ] Pika-Pika…? [ roars ] ♪♪♪ That’s a twist. [ whispers ]
That’s very twisty.♪ I need a hero ♪– Pikachu: Get him!
– Tim: He’s barely moving.
– Don’t tell him that.
– Oh, he’s on a bike.Pikachu:
Quick! Get in front of him.
– Tim: Stop.
– Pikachu: Oh, no.
He’s going down hard, Tim.Should’ve worn a helmet.

100 thoughts on “POKÉMON Detective Pikachu – Official Trailer 2

  1. I’m sad I was so happy to watch the movie but the stupid internet went crazy and I was in the middle of the middle rip

  2. Blessed is the man who trust in the Lord and his the Lord his hope and confidence I love YOU father Thank YOU Jesus GOD bless YOU ALL may Jesus save us ALL

  3. I don’t understand why they made the movie this way. Why does pikachu sound like. 44 year old white man?😓

  4. What is how sexy how can Pikachu knows how to talk and how much we got ahead of you please that’s who is it

  5. BEST. POKEMON. MOVIE. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, absolutely amazing, and wonderful. I laughed, I cried, I called out attacks as I saw them! I was also surprised that Deadpool didn't get a writing credit lmao!

  6. Why Black guy actor!?!!?😒😢😭😭😭😭😭

    The Serie guy is a White young! 😎👏🤗👏👏👏

    Inclusion! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    (im Latino) FUUUUK, the GUY SHOULD BE WHITE!!!

  7. OMG. I don't know why, I didn't find this movie that much interesting, rather Sonic trailer far more appealing for me. I really liked hedgehog's look and i don't have any any complain about it because i didn't watch sonic before.

  8. I just watched it and it was amazing 100% without any flaus 👏👏 great Rynold

  9. That get me the hell outta here line is like me when I'm trapped at my ex's place and she's harassing me for alamoney 😂😂😂

  10. Thank u masters 🙏🙏💜💜💜💜💜💜✡✡🕎🕎🕎🕎🧗‍♀️🧗‍♀️😇😇😇😇🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🇮🇱👁🤳

  11. i havent seen the movie yet lmao but i keep coming back to the trailer bc of how well made it was and how good the song goes with it.

  12. Pokémon Detective Pikachu was released on
    May 10, 2019 and US Worldwide on
    June 30, 2019. And it was released on
    DVD/Blu-Ray and Digital HD the same day.

  13. The I need a hero part really got me!

    Edit: After I saw the movie…. I was just Woow shocking and now this is My favorite movie!

  14. Holy christ, CGI Pikachu with Ryan Reynolds voice is fucking adorable. I was never even into Pokemon, but enjoyed the movie. References were lost on me though.

  15. I cannot listen to Ryan Reynolds ever again and not think of Deadpool. He IS Deadpool, even more than Jackman was Wolverine.

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