Phúc Mập Trains Boxing – Saigon, Vietnam

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] what’s up guys my name is if you didn’t know mop in Vietnamese it means in fact some people call each other some people call it obese but I’ve always had a problem with my weight little self-conscious I’ve accepted the name have you been tattooed in army here it was time to switch things up time to lose a little bit so I came to confer yoga class but yoga be nice [Music] but what I found to change my life [Music] Oh call up your granddaddy ah help me yoga oh thank you good ball chain but yeah let’s have a check moon okay I’ll admit it was a little intimidating walking in one I’m the only foreigner – I’m probably the most handsome but three these guys are professionals they know what they’re doing this boxing thing I thought I was gonna pick it up quick it took a little bit of time but I think they saw a hidden talent in me that they were just waiting to cool I know before long I would be one of the guys – maybe even Vietnamese you know [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah I wasn’t accepted at first I got a lot of weird looks but it’s probably because these guys are so intense and professional about what they do then you got some handsome for walking in here and women’s pajamas just trying to fit in with everybody else [Applause] you know when I look at the training for my coach I would I would think of it like kind of like a bully you know he’s a little mean at times a little a little tough on the students but I think it’s because he’s so short you know he’s gotta compensate for being so short so I understand where he’s coming from but man he can tone it down as most people know I made a video and doable these women’s pajamas and a chicken and since then I’ve got a lot of backlash Vietnamese seem to love it the foreigners I don’t know if they’re jealous of how good I look in it or the attention I’m getting but I’m getting a lot of hate so I thought it was time to stand up against the bullies I figured yeah yoga would be cool but I got this boxing thing in front of them I better take full advantage see what I can do to protect myself and my chicken okay so you do a little sample no no no no trust me the day’s happy but nothing you wanna say that huh okay so let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go [Music] my coach he had a colorful name for me I think he said mom bail and we’re not even in the man told run bells in the mint oh I prefer my mouth just more more round but hopefully after this trigger boxing I can get the sell movie that I’ve always wanted get that full six-pack you know what I’m saying oh man this is probably the craziest workout I’ve ever had I’m used to yoga maybe some step aerobics or some swimming in the pool but this this is on another level I mean those battle ropes I know when they call battle ropes it feel like you’re going to battle it’s intense it’s crazy but I picked them up quick it wasn’t too bad [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] after all this training I feel so confident I feel like nobody-nobody can bully me I can wear my Bilbo out on the street without fear of repercussion yeah I’ll get some looks but I think of it as looks of jealousy they see these guns they see this trigger boxing hat they know that dudes for real it doesn’t matter what he’s wearing or the pet that he has [Music] okay hang on I think that a lot more boxing judo boxing day like um like new boxing dog yet Vietnam one would be an energy Chennai when we will be alone yet lam public punctual I have all that new man never fuck button top and I Facebook Serena for bed Morgan I did night then talk to the boxing then I thought yeah Tonya [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Bothnia Vietnam then day for boxing Dean yeah hang apply you

100 thoughts on “Phúc Mập Trains Boxing – Saigon, Vietnam

  1. LMAOOOOOOO OMG You're mad funny! I love all your videos. Please make more! You're the best. If I ever go to Vietnam, I would love to hangout with you! 🙂 Say hi to your new fan!

  2. anh ơi, em có góp ý, ở giây 7:27, "looks" dịch ra nghĩa là "những cái nhìn", ý là người ta nhìn mình, soi xét chứ không dịch ra là "ngoại hình" anh ơi. "Ngoại hình" là hình ảnh, dáng vẻ của 1 người hay 1 vật ạ. Chúc anh ra nhiều video buồn cười hơn!

  3. Cảm ơn anh đã đến việt nam để cho mọi người biết đến nơi náy. Hay cố gắn tiếp tục làm tốt hơn. Ngoài ra ai quan tâm đến Tây Nguyên thì hay ghé qua kênh của mình để trại nghiệm về cuộc sống nới đây.

  4. Hey Phúc. I have an offer for you
    . I think you should try "Thắng cố" and you and you will see great

  5. Tôi ít khi để lại bình luận trên youtube nhưng tôi thích anh Phúc Mập. Từ Buôn Ma Thuột

  6. Phúc ơi, thật ra tui biết ông là nhờ video "Đi Chơi Cùng Đạt" Vì nó rất thật và vui+ thêm trò chuyện với người Việt Nam, nhìn nó giản dị và chân thật, mong bạn trả lời và thêm những video như vậy nha
    Kí tên Fan Phúc Mập

  7. Anh Phúc làm mấy video kiểu cuộc sống hàng ngày vừa dạy tiếng anh trong video kiểu này hài lắm … bựa :)))

  8. You know you are the same Mcgregor. My idol, I wish meet you in Hcm and play Maythai with you together. Lol…I like you videos

  9. Má. Đeo nón bảo hiểm bão vệ đầu bị xúc phát vô phổi ho lao luôn. Cười ỉa…

  10. Mặc đồ sao là quyền của mình mà .sao lại có người nước ngoài ghét tg đâu ở nước ngoài thoáng lắm chớ và tự do lắm mà

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