Personal Trainers in Preston, Lancashire

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if you’re looking for the help and
advice and motivation from a personal trainer in the Preston area then welcome
to MPT we’re based on a Dinkley side of Ribchester about a five minute drive from the a 59 on the Manor Court Estate in the
PR3 postcode area people come to see us at MPT for results whether that’s to
banish the belly fat or look fit in a bikini we’ll work with you to ensure
that you move forward towards your goals you’ve probably tried going to the gym
some fitness classes or maybe even another local personal trainer in the
preston area but you’ve decided that now is the time to really make your mark in
the world and sort out your health and fitness we’re here to guide and coach
you and we’ll create a bespoke personal training package just for you want to
read more about how we help our clients click the link below this video and
learn more

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