People Watch WWE For The First Time

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– What? – Like I thought it was violent, but I didn’t know it was this messed up. (fast-paced music) – My thoughts when people
say pro-wrestling is it’s not professional. – Why does anyone watch wrestling? – I think fake. – Is she giving birth to a pro-wrestler? Is this how it all began? Is this the start of a soap opera? – How does this relate to what’s going on in the ring though? – It’s a, it’s a hand. – A hand was in her vagina. – She was masturbating too much. – That looked like one of the
people from “Golden Girls” – I like this, oh on thumbtacks. – Ooh, oowie! – Fake blood. – Okay, so like, that
is absolutely insane. It just shows you that this, some of this must be real, right? If you throw someone off
like, a 15 meter thing, like, that hurts. – These are real crimes. – That’s the back flip. That’s what I want to see. – That was a pretty amazing
flip, though, I have to say. – Uh.. – That was a good, that was a good move. – That was impressive. – Why is he in a funeral home? – Don’t do something
weird to the body, don’t. – Oh God. – This is like very “Pretty
Little Liars” right now. – He just said, you look better dead. – Is that a boob grab? Was that a corpse boob grab? – That’s like a really bad example to set for the young people. – Don’t grope corpses, kids. – Who watches this shit? – What the (beep)?
– Is that? – He’s getting naked. – How does this? How does? What? (gasping and screaming) – That’s fu (beep) ed. (slow piano music) – This is cool, this is nice. – Aw, this is just too nice. – Aw, that’s beautiful. – Aw. – I didn’t come here for this,
I didn’t come here for this. – Oh, you got me. – Oh, me too. – Aw. – I think that wrestling,
obviously has the ability to give people a lot of hope when it comes to, like it’s an escapism thing. (fireworks bursting) – I think that my views
on wrestling have changed. – I’ve been confirmed
that it’s a soap opera with like, a little bit more violence. – A lot of people aren’t just watching it for the sex with dead bodies. And the gratuitous violence. But it’s also, it’s about
entertainment for everyone. And they get to have just
a bit of fun with it. – Still think it’s dumb. (laughing) – After watching that, I think that there are some
massive aspects of wrestling that are very problematic. And something that I
probably wouldn’t want to expose my own children,
or even myself, to. – Whatever works for you, just don’t go around
doing that in real life. (upbeat music)

83 thoughts on “People Watch WWE For The First Time

  1. You know i do this every day it's not professional I do this Eeeeevry day everyone can do this l.wrestling is easy everyone can do flips on tables and stuff you know or a piledriver EASY

  2. The Man In The Light Blue Shirt,At The Start “They say it’s pro wrestling but it’s not professional”, Me:Yea I’m pretty sure all of us can do a 619”, The girl says “It’s fake,So if we hit people with a steel folding chair all of us would be okay?.

  3. The WORST videos they could show. Why couldn't they show fighting. Or Mankind getting thrown through a cell, and losing an ear. Why did they show the hand birth, and Katie Vick? These must be TNA fans. TNA wouldn't help a fan with cancer……

  4. "that's a bad example for young people" If anyone but you is raising your child/young person, you're a terrible parent. It's not about what's a bad example and what's a good example for young people, it's about teaching them the right values and controlling what you expose them to. My parents let me watch horror films but it doesn't mean I'm going to copy Michael Myers and kill a bunch of people.

  5. I hate this!!! Some much footage and the show the Katy Vic video!!! WWWHHHHYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Why don’t you show more of the nicer stuff of WWE like the Connor video. This is why I hate buzzfeed. “I think fake” that’s what I think when I watch movies that’s sooo fake those zombies are so fake. Why????? WHY?!?!?! I love wrestling that’s why I watch it not because it’s “fake” or the Katy Vic video
    But because it’s entertaining

  6. i used to watch, then i grew up lol. you cant do anything in wrestling now. no blood, no chairs, no belt hitting, no nothing. the wrestlers are terrible at promos, the moves are so old lol, you mean to tell me in all the years of wrestling theres been like 10 moves added that havent been done for the last 80 years? and the best you hear from wrestling fans is "you watch movies right? well they arent real either." no they arent, and they dont sell themselves as real, wrestling tries to…also a movie is actually entertaining with an actual storyline and real action packed scenes…..wrestling isnt action packed at all, if you think someone doing a backflip is action ill show you a 8 year old you would be mystified by lol weirdos

  7. Snowflake vaginas and manginas alike wouldn't even have survived in the Attitude Era

  8. Why dear God would you ever show someone the birth of the hand or Katie Vick? That's not what you want people to think of when you see wrestlers. Show off the colorful characters and hero's, show their support for troops. Glad they shown Connor the Crusher.

  9. There's barely any wrestling and there is so many awesome moments of wwe that are not in here that are not hard to find that actually shows wrestling

  10. Really?
    Katy Vic? Come on, Buzzfeed! You could've shown them the heist of the century but no… You showed them Katy Vic at least the fine bros stayed current…

  11. It’s not fake it’s scripted so does that mean u dont like movies because it’s in your own words “fake” and how isn’t it professional can u jump off a cage or get thrown on to thumb tacks

  12. Why on earth would you show the corpse video? There is well over 70 yrs of fantastic wrestling and you choose to show that one thing to people who don't know what the whole thing is about. Seriously.

  13. I'm not surpised by some of their views if this is the segments they are showing them. Show them the better parts and maybe there will be a different opinion of it

  14. So you shoved the Katy Vic storyline to WWE first timers? That's like if somebody wanted to get into metal they started with Cannibal Corpse

  15. They are probably seeing movies,UFC or whatever it is,because UFC IS real,because man,in 1 minute they are already bleeding,but in WWE you are never seeing it,because it's scripted. (Maybe UFC IS too)

    I'm like starting to forget wrestling because no matter if there are thumbtacks or blood,one will say "fake blood" "fake thumbtacks" or "everything here is fake!"

    Jesus lord

  16. I would hope the producers told the people that wrestling fans were pretty much universally appalled by the Katie Vick(corpse) scene.

  17. ah yes… show first timers bunch of clips and not ACTUAL WRESTLING MATCHES that you could pick from on YouTube like there's thousands of videos that you could choose that aren't ENTERTAINMENT based like WWE and there's actually alot of 4-5 stars matches you could've chosen… very cLeVeR… pfft…

  18. Wow I thought those clips before Connor were just like clips of what would come later in the video but turns out, that was the video.

  19. This is the stupidest video ever. They showed the worst clips and they didnt want their minds changed. This sucks

  20. pro wrestling started out real, but over the decades became an "exhibition". It does hurt to fall, it is real blood, most of the moves are real, but not done at full strength. I have several cousins that were pro wrestlers, and an uncle that was a general manage/owner of a wrestling organization.

  21. This is not fair! You guys showed what WWE was in the 90s. Today's wrestling is much better now but the people you put there are close minded idiots!


  23. Why do they think that pro wrestling is fake?!? "Fake blood" really try lying down on thumbtacks or get hit by a chair on the spine huh

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