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(Annoying Orange theme music) (Annoying Orange laughing) – [Pear] Hey, hey. What is up guys? It is Pear, the most
extreme gamer of all time, and you know what it is. WWE Champions. Yeah. The Rock versus Steve Stone Cold Austin. Wait, Stone Cold Steve Austin, that’s it. I said it wrong. I’m sorry. I’m not, I’m a pacifist, which
mean I don’t like violence, but you know what? When it comes to video games, maybe I’ll make an exception. Listen to that music. We’re shredding. Oh. Ooh, how’s your face, Steve? Poor Stevie Austin. He couldn’t smell what
the Rock was cooking. Now it’s my turn, Rock. Yeah, whatever, dude. Oh. Oh. Oh, look at that. Okay, how about I just bring the pain. Breaking four gems clears an entire row. Remember that, Jambroni, Jabroni. What exactly is a Jabroni anyways? Oh. Hope you didn’t like your face. Man, organizing gems has
never been so exciting. You just slapped me
with your armpit, dude. Why would you do that? Oh, yeah, welcome to the wild card. Oh, yeah, double deuce time. Triple. Triple. Quadruple. Holey Moley, nice done. That gem combo do enough
damage to pin Stone Cold. Well, that many wild cards in a row, man? I don’t even know. How would you even come back from that? Don’t worry about Stone Cold. I’m just gonna cradle
you for a little bit. Just gently go to sleep. Sing you a lullaby. That’s what I was doing. I was whispering in his ear. Then, he just fell asleep on me. Victory is mine, yeah, wow. Holy, look at how big The Rock is. Look how big his arms are. They’re bigger than his head. Alright, come on, Jabroni Macaroni. What are we doing up in here? Okay, Triple H. So, I hear there’s a new manager in town. The Rock has joined the team. What should we call you? – [Orange] Hey, hey, Pear,
Pear, can I help you? – [Pear] No, no. Give me, hey, give that back, dude. – [Orange] There we go, FartsMcgee. – [Pear] No, that is not my name, dude. – That’s your name.
– No. – Invalid name, what?
– Oh, thank goodness. No, you don’t. No, don’t enter it. Give me the, give me the phone back. – [Orange] No, I gotta fix your name. – [Pear] Dude, what are you doing? – [Orange] I think there
needed to be a space in there. Now it’s gone.
– No, dude. Give me the phone.
– Ah, it’s still invalid? – [Pear] I am going to suplex you. Not funny. It’s not funny, dude. – [Orange] Okay, I think you
need a third name in here. – [Pear] No, that’s not what I need. – [Orange] Yeah, you need a third name. Farts Mcgee.
– Give me the phone, dude. Give it here.
– Um, Butterchunks. – No.
– Oh, no. It doesn’t, okay, it only, okay. Well, you’ll be Farts Mcgee But. – [Pear] Please stop. – Farts Mcgee But.
– No. Oh, thank goodness.
– Invalid? – [Pear] Just give me the phone. – [Orange] There we
go, TootieFruity Booty. – That’s not what I wanted.
– Okay, see you later. – [Pear] Thanks. – [Orange] Glad I could help. – [Pear] I hate you. Ugh, okay. Come on, Rock, this manager
isn’t worth your time. Shut your mouth and
know your role, old man. I think this new manager
has something special, and we’re gonna hit the road to prove it. You know it, buddy. Alright, so it looks like
we’re going up against the John Cena. Did you guys get a chance
to see our WW-Eat episode? It may have been spoofing WWE. I’m not sure. I’m not sure. You have to watch it, check it out, but I totally kicked so
many butts in that video. Awesome. Alright, let’s match some gems. Yeah, when I think wrestling, I definitely think matching gems. That’s incredible. They literally took like two
of the best things in the world and they matched them up. Samoan Drop level one, oh, okay. So you can build those up
and then do this fancy move. How are your nards? How are your nards doing, Cena? Oh, he’s just writhing
around on the ground. He’s kicking like a little kid. Looks like he’s throwing some tantrums. Hey, you don’t mind if I
match some gems right about, oh, yeah. That’s what happens. Oh, he’s gonna, oh, okay. I’m just gonna cradle
you for a little bit. What, dude? I just wanna hug your jean shorts. That’s all I wanna do. Oh, don’t make it weird. You’re the one making it weird, man. I like hugging jean shorts. Victory is mine. Smell my armpit. I wish I actually had armpits sometimes, so I could do that to people. Just run up to them and
yeah, sniff that armpit. Okay, you’re telling me
how to do things, now? Okay, Triple H has got 312, but uh-oh, I’ve only got 300 for a score,
whatever that score means. My talent level, wow. We’re gonna touch The Rock’s chest. Just put your finger on that. Good thing I don’t have a finger, but if you have a finger
at home, go ahead. Put it on Rock’s chest. He likes it. Okay, now we’re touching,
we’re gonna touch John Cena, very delicately, not too hard. Not too hard. He gets angry if you touch him too hard. You know this. Okay, if you wanna be the
best, you’ve got to invest. Oh, man, those are words to live by. Spend those coinages. Yeah. When a superstar levels up,
his health and stats increase. It’s a good start, but we can do better. We totally can. Come on, John Cena. What are we doing? Oh, we’re gonna, what is this button here? Okay, oh, we’re gonna max out our stats? Nice. Nice. You won’t even wanna
know what’s gonna happen when I match gems now, bro. Bro-seph. Vince McMahon, you’re going down, buddy. I think your roster is ready
to face a real opponent, me. Yeah, Triple H. More like Triple Lame, yeah. Whoo, burns. Burns, I’m bringing the burns today. Okay. Alright, Triple Lame, let’s do this. How you like that? Oh, matching gems. This is the Pin Meter. Breaking gems and moving
the meter all the way to your opponent’s side will pin him. Okay, I just got a little
excited there, sorry. Bam, look at that. No, he, oh, he slapped me with his armpit. Oh, he’s got me pinned. Why am I not surprised I got pinned? It’s ’cause you like hugging
jean shorts, too, dude. That’s what you like to do, isn’t it? Weirdo. It’s not weird when I do it. It’s weird when you do it. You’re the one wearing a suit
in a wrestling match, dude. Okay, which one should I match? Let’s do this one. Oh, oh, I want four, though. I want four in a row. I don’t think I can get
four in a row anywhere, so we’re gonna go with this, Jabroni. What exactly is a Jabroni? I don’t, I’m really confused. You can also pin your
opponent with a finisher. Finish him. Can I finish him? Can I, can I actually hit that? Oh, no, it’s not charged up yet. Alright, let’s, I suppose, I should probably match something. It’s telling me to match these, so yes. Wild card. Ooh, John Cena, the chiropractor. Looked like he was
gonna rip his spine out. It kind of looked like Mortal Combat. Look at that. See? See? They could have added a little
extra animation in there. Time to hug your business pants, dude. I hope you like it. I hope you like it. I hope you like to get
your slacks getting hugged. It’s a weird day when
you’re hugging slacks. Don’t pay no mind, that’s what Pear says. What? I don’t even know. Break three or more and something happens. I clicked it too quick, sorry. Alright, who we kicking
butts next in the house? What? I don’t know. Bray Wyatt, The Eater of Worlds. Sorry, dude. You kind of look like
a low-rent Undertaker. You’re going down. By the end of this, I’m gonna be hugging
those track pants, dude. You don’t even know. Oh, ooh. Hot knees to, oh, okay. Hey, no trying to rearrange my face. You better, don’t even come near me, man. I’m gonna rip that beard off. I’ll just rip it right off. No match? No match, okay. That’s, well, it’s ’cause
they looked the same, but they were rearranged, so alright. Oh, you wimpy slapped me. You wimpy slapped me. That was a wimpy, oh, low blow. Yeah, buddy, your nuts, or lack thereof. Oh, man, why do they? They’re always hitting
me with their armpits. Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, here we go. You can’t see Pear. Whap, nice. Nice, I’ll take that. I’ll take that. You lay on the ground and
roll around a little bit. Maybe call your mommy. Yeah, is that what you want? You want to call your mommy? Well, then, sorry. I’m not gonna let you do that, ’cause I got one of these for you. Oh, Jabroni. Jabroni, how ’bout them,
how ’bout them track pants? I like hugging track pants, man. Loot Bonus? Nice, I like Loot Bonuses. What is, okay. Okay, why is everything exploding? Take it down two notches. Sniff my armpit. That’s what he’s saying right there. Sniff my armpit one time,
just one time, please. Okay, okay, wow. We’re to 13? Okay, what is it? What is it? I don’t even know what’s
happening right now. That was crazy. Got my adrenaline going. What exactly is happening in this picture? It looked like his head
was blowing out lens flares after he gets punched. I hate it when that happens. Happens a lot. Alright, John Cena back up once again, ’cause he’s got the
highest score, you know? So I gotta keep using him. Roman Reigns. Nope, not anymore. Not after I’m through with ya, bud. You’re gonna be, Jabroni’s
gonna be asking for a pony. What? I don’t know. Okay, whoa, no, no, no. I totally missed it. I totally, I think there was a four there, and I think I might have missed it. I hate that. I do it, and then I see. And then I see, oh, I could
have gotten a four there, or a five. It’s also something that happens,
when you play these games, and then re-watch them
after I upload them, and then I’ll be watching
it and I’ll be like, oh, crap, I could have
combined those things. If you guys could have some way
told me through the comments in the future, and sent
the comment back to me, it would have been great. Would have been great, so yeah. That happens. It’s because I’m talking and playing. I’m not really concentrating
as much as I should be while I’m playing, ’cause you know, I don’t wanna be boring, ’cause I’m not boring. I wanna talk and do things. Match gems, oh. Whoo, just like that. Flip kick, oh. That’s it. That’s it, Roman Reigns,
you’re getting this one. Oh, yeah, how do you like? I don’t even know what those are. Those are like little tiny undies. Actually I don’t wanna hug those undies. Can we just not pin him? Can you just submit, like without? Oh, that really wasn’t fair, actually. But, oh, hey, I’m the one
that did it to you, so it’s all good. Okay, let’s hit this, the Hip Toss. And oh, yeah. Choose one gem to convert to red gems. Okay, let’s take a look. Oh, I see a good one. Bam, gonna switch that to red. Now I got points. Oh, okay, I really don’t wanna be hugging those little tiny undies. That’s weird. That’s weird. I’d like a little bit more coverage when it comes to hugging that stuff. You know, if you don’t mind, but okay. Alright, well, I rule this game. Totally extreming it out. No one can stop me. That’s alright. Alright, guys, keep on living
that extreme dream, alright? Til next time, peace out. (Annoying Orange theme music)

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  1. Some WWE games make no sense like one of the game's that is called WWE superstars and the Creator's of the game made it to the wrestler's body larger than there head 😎

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