PBC Jabs: October 27, 2016

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On this episode of PBC Jabs, big plans are
revealed for 2017, we catch up with former three-division world champ Abner Mares and
IBF super welterweight champ Jermall Charlo checks in. Hey, boxing fans. I’m Jordan Hardy and this is PBC Jabs. It’s official! The PBC series will be back and bigger than
ever in 2017! For the third straight season, PBC will partner
with several TV networks to deliver dozens of marquee matchups throughout the year. This includes more prime-time shows than in
either of our first two seasons—shows that will be highlighted by much-anticipated world
title fights in all weight classes. Stay tuned to PremierBoxingChampions.com for information regarding all 2017 fight cards, including main-event matchups, venues,
ticket information and broadcast times. Before flipping the calendar to 2017, there’s
a big fight card set for December 10th in Los Angeles. That’s where former 126-pound champ and
L.A. resident Abner Mares will challenge current titleholder Jesus Cuellar. We spoke with Mares about this long awaited
match-up. It really depends on how active you’ve been. Honestly, I’ve been active this whole year
because I’ve had three fights already that have been dropped. I’ve been active, I’ve been training, I’ve
been sparring so I don’t think it will affect me as much. Maybe the first rounds—little bit of timing
and stuff but other than that I think I’ll be good. I mean, definitely it’s an advantage, hearing
little pointers here and there about little things [Cuellar] does or he doesn’t do but
in reality I don’t focus on that. I’m focusing on his style, focusing on things
I can do to just better myself and do good at the fight against a southpaw because it’s
always hard to fight a southpaw. We’re not used to fighting southpaws as much. I do, I do want the fight against Leo [Santa
Cruz] or the winner. I hear they’re fighting again—rematch. So I want the winner of that match-up. I’m not coming back with no easy fight. I’m fighting the world champion, WBA world
champion, Jesus Cuellar, undefeated fighter. I’m not taking an easy fight. I’m fighting one of the best and I want to
continue that. I want to continue that and just be known
as someone that’s just fought the best. Mares-Cuellar isn’t the only title fight
on December 10th. Undefeated 154-pound IBF champ Jermall Charlo
will make his third title defense against unbeaten top-ranked contender Julian Williams. It’s a battle fight fans have been waiting
for a long time to see, and we checked in with the champ this week to talk about it. A highly anticipated fight. Julian Williams has done his job to become
my mandatory. I always wanted to fight Julian Williams. I don’t even know where the rumors came about
where I was dodging him or anything like that but I’m not the one who’s in charge of, you
know, picking anybody. Let’s give these people the fight they wanna
see. That’s what you asked for? Let’s give it to them. Let’s give these people what they asked for. You don’t gotta worry about me running. You don’t gotta worry about me avoiding you. None of that. This ain’t never been the game plan. You know I ain’t never, ever dodged nobody. You fought the same fight as I fought to come
up, so how did I get a cherry? How am I, you know— whatever shenanigans
he said. Really, really, I’m ready to fight him. I’m really ready to fight him. I’m ready to show this mother [bleep] he’s
not on my level. I don’t even care what the people say about
me. You understand what I’m saying? I’m only here to do my job and that’s fight
and get this dub and move up to 160 and beat the [bleep] out of Jacobs and Quillin and
GGG and all those mother [bleep] that’s up there and make some good money and take care
of my family. That’s it. I want to know what you guys thing about the
Charlo-Williams and Cuellar Mares match-ups. Tweet me at @PBCJordanHardy and be sure to
follow us on Twitter at @PremierBoxing. That’s all for this week’s PBC Jabs. I’m Jordan Hardy. Catch us next time as we continue to bring
you the best in boxing!

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