PBC Jabs: December 8, 2016

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This week on PBC Jabs, Paulie Malignaggi breaks
down this weekend’s Charlo-Williams and Cuellar-Mares title fights, we get to look
at the other talented fighters who are featured on the same card, and we get to know undefeated
and fast-rising heavyweight prospect Izu Ugonoh. What’s up, boxing fans? I’m your host Jordan Hardy and this is PBC
Jabs. On December 10th, PBC will feature two world
title bouts live on Showtime. First, in our co-main event, Jermall Charlo
makes the 3rd title defense of his 154-pound IBF world championship against undefeated
Julian Williams. Then, in our main event of the evening, Jesus
Cuellar puts his 126-pound WBA world title on the line against former three-division
world champ Abner Mares. Among those who will be sitting ringside is
former two-division champ Paulie Malignaggi who will call the action as part of Showtime’s
broadcasting crew. Malignaggi recently stopped by to tell us
what he thinks we’ll see in these two highly anticipated showdowns. Here’s a quick look. Julian Williams wins this fight if he can
make Jermall Charlo start to doubt his jab. Jermall Charlo has a very good jab. He’s gonna base everything off that jab. From the flip side, Jermall Charlo wins this
fight if he can keep Julian off balance with his own jab. I think Julian, if he’s able to work his way
inside and make Jermall doubt the jab, you’ll see a lot of creativity from the offense on
the inside by Julian Williams. Abner Mares wins this fight if he is able
to balance the amount of banging he does with the amount of boxing he does. I think he’s gonna have to be a little bit
more of a cerebral than he’s shown at times. Jesus Cuellar wins this fight if he’s able
to be on the inside and bang it out, but it’s not as simple as that because Abner Mares
is also no dummy on the inside. He can get dirty, he can take it to the trenches. He can take you to places you don’t wanna
be at and if you don’t land your big shots you’re gonna have a long night with Abner
even on the inside. Visit PremierBoxingChampions.com for the complete
breakdown. In addition to Saturday’s two marquee title
bouts several other exciting PBC fighters will be in action, including 140-pound rising
star Sergey Lipinets, 160-pound powerhouse Hugo Centeno Jr., 154-pound knockout artist
Erickson Lubin, unbeaten 130-pound prospect Mario Barrios and former world title challenger
Josesito Lopez. Finally, former kickboxing champion turned
boxer, Izu Ugonoh, is now setting his sights on a heavyweight title. We thought we would take a moment to get to
know the Polish prospect who joins us now. So, you have a very interesting story. You were born in Poland, you were a kickboxing
champion, you speak three languages and you have a master’s degree in physical education,
just to name a few. So, what brought you into boxing? —Getting into boxing was kind of natural
for me because it was a transition from kickboxing and, at the moment, it was just a challenge
I felt like I wanted to take and with time I got better and better and here I am today,
getting the chance to fight in the world’s biggest boxing scene which is the United States
so this is really exciting for me. —For fans who haven’t seen you before, what
do you consider to be your strongest attribute in the ring? —Well, I bring power and speed. You know, I train with Kevin Barry who is
also the coach of Joseph Parker and he’s very big on endurance and we always come to fight
and in great shape. So I will come to fight and in great shape. I believe I have the power, I have the explosiveness. I’m 6’5″, I weight around 230 pounds so I’ll
be ready to go for 12 rounds. I’ll come in with power and come in with explosiveness. —Now who do you currently consider to be
the top fighter in the heavyweight division and how far away do you feel you are from
reaching that level? —Well, you know, if you look at—if you want
to talk about the top fighters, you have to talk about the champions who are out there
right now. Deontay Wilder, there’s definitely Anthony
Joshua coming from the UK and right now we’re looking at the winner of the fight, Parker-Ruiz. So, I believe that the next few fights are
gonna show us—show me and everyone around how far away I am from the top fighters in
the heavyweight division. —Thank you so much for your time, Izu, and
we look forward to following what is sure to be a successful boxing career. Well that’s all for this week’s PBC Jabs. I’m Jordan Hardy. Thank you for watching and be sure to catch
us next week as we continue to bring you the best in boxing.

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