Paul Heyman getting beaten up: WWE Playlist

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If Lesnar beats Heyman, he gets Angle for
the title next week on SmackDown. And Lesnar tries to battle back. And Kurt Angle with the right hands again.>>Kurt knows he’s gotta
keep the pressure on Brock.>>Hey, look at Heyman. Heyman is trying to escape. That sneaky SOB. Heyman’s gonna get out.>>If Heyman makes it over the top
of the cage onto the floor below, he’ll win the damn match.>>And that cage is strong. It’s holding up Heyman.>>And Brock Lesnar,
Brock Lesnar has hold of Heyman.>>Uh-oh.>>Uh-oh.>>That was for the title that he
stole from Lesnar in Survival Series.>>Uh-oh.>>Uh-oh.>>He got hold.>>[INAUDIBLE] on Angle. Here comes the Pain, Cole. Here comes the Pain.>>[INAUDIBLE] covering Brock
here’s cover, one, two, three. [INAUDIBLE] Angle next week for the title.>>Are you gonna hit me now,
big bad wrestler? Is that what you’re gonna do? You’re getting to be more and more like
Vince as every single day goes by. And just like I used to push every
single one of Vince’s buttons, I know how to push your buttons too. Brock Lesnar is not going to fight
you at Summer Slam and listen, if you want to hit me, go ahead,
go ahead, hit me right now. Go ahead. I’ll take one for Team Lesnar,
because if you even think of hitting me, Brock Lesnar and
I are gonna own this joint. And just so you know, in Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman’s WWE,
we have nothing for you. But I do have something for Stephanie. I, ow, ow, ow, ow. I can’t breathe. Ow, I can’t breathe. [SOUND]
Go ahead and do it. Do it. You’re not gonna do it, are you? You’re not gonna hit me. I knew you wouldn’t hit me. I knew you wouldn’t hit me. I knew you wouldn’t me because I can
out think you every single time. I know everything you’re gonna
do long before you do it. You met your match in me. A cerebral assassin, uh-uh. I’m smarter than you. I see everything you’re
gonna do from a mile away.>>Man.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Did you see that coming?>>[LAUGH]
>>You tell Brock Lesnar, I will see him at Summer Slam.>>[NOISE]
>>That is unless he’s afraid the same
thing will happen to him.>>We’re back live on Monday Night Raw.>>I think it’s gonna happen.>>Well CM Punk throughout the commercial
break on the WWE active, and trying to get up those stairs and
into the ring. And apparently, he’s been able to do that. This is what happened,
ladies and gentleman. CM Punk told Ric Flair he
could beat him on one leg. Flair said okay, let’s get it on.>>I don’t know if Ric Flair can win
the fight but Ric Flair will fight. There’s no doubt about that. CM Punk talked his way into this. CM Punk should be mad. You’re gonna be champion the entire year,
and he wasn’t Superstar of the Year, that’s a travesty.>>No,
this is still foolish on the part of Punk. What does he have to prove? What does he have to win here? Nothing.>>It was a vote by our fans that
allowed CM to be Superstar of the Year. You have no say in it, John. And look at this. CM Punk, and
would you expect anything different?>>Think about Flair [INAUDIBLE]
in a figure forward.>>Punk just busted that metal crutch. Look at Punk, humiliating, embarrassing,
rubbing it in Flair’s face.>>Flair challenged him.>>Flair challenged him.>>Mocking him.>>You felt sorry for
a 16 time world champion? He gets an award that should be CM Punk’s,
and he calls out CM Punk [CROSSTALK], the dirtiest player in the game,
thumb to the eye. And here comes [INAUDIBLE] and
he’s got Heyman. He’s got Heyman.>>Look at this.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Figure Four time. Figure Four on a Walrus,
I didn’t know it was possible.>>[SOUND]
>>That’s gotta be proper the world over.>>Let me ask you this, can you imagine
if Flair had hook that on CM Punk.>>It doesn’t matter, Heyman’s tapping.>>But there’s no need for this,
whether you like Paul Heyman or not, there’s no reason for
Ric Flair to do this.>>I’m loving it. Ric Flair with the figure four.>>Come on. [MUSIC]>>So here it is. Brock Lesnar, the beat incarnate
at wrestle mania versus the game. The cerebral assassin Triple H, and the winner of the match
gets your wife Stephanie. [NOISE]
>>But since we’re talking personally,
we all know that it wouldn’t work because wouldn’t it be more fitting
if the loser gets Stephanie?>>[NOISE]
>>Uh-oh.>>My God
>>Wait, wait Heyman went too far.>>The Triple H making
the it’s security guards pay, Heyman pushed the line, Triple H.>>Heyman had better get out of there
I don’t think he can, Heyman’s hurt. The security guards are taking
>>[NOISE]>>And you can’t blame Triple H for this.>>No, I don’t blame him one bit.>>[NOISE]
>>You better run.>>Yeah, wise.>>[NOISE]
>>That’s what you get when you spare no expense.>>[SOUND] You’re hurting me. You’re hurting me. [SOUND] My God. [SOUND] God I’m sorry. Help, Brock, Brock, Brock.>>How about this Paul? Since I know-
>>Brock.>>Brock’s not gonna come out
here until I sign that contract, and I’ve got a captive audience, how about I How about I take my time and
enjoy this?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>How’s that sound?>>[SOUND]
>>How’s that sound? How’s that sound? How’s that sound?>>My god help! God, God, help me Brock. No, help me. Help me God. [SOUND] [SOUND] I hate you! [SOUND]>>You want to make it official? Here we go. Now.>>Go call your monster.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Paul Heyman threw down a big surprise. I think Paul Heyman is more
surprised than anybody.>>Curtis Axel trying to cut
off CM Punk in the past. Going right after CM Punk. Heyman is immobilized in the ring and
CM Punk now battling outside him.>>Man knee right to the face.>>Paul makes Axel pay.>>Curtis Axel sent into the barricade and
CM Punk may put Axel to sleep. And he does.>>Curtis Axel is out.>>And Heyman is in big trouble.>>Surely CM Punk has come out
here to apologize to Paul Heyman.>>Are you kidding me?>>No.>>You have done enough damage in my life. You get out of here right now. Don’t you dare Punk.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That doesn’t look like an apology to me.>>I almost feel sorry for
Paul Heyman what’s appen to happen.>>I do too, almost. Punk is toying with Heyman.>>[APPLAUSE]
[LAUGH]>>No, no. [SOUND]
>>He’s gonna break his back. He’s already in a cast.>>[SOUND]
>>[SOUND]>>[SOUND] Best in the world.>>This is awful.
>>[APPLAUSE] Now I don’t know, Mr. Cena, what you have on the brain, but
it sure isn’t sound thinking. Because if you get by Randy Orton, and
John Cena, you can’t get by Randy Orton. Then you have to step into
the ring with my challenger eating carnivore Brock Lesnar. My god!>>Wait a minute! [NOISE]
>>This is gonna be great, do it. Planning.>>[NOISE]>>RKO [INAUDIBLE] Randy Orton to Cena.>>Who’s stupid now?
Who’s stupid now?>>[NOISE]
>>[LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]. [LAUGH]. [APPLAUSE]. Wrong place at the wrong time. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE]>>[INAUDIBLE]>>What?>>Brock Lesnar is not here. Boo!>>But you know what, Rusev is,
and I am the super athlete! And by standing in front of you,
I see you shaking. I see you shaking because you’re scared. And that fear makes you weak, and
you know what Rusev does to weak people? [NOISE] Rusev crush.>>[NOISE]
>>And Rusev with a light to Goldberg.>>[NOISE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>And Goldberg with knees to Rusev! Uh-oh!>>No. no, no! Jackhammer. So much for Goldberg’s fear. No.
>>A spear to Heyman>>[APPLAUSE]>>It’s my job and life to make sure that a great balls of fire Brock Lesnar is your worst case scenario>>[APPLAUSE] Samoa Joe, you want Brock Lesnar? You got Brock Lesnar. [APPLAUSE]>>[INAUDIBLE] Your client choose not to [INAUDIBLE]. That’s very disappointing to me. It’s very disappointing to me. So I wanna tell you something
face to face, man to man.>>I’m just a guy that-
>>I understand that. And this is between me and you. Something very bad is going
to happen to you right now.>>Joe, you’re probably-
>>Listen. I’m going to wrap my arm
around your throat And you’re going to feel it tighten,
you understand? And then, your vision is going to
get hazy until it goes dark and you’re unconscious on the ground. Look at me. I want you to take this message to
Brock Lesnar, that this was for him. And I want you to Describe to him
an excruciating detail like only you can Paulie Break Brock Lesnar’s future holds.>>[NOISE]
>>My god, my god. Joe’s got Paul Heyman
at the Coquina Clutch.>>[NOISE]
>>You heard Joe say he wants [INAUDIBLE] to take a message back to Lesnar. This is Brock’s future.>>You got a problem with me? Do you got a problem with me?>>No!
>>My god, Lesnar with a an F-5 to>>General manager.>>Kurt Angle didn’t even do anything.>>And Constable Corbin wisely
stepping out of harm’s way.>>I don’t even think the constable
is safe from the universal champion.>>Brock Lesnar has been
in a mood all night. I guess that was a rhetorical question.>>Thank you, thank you.>>They’re loving this together,
aren’t they? [APPLAUSE].>>No.
>>[APPLAUSE].>>What are you doing? No, Jesus you’re hurting me,
you’re hurting me.>>Look at him.>>You’re goddam hurting me.>>You see that?>>Yes. [SOUND] I can’t breathe. Brock I can’t breathe. Brock I can’t breathe. Brock I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. [SOUND]

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  3. I often forget about Lesnars initial run and rookie year…. was pretty decent on reflection…. KotR, Beat Rock at Summerslam, vicious feud with Taker, betrayed by Heyman, swerved by Angle, Royal Rummble, vindication at Wrestlemania…… but to be fair the whole face Brock Lesnar went south after that, much better as a monster heel

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