Parkinson’s Disease Takes A Punch

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Natural Sound In this corner, retired, and facing the
biggest challenge of his life, Allen The Alleycat, Horton Natural Sound Okay, let’s not pull any punches here. This group has all been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Natural Sound And Alleycat, aka Alan Horton, Natural Sound is one of many fighters at Rock Steady Boxing San Diego in Escondido… Natural Sound …not letting his condition slow him down. “I’ve just gone through a Rock Steady Boxing torture, which we, I do three days a week.” He’s never really been
a fighter. “One day I was a fighter in school, and I got in and it turns out he
was the champion, And I got in there and he hit me so many times in one minute, I
thought, this really sucks. I’m not going to do this again, and so I ended up going
on to the tennis team. Much more civil.” Natural Sound He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2013 and now is a true fighter. Natural Sound “I had a foot that would tap all on its own. And I put up with it for two years and eventually
went to the doctor and the doctor diagnosed me in five minutes, which I was stunned.” Natural Sound He was given medication in the form of an arm patch. Natural Sound “My thought of
Parkinson’s is life was over.” Movements we take for granted have become
difficult for Alan. “I couldn’t do this with my fingers. That, that disappeared.
I couldn’t move this arm, left arm that’s started. So, you’re slowly dwindling away
like you’re fading into oblivion and of course that wasn’t what my life plan was.” Natural Sound Now, Alan and his fellow fighters have a coach helping them deal
with this devastating blow to their lives. “We call Marylene our angel from
heaven, because there’s nowhere else she could have come from.” “It’s pretty
devastating having the diagnostic that you are now, you, suffering from
Parkinson disease.” Natural Sound “Parkinson’s is a movement disorder.
All movement become really, really small. So, we try to make them be big.” But not all movement in the class is big. “When they were writing on the board, we focus on small
motor skills, and dexterity. We make them think all the time.” Recently, Rock Steady Boxing San Diego joined the County’s Live Well San Diego
family. “And we’ve been very happy that we’ve been designated to be a partner.
We’re very proud of this.” “Here’s the great thing about partners like Rock Steady Boxing
San Diego, is you have an organization that does what they do really well and
they have the outcomes to prove it. But they also get the bigger picture of the
importance of partnering and collaborating with others toward this
common vision of healthy, safe, and thriving communities.” Natural Sound For Alleycat, his training is as important as any medication he takes. “I don’t skip any of
these classes unless I, I absolutely have to.” Natural Sound “After being here for a year or so, I
was doing something on my head and and I noticed this lump here,
and I thought, what the hell. Wow, it’s a muscle. I hadn’t seen that in
decades, and it was funny, I found it when I was brushing my hair and, of
course, you see how much hair I had that took a long time.” (laughs). By the looks of it, Alan’s fight is going to go way beyond twelve rounds. “Parkinson’s gets into your
head and if you let it, it will break you down.” Natural Sound “As far as I’m concerned, until there’s a
cure announced, whenever that happens, I’m not even going to look at anything. I’m
just going to keep coming here and working out, because I’m doing great.” Natural Sound

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