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It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing to have something a product like they forget that she’s my daughter She’s a product. Before Paige would rack up title belts winning the WWE Divas championship twice 13 titles in Europe and the WWE next woman’s championship once before Paige became reality diva of royalty landing a spot on E! Network Total Divas as one of the WWE divas who the hit show would feature on a weekly basis shit I’ve already said Diva like six times Before paige became a victim of hackers and what some would call the fappening 2.0 and videos link will show her engaged in three-way sex acts with two pro wrestlers and one video. She got Freaky with the Champion Belt ah oh Saraya is living the American dream Before Paige would get a phone call from Dwayne the Rock Johnson notifying her that his production company would be making a movie about her life if you smell what the Rock is cooking Paige grew up in England and after toying with the idea of becoming a Zoologist she became pretty certain on what she was going to do with the rest of her life Become a professional wrestler getting started when she was just 13 years young at 14 Paige would send tapes for Matches all over the world which resulted in bookings in places like Scotland Ireland Turkey and Denmark her youth and wrestling ability gave her a huge following the UK as she went multiple world Championships before she even learned to drive a car It was this town that caught the eyes of Pro wrestling scouts cross the pond would you Benchley led her to commit to the biggest Pro wrestling company in the world the WWE now this edition of before their famous comes on the heels of a massive leak of the Paige sex tape There’s one thing I’ve learned about covering Pro Wrestling it says the Matches might be fake But the orgasms are all real and sometimes involve world champions seriously check out our hulk hogan after their famous video not pretty hogan saw his net worth Dwindle as he dealt with Lawsuits sec stage injuries and settlements his life ended to turn into that of Becky works character Randy in the wrestler I’m going to broken-down piece of meat, and I deserve to be all alone What’s going on guys, but it’s like red documenting the life and career of WWE Diva Paige here for you on before they’re a fan as always be sure to let us know in the comments down below who you want me to document next She’s a pretty little thing she’s I can dion posters. She money and merchandise Just having her face on my stuff I can guarantee selling it. Paige was born Saraya-Jade Bevis on August 17th 1992 in Norwich England her mother Julia Harder Bevis was a pro wrestler who didn’t know it at the time But had a match well she was seven months pregnant with Paige go figure her father He was everest was a professional wrestler And he started in the independent wrestling federation all over the UK often wrestling alongside his wife daughter and two sons Five wrestlers in the family each the two cents a gear per Gimmick but 13 different cents in wrestling gear I have to have lost every day Having watched her mother father brothers all suffer injuries while in professional wrestling rings Paige declared at a young age that she would now Be joining, the family business her intentions were get into Zoology instead Which is only ten years old her father set up a wrestling boot camp for local Indie wrestlers to learn the craft That’s when she stepped in the ring for the first time but did sell out of boredom as opposed to have these dreams of becoming a pro wrestler Its pretty boring Zack was getting the ring of fright about stuff like I always knew like a couple of moves and stuff in 2005 Paige’s father approached her during one of his indie wrestling events when one of the scheduled wrestlers didn’t show he begged her to lace up a pair of wrestling boots and she did Wrestling under the names Britney night a 13 year old Paige tag teamed her mother and lost the first match jeez it wouldn’t be her last loss or her last tag team Oh, I shouldn’t said that. If they do get in there pride I would bust, my heart would probably bust. Paige was somewhat of a pro wrestling prodigy She started taking bumps in a pro wrestling ring at the age of 10 And it proved matches it just 13 by the way by taking bump I mean falling down not the kind of bumps you would take for failing two drug tests two times those are different Saraya lucky enough just to be Great and everything So I said that sometimes, I think you little bitch from there Paige was hit by the pro wrestling buck and began her career as a pro wrestler at only 14 years young as I Mentioned in the intro she would go on to wrestle over Europe then in 2006 at the age of 15 Paige would go on to win her first pro Wrestling championship Paige would now become a notorious wrestler through britain as Britney Knight began building up quite an impressive list of title from 2006 to 2010 Paige would acquire 13 titles from various companies before catching the eye of the biggest business of them all the The WWE in 2010 the WWE rolled into London England to put on a live event and Paige was invited to try out for the Organization many thought she was a lock-in to receive a contract, but she surprisingly failed in first trial, whoever not to be deterred She went for a second tryout in April 2011 and by November was officially wwe talent Ironically enough another member of her family her pro wrestling brother tried out at the same time and was denied How awkward. You little bitch. In 2011 Paige said her goodbyes to her family and moved to Orlando Florida where she became a part of WWE’s Development program it was there that they came up with the Paige character who was originally supposed to be a bit of a computer nerd However Paige be the character her own and quickly became a fan favorite in 2013 She would go on to become the first WWE next women’s champion. They say it’s like TNA tits and ass with us What we wrestle, I want to change that I want to be for wrestling as well That’s the whole plan me wanted to come here. On April 7 2014 Paige would make an unannounced surprise during the Monday night raw It took place after Wrestlemania What happened next shocked the wrestling world as Paige would go on to defeat AJ Lee for the WWE Divas championship on her RAW Debut Now If you guys want me to go into more detail about her life and career you need to request it in an after their famous video Which I would be more than happy to make I mean we’ve done the same for Hulk hogan and The Undertaker Be sure to check those out But let me know if you want more in the comments down below you guys in the next video. Boom

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  1. oh Paige, if only you'd gone to porn instead, no bumps more money and she's also a prodigy in that business

  2. I wanna throat fuck her.and I mean foreal like smack the dog piss out of her and be out to hurt the sexy bitch…and she'd love it😀😍😥✋😍

  3. She's the best female wrestler since trish stratus so who cares if it was a guy sleeping round he'd get hi fives

  4. You do know her real name is Brittany but since she couldn’t have that name she chose “Paige”

    Because It Was A Name Of A Witch In A TV Show She Liked

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