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Hi! I’m VloggingVictor!, I’m gominuke.
Hello! I’m LaOtraLeverne, I’m SantialoneVlog We’re Nerdfighters!! and this is our P4A video What’s that? I’m glad you ask.Is someone mad of awesome instead of bones.
-Awesome it’s too hard to translate. It’s an online community made by the Vlogbrothers to decrease Worldsuck So P4A was created. This is it’s 5th year. It hacks YT so featured videos aren’t silly songs,
people getting hurt, or furry little bastards But something a bit more meaningful.
-Sounds silly? well it isn’t Last year there were more than 3000 videos and more than $150k raised I also want to make a P4Avideo, here it is! Wait a minute! That’s better! WWF is a 50 year old international environmental non-profit
focusing on coservation There are many threatened species, panda is one of the cutest Population of wild panda is less tha 200 animals(2004 data) Mostly found in China Pandas suffer the invasion of their natural habitats What can you do? Of course donate , but also link it in your blog, make a video or simply talk about it. There are many threatened species and it’s only up to us to protect them
This video is just a brief intro, you can find links below for further info Many thanks for watching!!! if you made it this far you are surely made of awesome One more thing before you go, wanna see my friends videos? just click on them!

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