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What’d you do ?
[ Laughs ] – Can l buy you a drink ?
– Yeah, l’d love one. Sit down. l’m Gary. l’m Celeste. – It takes forever to get a drink.
There’s only one waitress.
– l can go to the bar. – Oh, don’t go.
– Are those guys bothering you ? No, they’re fine.
l mean, you just got here. Here, help yourself. – You like bourbon ?
– l love it. We got that out of the way. Tell me,
Celeste, what do you do for a living ? l’m a sales rep,
and l came here to call on a customer, but they gave me a hard time
’cause l’m a girl. ls that how
you think of yourself ? – As a sales rep ?
– As a girl. – Yeah, l don’t have a problem with it.
– l like your hair. – l like your outfit.
– Actually, this is
my second favorite outfit. l had a first favorite, but it got
ruined and l had to get rid of it. – You did ?
– It smelled. – Really ? Having it
cleaned didn’t help ?
– No. So tell me, Gary,
what do you do for a living ? – How far do you want
to go with this ?
– Don’t say anything yet. l don’t think it works
if we’re somebody else. l mean, Gary and Celeste,
what do they know about anything ? – Well, this is your game,
l’ve never played before.
– It’s not a game. lt’s not something you play. Well, does this make
any sense to you ? lt doesn’t have to.
It’s something that happens. lt’s like seeing
someone for the first time–
like you could be passing on the street, and you look at each other
and for a few seconds… there’s this kind of a recognition–
like you both know something. The next moment,
the person’s gone, and it’s too late
to do anything about it. And you always remember it,
because it was there, and you let it go, and you think to yourself,
”What if l had stopped ?
If l had said something ?” ”What if ?” ”What if ?” And it may only happen
a few times in your life. – Or once.
– Or once.

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  1. I fell in love with this movie the first moment I saw it, and I haven't stopped. Clooney and Lopez were just so dynamic together.

  2.  When Jennifer turns around after seeing his reflection, I thought Clooney would've said something like "You want a Nespresso ?". 

  3. ommg favourite scene of all time, "what if?" , and its true u will always remember it, always remember it…..

  4. The first time I saw this movie I was blown away. Steven Soderbourgh is an exceptional and original director

  5. Clooney and JLO had 'once in a lifetime chemistry'. I'm surprised they haven't done a movie together since.

  6. He is a flirt…the way he moveos his HEAD, the smile, the way he drinks, the way he mover his mouth, the smile eyes, even his fire helad…but toO short…

  7. What is the name of the song that plays in the background as of minute 2:22? please !!

  8. let me repeat myself here please, what we are witnessing is called natural chemistry, between 2 actors, derived from a great novelist and a great adaptation and held down by a gangsters director of his generation, i mean come on, i love this movie, its just got a chill gangster love flow to it,scene to scene,pushed forward by its characters,am i wrong?.. which im being rhetorical

  9. that side view the table is too small. nowhere and I mean NOWHERE are tables that small to put you that close. unrealistic.

  10. Guardian over-by-over referenced this video during the Australia versus England Cricket World Cup Semi-Final at Edgbaston today.

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