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– You’re a fighter.
– How you know that ? – l can tell.
– Yeah, l was. ‘Til l got my retina
detached two times. – What’d you fight, about middleweight ?
– Nah, light. Super middleweight,
once my body developed. – What you go about, what, a bantam ?
– Flyweight. [ Laughs ] Nigger, what ?
You know your divisions, huh ? Do you like the fights ?
You like the rough stuff ? Yeah, l bet you do. You like to get down
and tussle a little bit ? Like me and Tuffy,
before she got run over. We used to get down on the floor
and tussle all the time. l’d say to her, ”You a good bitch,
Tuffy. Here’s a treat for ya.” And l give Tuffy what all good bitches
Iove best, and you know what that is ? Know what that is ? A bone. l’ll give you
a good bone too, girl. – You’re not my type.
– [ Laughs ] No, that shit
don’t mean nothin’ to me. – l let the monster out,
you gonna do what it wants.
– l gotta go, Kenneth. – Maybe we’ll see each other again.
– No, no, we gonna tussle first. Awww !
[ Grunts ] Damn it !
What the fuck was that ? You wanted to tussle.
We tussled.

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  1. I hated his charactor in this movie. he was a constant oversexed sexual harassment to every woman he encountered . I have never seen a non black man in such a role.

  2. @GuyBayArea1 I totally disagree u. In all my 45yrs on this earth. I have NEVER seen my dad, uncle, or friends act in such a constant sexual harassing way towards any kind of woman. I have had friends who were horn-dogs, but NEVER to the point of constantly touchin/grabing a woman to the point of near rape. IF ITS WAS SUCH A POSITIVE THING HOW COME U NEVER C NON-BLACKS IN SUCH A ROLE(explain please). Sure, mis-treatment of women is common is all cultures, but dont make it a 'Black thing".

  3. @GuyBayArea1 I am still waiting for your explanation as to how his representation is a positive thing and can you picture/think a white guys in a role CONSTANTLY sexually harassing NON-WHITE women in any movies or play?. Actually, try and imagine Issah Washington switching role with George Clooney…..would that be an excepted, sucecssful, or popular movies?

  4. @GuyBayArea1 No, I am not implying you're ignorant, and I dont understand how " the crabs in a barrel " apply here. I JUST WANT YOU TO FIND A ROLE WHERE A NOTALBE WHITE ACTOR CONSTANTLY SEXUALLY HARRASS BLACK WOMEN TO THE POINT OF ISSIAH'S CHARACTOR DID TO THE WHITE WOMEN…..WHILE WEARIN A T-SHIRT W/ A BLACK WOMAN RIDING A ROCKET AS PORTRAYED IN THE SCENE ABOVE………do that I swear I will sent you $500 via paypal….(graphic shirt is not necessary)…wanting for ur reply

  5. @GuyBayArea1 Make not mistake,Clooney was the hero, the guy who got the girl, the guy who got away, the guy who make love to JLo's "ass kicking/girl power character. He was NOT sexual predator/borderline rapist Iasiah played, and you know what he will never play a role so disguisting. I am willing to bet that white/hispanics/asian/arabs/indians boys bully their respective female school mates too. I want to see the script flipped on a notable white actor that constantly harrass black women.

  6. @GuyBayArea1 Very good choice and it was a very disgusting scene. The difference is the sexual harrassment was NOT CONSTANTLY IN ALL HIS SCENES WITH BLACK WOMEN, HIS CHARACTER WAS NOT ONE-DIMENIONAL , AND HE WAS ABLE TO REDEEM HIMSELF BEFORE THE END OF THE MOVIES(big difference). Sorry,,,,,,, but thats not the same……..next………very good b/c even 20yrs ago, a noteable white actor wound not do a scene like that,,,,,it kinda like love scenes between white men and black women, but I digrest

  7. Always liked how Karen handled herself in this scene: made herself SEEM scared at first & waited for Kenneth to grab her. Obviously she's dealt w/MANY assholes like him & she let him know it.

  8. @lewis20002000 There are plenty of movies out there that have white men acting in the same general manner toward women, you just have to look.

  9. @tommyt1971 , Tommy, please read my past post about this with "GuyBayArea1". My beef was this: Find me a notable white actor who's in a movie where he is sexually harrassing black women in EVERY SCENE, with no redeeming qualities. Sure, everyone can say white guys exit in those role, but i bet you cant fine one.

  10. both of these actors are good actors. they made the scene believable and accomplished their jobs. had lots of people on here talking shit and hating on the guy. He did a great job; didn't he?
    He's a freaking actor. Get over it. He's a thespian who probably does ballet too. re-fucking-lax haters. This was a cool scene. I always wanted an ASP after Jen showed me what one was.

  11. Jennifer Lopez needs to get down on her knees and BEG Steve Soderbergh to do another movie with her. After this… "The Wedding Planner??" seriously??? She has never had so much verve or EDGE as in here.

    This scene should be shown in self-defense classes for women. Moderate the situation, watch their eyes and when you can S E I Z E T H E I N I T I A T I V E, strike hard, strike fast, strike to HURT and withdraw.

  12. Tuffy, you a good bitch, and I give all good bitches a bone.  Dude didn't even care that he wasn't her type.  That shit don't mean nothin.  Then she whipped his ass with the baton.  Tussle!

  13. Next time you see a woman you like, ask her if she likes the rough stuff, and if she likes to get down and tussle a lil bit.

  14. My favr scene in the film. Karen acts like she's afraid in case he tries anything. Great character.

  15. Liked this film so much that had my cat would tussle wth my landlords cat . Which was funny to watch since it was playful . I would say , tussle and sometimes they would but most of the time they gave me the middle paw finger! 🙀

  16. ————- ONE of the funniest scenes in this MOVIE — there's other scenes in this movie that were great , but this one is a top 2 or 3 . Makes me wanna go get a ASP ( stick ).

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