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– Did you get the key ?
– They’re in room 613. All right. l want
two men outside, front and back. Conroy, Jamison, go on up to six,
cover both ends of the hall. You’re primary.
You’re secondary. And you’re point man. – You gonna use a ram ?
– Yeah. Why ? The manager’s door is metal. You know what l mean,
they might all be. A ram on a metal door makes
a lot of noise for what good it does. l got a shock lock round
for my shotgun that oughta do the trick. Fine. Whatever. Two, please. You. Fuck it.
Let’s take the stairs. Karen– Take the radio. Stay down here
in the lobby and watch the elevator. – Daniel, l want to go upstairs.
– Well, you can wait
in the car if you want to. Now, you see Foley and Bragg
coming behind us. What do you do ? – Call and tell you ?
– And you let them come up. You don’t try to make
the bust yourself. You understand ? ls this your floor, ma’am ? [ Shouts ]
Is this your floor, ma’am ? Oh. Oh, yes. Yes, it is. l’m sorry. Thank you. Be advised we are
approaching the door. Be advised we are
going to blow the door. [ Elevator Dings ] Going up ? Shit, l thought l was going up. She iust looked right at me. – Who ?
– Karen. – Karen Sisco ?
– Yeah. She’s in the lobby. – She’s in the lobby ?
– Yeah.

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