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– You have a loan app ? Wonderful.
– Yeah. Terrific. My wife and l were having dinner
the other night– recently married. [ Continues, Indistinct ] – How can l help you, sir ?
– Loretta, see the man talking
to your bank manager has his case open ? Oh, that’s Mr. Gwendon,
one of our assistant managers. Our manager is Mr. Schoen,
but he’s not in today. -But you see the man with the briefcase.
-Yes. That’s my partner.
He has a gun in there. lf you don’t do exactly
what l tell you or if you give me
any kind of problem at all, l’m going to look at my partner
and he’s going to shoot your
Mr. Gwendon between the eyes. [ Whispers ]
Okay. All right, take one of those big
envelopes and put as many 100s,
50s and 20s as you can into it. Nothing with bank straps
or rubber bands. l don’t want
dye packs. l don’t want bait money. Start with the second drawer,
and then the one over there,
under the money counter. Okay. It’s okay. Come on, Loretta.
Key’s right next to you. There you go. No bills off the bottom
of the drawer, please. This your first time
being robbed ? You’re doing great. Just smile so you
don’t look like you’re being held up. You got a very pretty smile. You got 20s ? Give me the 20s.
l’ll take those. There you go.
l’ll put those in my pocket. There you go. l have to give my partner a sign.
Now, that’s good. He’s gonna wait
until l’m out of the building,
make sure you haven’t set off the alarm. lf you have, he’s gonna shoot your
Mr. Gwendon between the eyes. Okay ? – Okay.
– l think that’ll do it, Loretta. Thank you.
Have a nice day. You too. Hey– she’s cute, isn’t she ? Yeah, she seems very nice. Who was that ?

59 thoughts on “Out of Sight (1998) – First Time Being Robbed? Scene (1/10) | Movieclips

  1. I've always wondered where that flicking lighter scene is from.

    Just a question though. Why did he tell her to leave the last bill in the tray? I saw this situation on a TV show once and the robber said the same thing, "leave the last bill" why???

  2. @VanillaLimeCoke I figured that the last bill thing was so that on the CCTV camera's it didn't look like all the money had been taken out – by leaving the last bill in, it makes it look as if there's still a stack of bills there.

    It also makes it look like less money has been taken (CCTV is hardly the best quality – you wouldn't be able to see how many bills had been taken out – it would look like an ordinary transaction).

  3. @magicalmlv

    Unless the CCTV camera is disabled this makes no sense. Because the camera should show the hold up transaction taking place. Ie it would be recording the whole entire robbery transaction.

  4. @VanillaLimeCoke so that if people are looking or if the camera if pointing there, the case isnt completely empty so people will look away because it doesnt look like a robbery

  5. Close but no cigar, the last bills are marked and set an alarm off when removed as they cover a sensor, the dye packs are in stacks of bills near magnetic plates in standby mode, wikipedia – Dye_pack

  6. simplest heist ever! Btw, since he's done so many by now in movies, it's amazing that he still doesn't accidentally walk into banks and try to rob them 😀

  7. I can only think of another actor who could have pulled that scene off, and that's Cary Grant. Put Tom Cruise or the like in there and it would seem fake and still menacing. That suaveness is so Cary Grant.

  8. Well technically it wasn't a robbery cause he made up his accomplice, and he didn't have a weapon and unless there's evidence other than the word of the teller, it would be an odd case for sure

  9. Even if his car hadn't stalled on him, he robbed a bank without wearing a mask. Quite a few witnesses could identify him, including the bank teller.

  10. This film is the first of many collaborations between actor George Clooney and director Steven Soderbergh.

  11. Teller: Hello! How may I help you today? 😀
    Robber: Im here to take all your money. If you give me any trouble, my partner over there will shoot your manager between the eyes… >:]
    Her: Okay! :]
    Robber: Wait, what?… 😐

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