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I got into the kickboxing as my son was kickboxing down here with Lee, I’ve been boxing myself on and off for a number of years and I give up, hung up my gloves really so I started to put on a bit of weight. Come down to support my son, watching, and eventually i’ve got dragged into it really I’ve watched for long enough before I need to have a go myself. I’ve been training for about three months now and I’ve lost probably about 12-13 lbs in weight, blows more strength in my legs, my physique is changed, I start to lose my belly, start to get a bit of structure back in my face and feel so much better with myself. You know I don’t feel tired when Im getting home all the time now where it used to be a routine of getting home, sit on the sofa, go to bed, get home, get to work, now im starting to feel a bit more zestful life and making myself more busy. I know all the instructors personally and I’ve done for a long period of time being as my son’s involved with the sport. But since i’ve gone myself, they haven’t sort of like set me up to full knowing that I have come through a boxing background, they welcomed me in, they’ve taken onboard my strengths as a boxer, they’ve broken everything down to enable me to learn. It’s a fantastic atmosphere; it’s a great friendly atmosphere and their knowledge, having the world champions and everything else here; their knowledge, their mannerisms and the way they teach, it’s just what I’m looking for really. I strongly recommend it and I actively promote the gym. We’ve all got Facebook links and everything else. After every class, i’d go home, big thank you to the coaches, make sure I put a mention in to the kickboxing. I teach boxing here on a tuesday night, I get all lads to come to my boxing to come to the kickboxing and vice versa. I’d hundred percent recommend it to everybody else, to come down and have a go. Lee Matthews British Military Martial Arts
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