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APPRAISER: You brought to the ROADSHOW this
fantastic wrestling belt from Orville Brown and all these great photos. How did you get these? GUEST: I inherited them from my father and
so he inherited them from his father, who is my grandfather. APPRAISER: So tell us what you know about
your grandfather. GUEST: Well, he was a really large guy, and
he had lots of large friends! Unfortunately I came along well after he was
done wrestling. APPRAISER: He was a professional wrestler. GUEST: He was acting as a blacksmith. A promoter came by and he said, “You should
be wrestling,” and so he started wrestling in western Kansas. APPRAISER: No kidding. GUEST: From that, he got into the St. Louis
market, and then from there he reached this pinnacle. APPRAISER: In the early days, wrestling had
a number of federations and alliances and councils and so it was very hard to unify
everyone. GUEST: Yes. APPRAISER: So what’s interesting about this
best: this is National Wrestling Alliance, right? Now if you look here at this photo, the original
belt says Midwest Wrestling Association, I do believe. And that’s when your grandfather first won
it, the Midwest Wrestling Association. So he won that title a number of times, but
they were never unified until 1948 and they created the National Wrestling Alliance. And your grandfather was the first winner
of the unified belt. GUEST: Mhm, yes. APPRAISER: Now, what I’m guessing Doug, is
that they didn’t have a lot of money in those days, so what they decided to do was redo
this belt and put on, and you can see that this panel and this panel have been added. And you can see it by the way also in this
photo. GUEST: Yes. APPRAISER: That’s your grandfather there,
right, and uh this shows that he won in 1940. The loser does not look real happy. GUEST: No (laughs) APPRAISER: So your grandfather wins it in
1948, he holds it, he gets into this terrible crash in ’49… GUEST: Yes. APPRAISER: And he’s done. GUEST: Yes. I remember that…he telling me that he broke
the seat along with his wrestling companion and they ended up going underneath a truck
and so as a result of being able to do that at least they were not injured in the accident
anymore. APPRAISER: So what did he do after that? GUEST: Uh, he did wrestling promotion for
a while and then in the ’50s I think he just retired totally. APPRAISER: Your grandfather was inducted into
the professional wrestling hall of fame in 2005. This photo is your grandfather and your father. GUEST: Correct. My father ended up, uh, being a professional
wrestler from ’52 to ’57. APPRAISER: And your grandfather promoted him? GUEST: Yes he did (laughs) APPRAISER: And how did your father do? GUEST: He did very well, actually. For a little while he held, uh, once again
it went back and forth, but he held the World Heavyweight Championship as well. APPRAISER: Wow, so your father and your grandfather. That’s pretty impressive. I’m assuming that at this point your father
was bigger than this. (laughs) GUEST: A little larger, yes. APPRAISER: So how about you? Did you… GUEST: I have no athletic ability (laughs) APPRAISER: (laughs) No wrestling. GUEST: No wrestling. APPRAISER: All right, leave it to them. This is part of a whole archive that you brought
us. You have a scrapbook with all sorts of articles,
you have photos, you have programs. The major piece is the belt, of course. But I’m going to price it all as an archive. GUEST: Okay. APPRAISER: I’d probably put an auction estimate
of, say, $3,000 to $5,000 on it. But if you’re going to keep it and insure
it, I would insure it for at least $10,000. GUEST: Okay. APPRAISER: Do you feel like we have a winner
in here today? GUEST: I think we do.

8 thoughts on “Orville Brown Wrestling Archive, ca. 1940 | Web Appraisal

  1. I have read some articles about the history of wrestling and I remember coming across Orville Brown's name and his Son's name as well…..FIRST and ONLY Father-Son to hold the Prestigious NWA World Championship….The Funk Brothers, Dory Jr. and Terry are the only brothers to hold the same title lineage. Leila Dunbar always delivers the goods on the back story of her appraisals….Love The Road Show! Cheers Everyone

  2. Leila Dunbar: "I'm going to value this as an archive, and for insurance I'm going to say it's worth $1 Million!"

    I thought she would do it again. 😂

  3. This belt was first awarded to Everett Marshall in 1936 after defeating World Heavyweight Champion Ali Baba at Red Bird Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. Orville Brown won it in 1940 at the Ohio State Fairgrounds Coliseum against Dick Shikat after John Pesek vacated the title. Brown would use his championship as the centerpiece in founding the Kansas City territory, which got it's name (Midwest Wrestling Association) because it was already engraved on the belt by the promotion of the same name in Columbus, Oh.

  4. orville brown , yes he held the nwa championship , . but his son Richard.. may have held the central states title…but never the world title.. 3 times central states champion.. but never world champion.. but his father..was a very good wrestler

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