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Hey I am David Muñoz and this is my story This was me with 13 years old At that time I had been interested in parkour But I didn´t feel able to get a good level The rest of my live it was playing video games and waste the time It was in summer 2018 when everything changed Thank to the impact of one of my best friends I started doing push ups on my knees These are two photos of three months results I had been doing the routine all days and I was motivated I had even added planche isometrics I had achieved physical changes that was initially my goal But… I wasn´t giving my best And I realized about that when I saw again my friend in May in his home town: León This video was filmed when I have been training with him And you can see that even using resistence bands, my level was on shit Besides, I came back to Madrid with muscular aches But, It wasn´t the only thing that I got Also, too much motivation and desire to workout Because of this, I began to train all day and everyday I felt myself stronger physically and mentally with each workout I finished As time went by I realised that I was becoming a BEAST So.. I decided to restart parkour By this time, all was diferent My jumps were more powerfull I also had more strenght in my arms and more agility This gave me the confidence and motivation to achieve a dreamed trick such as the backflip Like all things in life, there are always obstacles In my case It was an injury after a bad landing doing parkour This stopped me from doing this discipline all the summer It taught me to search another alternatives like boxing Apart from that I advantaged to improve my level in calisthenics Because I trained with my friend and his crew And then, you have a proof that if you work hard If you feel the pain and work day by day YOU CAN REACH ANY GOAL

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