One-on-One: Canelo Alvarez

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♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ Canelo, after eveything
that’s happened
over this last year, how great is it to be here
with this crowd in Las Vegas? (SPEAKING SPANISH) INTERPRETER: I’m very happy
to be back here in Las Vegas
fighting again,and it’s a big motivation
to have all these people here,
and I thank them
for always supporting me
for each fight that I have,
but I’m very happy.KIERAN MULVANEY:It’s been
a year since you last fought.
Are you ready
to get back in the ring again? (SPEAKING SPANISH) INTERPRETER: Absolutely,
and I’m very anxious
to get back in the ring again.I’m very anxious to get back.MULVANEY:I know you felt
you won the last fight,
but looking back on it,are there things
you would have done diferently?
of seeing him vulnerable and not taking advantage of it. So I’m gonna make sure
I take advantage of that, hit him in the body,
make sure we have
a better performance. MULVANEY:Whatever anyone thinks
of the result,
it was clear that you
were winning the last few rounds
of the fight.
You had the momentum.Are you going to be able
to carry that momentum
that’s my intention.
I’m gonna work
from the very first round, round by round,
to complete my objective, which is the knockout. ♪ (MUSIC CONTINUES) ♪

60 thoughts on “One-on-One: Canelo Alvarez

  1. how can he still not speak english? he's got all the money in the world, can have the best teachers, methods, technology, techniques…within a year he could speak with proficiency. Bad move, bad for the promotion of the fights, bad for him.

  2. me cae bien el Canelo y triple G tambien. ojala se llenen de guantasos y hagan un k.o para la hinchada. saludos desde Argentina

  3. Damn there a lot of ggg ass lickers on here saying he's going to cheat again. Lmfao already making excuses just in case their fake hero loses this Saturday😂😁😂

  4. Mulvaney: "Looking back on it, are there things you would've done differently?

    Canelo: "Yes, of course. I think I made the mistake of using PEDs. So, I'm gonna make sure to time it correctly next time so it's out of my system before I get tested, you know and just…hope I don't get caught"

  5. Everyone that says canela won the first fight . Can't say that Floyd Mayweather Jr isn't the greatest boxer . Canela learn to run from Floyd or is it skill now?

  6. Bulshit , he says he will do something hes never done in his entire life , which is fighting at a full pace , no breaks , full 3 minutes of every round, there hasnt been 1 canelos fight where he fights more the 1.5 minutes per round , what makes him think he will do different ?

  7. It was not clear he was winning the last rounds. I had round 11 for ggg and even 12 wasnt clearly for canelo. Either way we’ll se what happens saturday, may the best fighter win

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