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With the Cruiserweight wheat being
separated from the chaff in the opening round of the World Boxing Super Series,
the 4 remaining fighters battling it out for 200 pound supremacy have more
than proven themselves both in the tournament, and over the course of their
careers, amassing a combined record of 82 wins in 82 fights, including 67 wins by
way of knockout. And while the semi-final deathmatch featuring sluggers Murat
Gassiev and Yunier Dorticos has most fans slobbering in anticipation,
those with an eye for some of the sports finer points are making a mess of their
own over the other semi-final pitting WBO champion Oleksandr Usyk against WBC
champ Mairis Briedis. Now, make no mistake about it, both Usyk and Briedis can crack with
the best of them, but their respective game plans are more feet-first, as opposed to
face-first. The Latvian Briedis has an uncanny
knack of leading foes, as if on a leash, around the ring and into job counseling,
while Usyk, the 2012 Olympic Heavyweight gold medalist is more of a
balletic brute, creating angles of attack through dance, and emergency MRIs
through fist. But don’t for a moment think either man survives by his wits, or
feet, alone. Both men finish, spectacularly, but with slightly
different MO’s. Of the two men, Briedis carries a slightly bigger punch, with a
single shot from either hand, from any angle,
capable of turning an evening on its ear. Usyk, while lacking the raw strength
of Briedis, has the slight edge at hand speed, which he’ll have no
qualms violently exploiting. it’s a match-up that has everything for
everyone…. tactics AND terror. Power and poise… and
cruiserweights stakes that have never been higher.

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