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I like, struggle with like believing in myself
and I’m like, this just isn’t for me like, as much as I want it to be it’s just not for
me and I got into my head so much about it. And I’ve done all these things that people
said I couldn’t so it’s like, you know what? I can do this like I’ve proven to other people
that don’t believe in me that I can so, I can start believing in myself that I can do
this. I work in a nursery, I do child care. Yeah!
So it’s very different, you know? Like, Monday to Friday I work in a nursery and then weekends I’m Ashley Vega who likes to kick people in the face! As much as I seem like a really mean person
when I’m in the ring, I’m not, I’m not like… I’m quite nice deep down. I have an older brother who
introduced me to wrestling at a young age I was about eight years old when
I first saw the women wrestle on TV, and I thought it was just, like, such a cool thing
and from then on I just fell in love with it and was obsessed. I was still in school at the time when I started wrestling.
I started training when I was about 14 and I was really young. I kind of lost a lot of
friends because of it. All my weekends were took up with wrestling and it made me not
socialise as much with friends, so that was like a big issue, but in wrestling I’ve made
so many friends so it’s made up for it and it’s good There’s so much talent right now but in all
honesty I’m just happy to be surrounded with it and like, to see all these women is amazing.
And I did start really young and I’m still young, but I think that is like a big advantage
for me. You know? Like, I’m still so young but right now I’ve done so much and I’m happy
with that. You know I’ve still got so long to go and it’s exciting. One! Two! Aww c’mon! I just wannae get up the road! Scotland right now is like, such a big place
for wrestling and women’s wrestling especially, who have so much great talent coming through
and proving time and time again that Scotland is like, the place. And seeing
Nikki Cross who’s in WWE right now… Announcer:
“The uncontrollable and ravenous Scot from Glasgow!” …and seeing how she started and where she
is now is very inspiring for me. Women for so long have tried to prove themselves and
tried to show that they are just as good as the men. Yes they’ve done so much and we know
women are amazing so yeah, I think it should just be a normal thing now! This year, especially, I’ve had so many matches
and debuted for so many companies and done more than I ever thought I could, and it happened
so fast that I never really realised what I was doing. And when I look at it I’m like,
I did all that and I never thought I could. You realise when you have matches like that
why you want to do this. A lot of fun! Yeah. A lot of people struggle with believing in
themselves and have confidence issues and so many people are going to tell you that
you can’t do things, and so many people are gonnae, I don’t know, try and humiliate you
and embarrass you for things you want to do, not even wrestling, just anything, and at
the end of the day no one can control your feelings but you so if you want something
you should just go for it and if it doesn’t work out that’s fine. You tried it. But, you
just need to try something because you don’t want to look back and be like what if. Yeah.

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