100 thoughts on “NEW AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Unboxing!

  1. I have a question, how long do the old ones last. Cause I'm looking for really good earbuds that will last a while, you know has to be worth it. Thank youuuu

  2. I have the OG airpods, I don’t need wireless charging but I love them. They do die out on me though, one side dies way faster than the other and has poorer audio quality (it’s more than half has quiet as the other ear). I took it to Apple several times and every time one is double as loud as the other after a few months, so I won’t repurchase again unless they fix that issue.

  3. Wow 😮 so amazing! I’m waiting for my new one’ kindly subscribe to my channel anyone with good heart thank You everyone. Thanks

  4. I really want any type of AirPods but I can’t get them. I just like watching your videos because it makes me seem like I have a pair

  5. What is the point of these. If you got the normal AirPods it is $159 and they are $199. The only difference is really just the charging(witch isn’t even that different). Also you have to buy a wireless charger witch would cost more money. Not trying to hate I love your channel 💕

  6. When you loose your airpods case so now your crying throughout this video knowing your gonna have to replace it with your Christmas money

  7. I have wanted AirPods since the first ones came out and I saw everyone around my school were wearing them in class (because we can listen to music while taking a test in class!)❤️

  8. My bd is in November and I asked my mum (begged) her to get me airpods fingers crossed they look amazing!!!❤️

  9. I don’t like one thing about wireless charging is that it is not portable and the wireless pad still needs the power outlet

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