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[dramatic music]♪ ♪male announcer:
The following is a presentation
of HBO Sports.♪ ♪[inspiring music]– I was born to fight.♪ ♪– My life has always
been a fight.♪ ♪I think the hardest part
of my fight in life
is just learning how to deal
with setbacks and learning how to deal
with obstacles and learning how to deal
with challengesand learning how to persevere
through those challenges.
– In boxing,
you can prepare for any punch and be ready.But you never know when lifecan give you punch.♪ ♪Schreiber: You could define
a fighter as a man
who knows only one way
to make sense of the world…
♪ ♪Who comprehends pain as
a singular gauge of truth…
♪ ♪Whose approach to his pursuitis categorically inseparable
from his identity.
♪ ♪– Go, go, go. – What’s up, man?
– Okay, good to see you. – Hello!♪ ♪Schreiber: On November 19th,
Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward
will square off for the Light
Heavyweight Championship
in boxing’s most anticipated
bout of the year.
Two of the world’s
greatest fighters.
Two men who’ve always known
only one way to live.
♪ ♪[serene music]The story of Andre Wardbegins in northern California.It’s here where the son
of an African-American mother
and a white father
first came to understand
the complexities
of his identity.
♪ ♪Ward: Growing up as a biracial
kid in the Bay Area–
probably growing up like
a biracial kid anywhere–
you have struggles,and the white side would
consider you black. So you’re not accepted
on that side, and a lot of times,
on the African-American side, you’re not black enough.Schreiber: Ward’s father Frank,
a former amateur fighter,
raised Andre and his brother
Jonathan on his own
in their early years.Ward: I mean,
my dad was Superman to me.
There was just this internal
fortitude about my father
that I recognized as a kid. And, you know, I always felt
safe in my dad’s presence.♪ ♪Schreiber: When Ward was nine,
his world changed forever
when his dad took him to this
Hayward, California, gym.
Ward: So this gym right hereis the first gym
I’ve ever walked in.
It’s the first time I ever seen
a real boxing ring. Like, it’s boarded up
right here. Like, my dad, you know–
I wasn’t big enough to look inside the gym. There used to be a window
right there. My dad lifted me up, and I looked in the gym,
and I saw the ring. That’s the first time
I fell in love with– with this sport, man. That’s the first time
I ever was like, “I want to do this.” Joe.
– Hey! – Good to see you, man.
– How you doing? Good to see you.
How’s everything going? – First heavy bag ever I hit. – I had to hang it up there,
because once you signed it,nobody would punch it.They said,
“We can’t punch that.”
– It’s the first bag I ever hit,
right here. Old-school leather. I used to walk down
these steps every day. It’s crazy–when you’re–
when you’re small… – It looks so big?
– It looked so big. And when you get old–
and you get older, the place looks so small. – I know this place
was bigger than that. – That’s crazy. And this is–
this is where I met Virg. – Uh-huh, exactly.
That’s where you met Virg. – I was hitting that bag–
that black bag that we talked about. And he was sitting over, like,
on that bench right there– that, you know, that little
area over there. And I hit the bag,
and I look at him, and he give me a nod
of approval. – He look–he was–he was here
looking for fighters. Say, “Well, there he is.”
– [laughing] That’s crazy.
– That’s how everything started. – So I started right there.
– Yep.Schreiber:
“Virg” is Virgil Hunter,
who began training Wardshortly after the youngster
discovered the gym.
They formed an instant bond,with Hunter glimpsing
of the extraordinary
in his student.
Hunter: He had a wisdomthat most kids his age
didn’t have. He was a winner, I mean,
plain and simple, and– really no other way
to define it.Schreiber:
Soon, Ward began what would be
a highly decorated
amateur career.
And from the outset,
the fighter, his father,
and his trainer,
targeted the 2004 Olympics
as a long-term goal.But as Ward blossomed
in the ring,
elsewhere he was beginning
to see unnerving holes
in the aura of his hero.Ward: I just watched
this pattern with my dad
where he’d be normal
in the morning.
We’d go to school,
me and my brother. My dad would go to work. He’d come home,
he’d be normal– tired, but normal. And he’d spend
some time with us, and then he’d go into his room for about an hour. And then he’d come out
just a different person. And I just couldn’t– I couldn’t wrap
my brain around it. I couldn’t wrap my brain
around it. I’m like–and I used
to tell my brother, “Man, I hate when
he goes in that room, “’cause he–it’s weird. He comes out different.”Yeah, and this house–this is when I came
to find out
really what addiction was.In this house, this is when
I got the understanding of, like, what my dad was
actually struggling with. I had to grow up a lot
in this house, you know– probably quicker than
I wanted to, uh, because of just
life circumstances. And I was a young kid. I was a young kid.Schreiber: The source
of Frank Ward’s struggle,
it turns out, was heroin.Meanwhile, Andre was estranged
from his mother Madeline,
who was living for stretches
at a time in the streets,
battling her own demons.Ward: I saw my friends
with their parents.
And I was like, “Man,“what would that be like, “to come home,
and your mom is there, and she’s cooking, and…” I just didn’t understand
what that felt like, and it hurt. Uh, but then my mom would pop up
every now and again. You know,
she’d be kind of beat up from the streets–
not physically, but just, you know–just from
living that type of lifestyle. And, you know,
I soon found out that her– her struggle was crack cocaine.Schreiber: Ward only lived
in this house for a few years.
His father lost it when
he sought full-time treatment
for his addiction.– And this right here–
this brings back memories. This is first place
me and my brother came to. When my dad lost our home,
he had to go into a program. Uh, this was Millie and Virg,
who, you know– at that time,
they were our godparents, and–and Virg had been
training me probably for, like, three or four years. You know, they took us in,
and this–this is– this is where we stayed,
right here. I mean, who does that? – Well, my–my whole goal
in that was to make him and his brother feel secure
and let them know that everything was
gonna be all right, as far as they were concerned. I promised them that
I would look after them until they were able to
look after themselves, if that’s what it
turned out to be.Schreiber: Ward lived for
most of his teenage years
with Hunter in the Bay Area,though he also reunited
for a period of time
in inner city Oakland
with his mother.
Still, all throughout
Frank Ward’s troubles,
he remained a strong presence
in his son’s life…
Until tragedy struckwhen Andre was 18.[somber music]Ward: My father dying,
and dying abruptly,
was probably, you know,
one of the toughest things
I’ve ever had to deal with
in my life, even to this day,
because I wasn’t prepared
for it, you know. My dad died of heart disease
at 46 years old.You know, I wanted answers
from God, and–
and didn’t have ’em.And I just shut down.I didn’t want to box anymore.You know, I wasn’t praying,
reading my Bible,
going to church–
none of that stuff.
I was self-destruction.Started–started, you know,
drinking a lot. You know, started hanging
with the wrong people. Um, I just didn’t care.Schreiber: Nonetheless,the pinnacle
he’d been targeting,
the 2004 Olympics,
was drawing near.
As ever, Virgil Hunter’s
guidance was vital.
Hunter: What I told him was–is that whatever he had
and whatever he desired to do– that once it’s gone,
it’s gone. You’re not gonna get it back.I never was concerned about
Andre the boxer.
It was Andre the young man
that I was concerned about.
– Somehow, some way, man,
you know, I was able to get things
in order in time and qualify and get back
on the right track.Find myself in Athens, Greece.[rousing music]My dad was big on things
like honor.
My dad was big on things
like respect.
He was big on our family name.I didn’t want my dad
to die in vain.
♪ ♪Schreiber: Ward took home
the gold in Athens,
officially pronouncing himselfone of the best young
American prospects
in generations.With a new level of stakes
and fame in the offing,
when he returned home,he sought out Napoleon Kaufman,a former NFL running back
turned pastor.
– I just saw him as a young– young man that was, you know,
seeking to get his life right with the Lord. He did talk to me a little bit about the loss of his father. Um, but when I saw him,
I just saw someone that was–was looking
for direction– had some pain.But I was very, very hopefulthat as he continued
to walk with the Lord,
that his life was gonna change
in a positive way.
Schreiber: With the guidance
of Kaufman,
faith became Ward’s foundation.He took on “Son of God”
as his boxing moniker
and steadily emerged
as one of the best
pound-for-pound fightersin the world.Buffer: Ward!Lampley: Quick left hook!Ward believes
he’s got him hurt!
And it’s another
knockdown for Ward!
Ward landing when he wants to,where he wants to.Kellerman: He reached
for greatness tonight,
and he may have grabbed it.Schreiber: At 32 years of age,he’s a perfect 30 and 0.But the journey
hasn’t been seamless.
Ward’s had long stretches
of inactivity
owing to legal entanglements
with his promoter,
as well as frustrating
battles with injuries.
Today, though, as
the biggest bout of his career
against Sergey Kovalev
he prefers to stay focused
on the positive.
Ward: For many years
of my life,
I’m sandwiched in between
a heroin addict
and a crack addict.And by the grace of God,I came out of that.I shouldn’t be here doing
what I’m doing right now. Like, everything that’s
happening is a bonus for me, because God was merciful–
God showed me grace. You know, when I was going left
and almost blew it, you know, He had the right people in place
at the right time.Hunter: Well, we know we
weren’t put together
for nothing. We know that. So if we aren’t put together
for nothing, then it has to be for something. Wherever the biggest diamond
in the world is, the expedition that we’re on– we’re getting close to it,
you know. We’ll–we’ll discover it.Kaufman: Dre definitely is
the definition of a fighter.
He’s a fighter.Knowing his past,
and to watch him get up
and achieve what
he’s achieved in life is– it’s just amazing.I’ve seen him go from a boyinto a man,not only just from
his professional standpoint.I’ve watched him
become such a–
a loving father,an awesome husband,a provider for his family.It’s been wonderful to see.– Apple don’t fall
far from the tree.Schreiber: Together
with his wife Tiffiney,
Ward is raising four childrenand certainly not
taking for granted
all he’s able to give them.Ward: My sons come
home every day:
“Did Mom cook?
Did Mom cook?”
Like, it’s amazing.I’m like,
“You guys have no idea, like,
how blessed you are, man.”And they will one day.You know, they’ll start
to understand it one day,
but that stability in the home is–is so important. Hello!Schreiber: Also, today,
Ward has his own mom,
now clean and sober,
back in his life.
– Good work, good work,
good work. – Want another one?
– Heck no.Schreiber:
And as for his father,
he may have been gone 14 years,but he’s never gone missing.Ward: I believe my dad has been
a part of this journey,
you know, since he passed.And I don’t know how– I just believe he has. You know, that’s why I wear
his initials on my trunks.[uplifting music]My dad cared about character. You know, he had his struggles, but he was honest
about his struggles. And he was a fighter. He’d always fight to get
back on his feet, and he would. I think he’d be most pleased with the man that I– that I try to be on
a day-to-day basis– the type of husband
that I try to be,the type of father
that I try to be.
That–that’s what would
make him extremely proud,
more than anything.[solemn music]♪ ♪Schreiber: A world away from
the northern California coast,
near the hazy nexus
of Europe and Asia,
the Light Heavyweight
Champion of the World
came of age amid his own
unforgiving landscape.
Chelyabinsk is my hometown.
This city is industrial city–a lot of factories there,uh, people that they’re–are more stronger– stronger for–
for survive, yeah.♪ ♪Schreiber:
In Chelyabinsk, Russia,
steel production is still
the biggest industry:
raw materials forged
by intense heat…
♪ ♪Shaped by extreme pressure…♪ ♪Into something
seemingly unbreakable.
♪ ♪It’s a fitting backdropfor the story
of Sergey Kovalev,
who saw the world he knew
start to crumble
when he was still
just a child.
– When USSR was, uh–
before split, USSR, we lived, uh–
lived happy. And we feed, uh, our dog, uh, some sausage, you know. We gave to our dog, like,
everything that we ate.♪ ♪1991, when USSR was split,when Russia was born, uh, yeah,
we felt a lot of changes. Our dog forgot about sausage
and everything, you know. Like, my mom and my stepfather didn’t get enough money for– for life.Schreiber: His mother,
Nadezhda Pashnina,
once worked in one of
the city’s many factories.
– [speaking Russian]Kovalev: Our neighborhood–uh, everybody live
like that, you know.
And we didn’t understand that we were living poor or rich,
you know, like–just, like, we lived.♪ ♪Schreiber: On trips back home,Kovalev still visits
his neighborhood,
where he and siblings
were raised
by his mother and stepfather.[keypad beeping]
– Yeah, Mom. [electronic lock beeping] [people speaking Russian]Schreiber: His mother
hasn’t moved from his
small childhood apartment,which has changed over time,but nonetheless offers
constant reminders
of old realities.– We got this room
and this room. This room was, uh…
busy, uh… here lived, uh, one– uh, all the women. We used to be together,
one kitchen, one restroom– uh, restroom. And we didn’t have– we didn’t have,
uh, any shower, just a sink and the toilet. And this room was– is like a kinder room. Here we lived and slept, uh, me, my younger brother, and older sister. Yeah, it was a– just it was a hard, uh– share everything, uh,
between us, you know.[tense music]Schreiber: And outside
the cramped confines
of home, the city streets
offered their own challenges.
Kovalev: In my neighborhood,uh, you must be have
and should be have,
uh, self-defense, you know,because nobody will help youon the street or somewhere,because, like,
it was really tough, uh, time.
Some–sometimes–I don’t
want to, like, cover this, but yes, I did. Three, four friends
on the bikes, drove, uh, somewhere
to another neighborhood and, like,
robbed somebody on the street. [chuckles] We was young guys, you know. And we look–
look at everything like– try to find some action, some interesting things. And, of course,
we got a lot of mistakes. It’s life.[saw buzzing][both speaking Russian]Schreiber: When he was 11,he discovered a better place
than the streets
to spend his days.– Welcome to my first gym.Schreiber: It’s where
he first learned to box.
And 22 years later,
the memories are still vivid,
even amid the rubble.Kovalev: Yeah, here was–
you see where it was ring,
and this side was,
uh, heavy bags.
This side too was, uh,
punching bags. There and there was,
uh, speed bags. This is place where I began. 1994, December 1st, was first, uh… my boxing workout. Yeah, it was here, uh, we stand up in a line. And coach, uh,
stand up front of us and explained to everybody how to do,
what we should to do, like– and what is boxing. Yeah, it’s, uh, my first coach. Novikov, Sergey…
[unintelligible][dramatic music]– [speaking Russian]Schreiber: Sergey Novikovwas the trainer in charge
of the gym’s
aspiring young talent.– [speaking Russian] – He teach us, uh, thatwe must be men.Novikov: [speaking Russian]Schreiber: But a year
into his training,
Kovalev was dealt a blow
that sent him reeling.
– When I was, uh, 12 years old,my stepfather died from
heart attack, you know.
Like, he passed away,
and I was very upset.And I stopped boxing,because really,
I was really disappointed.
And life, you know– I was emotionally killed.[somber music]Novikov: [speaking Russian]Pashnina: [speaking Russian]– It was, like,
maybe three, four months I didn’t use
the boxing gym enough, till I forgot, uh… this hard day when we lost our stepfather. Boxing gave me, uh, hope that time, because we didn’t have
a rich life.Schreiber:
Fortified and re-energized,
Kovalev grew up fast,steadily marching up
Russia’s amateur rankings.
But over time,
he came to feel
that his path to
international recognition
was being blocked by his
county’s boxing politics.
As he mulled his
fighting future,
in 2009, a contact in Russiaput him in touch with
a U.S.-based manager
named Egas Klimas.– I was traveling
to Kazakhstan for my other fighter’s fight, and I said, um, “Why don’t we– we meet there?” Uh, my dear friend,
Don Turner, was with me.I flew Sergey to Kazakhstan.We went to a gym to train,and Sergey just
did shadowboxing.
He just did couple moves,and Don Turner,
when he saw it,
was like, “Damn, where did
you get this guy from?
You can make him a really
big, huge champion.”Schreiber: Following that
appraisal from Turner,
a highly respected trainer,Klimas brought Kovalev
to the United States
to begin the processof building
a professional career
from the very bottom rung
of the sport.
And I explained to Sergey,
“I’m not gonna be
making you money. “I’m not making money off you, “because nobody’s giving me
a single penny. “All I can do for you– “I can get you–
get you some money for food. I can give you some money
for your living expenses.” And I said, “As soon as
we’re gonna get promoter, then promoter gonna
take care of you.”Schreiber: Kovalev fought his
first 18 bouts in obscurity
and had little to show
for his winning efforts.
Klimas: I had inside of mesome kind of fault where– “I got to go.
I don’t want to do this.” But I couldn’t show him. He also had some points
into his head where, “I got to quit this. It’s–it’s not for me.”[upbeat music]Schreiber: In 2012,Kovalev got the chance to
impress promoter Kathy Duva,
who agreed to put him
on the undercard
of one of her shows.His opponent was Darnell Boone.And a minute and a half
into the second round,
the fighter ferociously
breathed new life
into his career.[cheers and applause]
– Yeah! – When the fight was over,
Kathy Duva was standing with her contract right here– with her…
[laughing] Was going out of the ring. She said, “Where is my pen? I want you guys to sign it.” – My boxing career
started, uh… To grow up very fast.♪ ♪Kellerman:
This guy is a mean fighter.
Lampley: The most sinister
presence in the ring
enjoys inflicting punishment.Kovalev is clinically
in command here.
It is over.And he made it look easy.– I even couldn’t imagine that I will get this point. I really surprised myself. [chuckles]Schreiber: Sergey Kovalev
has never lost
a professional fightand has been the unified World
Light Heavyweight Champion
for nearly two years.A husband and a father
now himself,
he’s also a 33-year-old manwho will never forget how far
he’s traveled from his origins.
Kovalev: For everything
I’m fighting in the life,
in the ring–and right now I understand thatI passed a really long road to be here, you know.And every day,
new motivation again and again.
And I’m here, still undefeated,and continue to my goals,
to my dreams.[inspiring music]♪ ♪Schreiber: Andre Ward
and Sergey Kovalev
come from opposite sides
of the world.
But there are commonalities
to the resolves
that ultimately
define their stories.
♪ ♪And now, on November 19th,the two undefeated fighters
will collide
in boxing’s biggest
bout of the year.
– My fight with Andre Ward
is important fight in my life and a huge step and test in my boxing career.♪ ♪Ward:
This fight against Kovalev
is definitely the next
great fight in my life.
It’s definitely the next
great moment in my life. And–and life is about moments.♪ ♪Schreiber: You could say
that all men are,
as much as anything else,a product of their experiences.♪ ♪That every struggle
and every victory,
every encounter
and every realization,
every question
and every resolution,
determine how they live
and what they want.
♪ ♪– [speaking Russian] – That was the window, right
there, that we peeked through. – Thank you, Mom.
[both laughing]♪ ♪– I made it out. I made it through it.Schreiber: They are two men
who long ago discovered
that fighting was the only wayto make sense of their worlds.They are two men whose pathsnow come together
the only way they should.
On Saturday, November 12th,“Road to Kovalev-Ward”
a behind-the scenes look
at the fighters’ preparations
for their upcoming showdown.Then on Saturday,
November 19th,
it’s the live fight:Sergey Kovalev
versus Andre Ward,
live on HBO Pay-Per-View.[rousing music]♪ ♪♪ ♪This has been a presentation
of HBO Sports.

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  17. Hopefully the next fight if ward doesn't chicken out will have three judges who can score , maybe three Russian judges!

  18. The russians are by far the most violent of all white nations. The murder rate in Russia is approximatly 10x higher than in other white nations.

  19. So ward is a product of two crackheads and Kovalev is just a street dude trying to beat the system. System won that night but Kovalev about to crush this fool.

  20. + Sergey Kovalev won = Andre Ward lost.
    + Kovalev outlanded Ward in both punches and power punches.
    + Kovalev landed the most hurting punches.
    + Kovalev knocked Ward down with one right-hand punch.

    – Ward for months acted like an A-hole with first not giving Kovalev credit,
    – Not wanting a rematch,
    – Ward wanted twice the money,
    – Ward wanted to retire and spent time with his kids etc-etc.
    – Ward then broke the "rule" of using a fighters former trainer against him and openly braggs about it in media & press = low class Andre Ward.
    – Ward & his people are deep down con-men.
    = Ward and his team are a big part of the problem with today's boxing. No fight fan service, no boxing morals, no clean buisness.

  21. yea I can't watch this bullshit lmao bunch of assholes these guys are. kovalev gots mouth but Andre ward started talking and I was like fuck this I ain't wit this bullshit lol just my opinion

  22. I got Ward by decison but if Kovalev can keep the pressure and have the condition to go all out for 12 rounds I give it to Kovalev.

  23. Quand on met un coup bas à l'adversaire et qu'il a du mal à récupérer, il est facile de gagner le match par ko ensuite. Merci monsieur l'arbitre de ring, messieurs les juges!!!

  24. I must give my respect to kovalev for showing love to his stepfather cuz most kids would not care for their step parents. His stepfather must’ve been a good man who showed his love towards kovalev by sticking around and working hard with kovalevs mother

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