70 thoughts on “muslim boxer gets knocked out big style

  1. And then there was the great prince haseem who was undefeated and muslim up until he ran into marco antonio barrera and his wife was white lmao xD

  2. muslims will never win in boxing…cause they know to fight in group that is 10-1…
    blacks, Mexican, russian, thai are the real boxers……

  3. thats what you get when you dont put extra meat into pita kebab and try to fuck customers (extra meat costs 1-2€ more 🙂 )

  4. These are 2 different clips made into one, he is actually a quite humble guy and was just trying to have fun and calm his nerves, he's taken all the memes in stride even though he is being portrayed unfairly. At first I wanted to hate him and his wierd ass dance moves but I saw an interview with him and he actually seem genuine.

    (Edit: here is the interview where he explains it https://youtu.be/vsT53rWo2Lg )

  5. Why mention his religion in the title & why would anyone leave ugly comments regarding his religion?

  6. Islam was invented by Mohammed a child molesting rapist murderer thief who worshipped the moon God Allah.

  7. it is forbidden to hit the face due to Islamic religion and of course music and dancing are forbidden …

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