24 thoughts on “Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick: instructional

  1. Huge difference between a Muay Thai roundhouse kick vs other styles. Muay Thai puts the entire body into it while rotating the hips which generates phenomenal power. Other styles just like to flick kick from the knee and tap the opponent.

  2. I think because he's doing it slow it doesn't look that technically sound, idk just doesn't have the smooth thai kick look,but the instructions were on point

  3. i was practicing these and experiencing pain in my left leg that I couldn't explain. Before I had no problems with that but then I examined this video and how I was kicking, and I realized that I wasn't fully springing up onto the ball of my left foot when launching my right kick. I was keeping my left foot flat on the ground which I guess put lots of pressure on my heel, and then pain would shoot up my calf and tendons. So make sure guys you spring up onto the ball of your left foot when kicking!!! If you experience that kind of pain for too long it will disable you!

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