Muay Thai Boxing Moves : The Muay Thai Basic Boxing Punch

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This is Ric O’Kane on behalf of
in this clip we are going to be demonstrating 1 out the 4 basic types of Muay Thai punches.
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The first thing you are going to want to do is get in a wide stable stance, I’m want to
sit low with my knees slightly open not knock kneed. I’m going to lean slightly forward,
my left shoulder forward, my chin tucked down, my elbow in, palms facing my own face. Okay
as I lean forward I want to strengthening my arm out and put 60-80% of my weight to
my right leg. This is my first punch it is called the shift jab. For the cross which
is also a straight punch I’m going to fill my back shoulder, turn my right hip along
with right heel into the punch. Again the jab, the cross, jab, the cross, and for a
side view again our weight, low center of gravity, I shift my weight from 50-50 to 70-30.
The jab, the cross.

83 thoughts on “Muay Thai Boxing Moves : The Muay Thai Basic Boxing Punch

  1. yeh definatly this guys stance is wrong .. in muay thai the front foot stays on the balls of your toes almost looking like there bouncing there leg.. watch any other video and youl see it!

  2. lol that aint muay thai at all if he tryed to hit me like that i would just give him a low kick on his right leg lol

  3. It nothing to do with muay thai at all. You never move your legs like that when you jab since you always defend yourself against kicks it looks more like a boxing stance then a muay thai stance so no its not a "basic" muay thai punch at all its nothing to do with muay thai!

  4. the only time you ever really bend your legs whilst jabbing is if you have just jabbed them and then you want to do a body jab. You only bend your legs then so you can keep the power in your jab!

  5. No go to a muay thai gym like everyone else has to! If you want to learn thai boxing wrong stick to watching youtube vids like this 😉

  6. if you do go thai boxing you should know i'm telling the truth this guy looks more like mma then muay thai!

  7. i got to take a couple of classes

    & his stance is wrong, it is to wide

    not saying he doesn't know anything because im pretty new on muay thai

    im better in boxing tough

  8. this is an instructiona video. he is going at 1/10 speed. of course he would get his leg kicked. he would get kicked in the face too if he fought that slow. also "he looks more mma". that is so wrong. he is holding his hands against his face like a bboxer/muy thai fighter and throwing punches. this is textbook muay thai. MMA you would have your hands out and be perrying the punches away because you can't cover up with the small gloves

  9. This is the way different what my Kru teaches me. You're actually not supposed to lean too much in muay thai for punches, because people are more inclined to pull you in and knee you.

  10. Has any of these poeple ever actualy trained in muay thai??? how wide does he want his stance??? leaving his stance that wide could easily put him of balance and makes him vulnerable to getting kicked on the inside of the leg were it will realy hurt. my advice to them is to actualy learn the style before trying to teach it lol.

  11. legs closer breath and pivot is all you need man, turn the shoulder straight jab step into it keep you hand up and chin down thats all man, side jab is an easy transition from that point and a hook is a good follow up, jab cross jesus man what does he know?

  12. i notice he doesn't even step in with the jab for more effectiveness

    but, I'm sure he can't with that wide stands

  13. like jon420 below says, this guy is teaching basics, its incredible the amount of people who have commented on his stance and punches etc. if you read the title it says "THE MUAY THAI BASIC BOXING PUNCH". Im suprised no-one made a remark like "duh, look at how slow he is throwing the punches, i could dodge them" The fact people try to pick holes in his technique just shows lack of experience/knowledge, ive been doing Muay Thai for 7 years and no two people fight the same.

  14. Your knee and arm extension is so long!! it means less balance and punch power effectiveness!! is just my opinion! I have learned another way!!

  15. dude work on your stance,this is way too wide ,you;re losing alot of power with this,kep your guard up more and get on your toes

  16. Hulkout666 u r in a mistake, dude. Not only are their punches strong but they elbow hit tough as well. What i didnt know is that they move the centre of weight when punching….i mean this looks rediculous here :S THis is first of all slow and second one moving this way is vulnerable to be easily taken out of solid stance with a single low cick. A far as i know i MT when punching the stance barely changes due to the closed legs stance which is suitable for front-cick deff (Mae geri in karate)

  17. your too heavy on the lead leg during the jab. especially in muay thai. your gunna get that leg eatin up. you wanna be light on your feet when throwing the jab. plus your hand are low even for boxing let alone muay thai. pick em up mike tyson, or ya gunna eat some head kicks too.

  18. terrible jab, by shifting ur weight forward it takes a long time to return to your stance, unless there is a follow up attack after every time you jab, that is a stupid thing to do

  19. who leans forward with a jab like that?
    my muay thai instructors would argue differently. and putting 60-80% of your weight on your front foot for a jab!?!?!?
    there is no reason to ground so much weight for a jab that wont do much damage and will make it much much harder to defend and any leg kicks coming in will be that much more damaging

  20. definitely, his stance is bad as well
    he is making his front leg very vulnerable to leg kicks, unable to block with that leg and getting a kick with grounded weight like that hurts a lot more than in a decent stance.
    and the jab is a distancing punch a lot of the time as well leaning forward like that messes that up.
    if i was in the ring and jabbing like that i'd aim to destroy his lead leg

  21. @jokerstylerule. Thank you for pointing this out. This is not Muay Thai. I saw the video on the "Muay Thai Hook" and it is not a muay thai hook it was boxing. Kind of like this one.

  22. @LucasCG13 Haha. look it up.. and shogun rua he is about 90% muay thai stance except his hands are a little bit wrong

  23. I'm sorry I don't mean to sound like another "YOUTUBE EXPERT FIGHTER" but like in a real match if he put all his weight on that foot when he jabbed, wouldn't the other fighter notice? Like when he leans in that would be the perfect time to kick since he has the majority of the weight on that leg. Idk just looks like an accident waiting to happen.

  24. @klsforever It looks weird because he has too much spacing between his feet, it's a very strong stance but less dynamic.

  25. @xHexagon you only lean back when outside and not right in the pocket. Who the hell are you that u are an expert.

  26. seriously. know bodies going to be thinking about in a fight if their jab has 60-80% of their weight on it. and if u get kicked on the shin while your doing a jab like that your going to drop easily. seriously your kcis are a lot better than your punches

  27. @TheTramsen Yeah, sorry for this. My instructor told me my stance was old, but i still lean a lil bit back, cause i'd feel more comfortable when evading kicks. But his jab sure looks weird :S

  28. @cgwhiting you start not to care when your kicking there head off, and hes strugggling to reach ur ribs because hes wearing skinny jeans.

  29. HAHAHAHA! Are you kidding me?! Are you actually teaching people to lean their heads forward past the lead leg? They tell you not to do that in every style there is.

  30. @Idealbastard You clearly have no idea what Muay Thai is then. It's a pretty basic punch. Idea being you use your momentum/hips to throw the punch, and a stable foundation to block/kick afterwards. Learn before speaking =]

  31. Muay Thai lacks solid hands I would say replace any form of punching learned with Western Boxing and Ramon Dekkers is living proof of those two combine

  32. For people who think that is a muay thai punch… That is NOT even a punch and I swear nobody jabs like that in any martial arts. BTW I did muay thai for 3 years


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