Muay Thai Boxing Moves : Attacking Vital Points on the Body in Muay Thai Boxing

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Hello this is Ric O’Kane on behalf of
in this clip we are going to be demonstrating some of the vital points one a natural person
that the Muay Thai strikes are targeted against. If you want to find out more about Muay Thai
you can visit Shawn Yacoubian a professional fighter is going to demonstrate
for me. Okay the first thing I’m going for is the lower half of the body, the base I’m
looking to attack the base, I want to attack the inside of the upper knee just above the
knee. Now striking with the middle of my lower shin okay the most important target for the
legs outside I strike. The
floating rib just under his right elbow this is his liver shot. Lock it with the shin okay
the same spot with the knee. I just take him closer. Okay the straight punch aim straight for the
shin. Okay the body punch right to the front of the rib. Okay to combine these it looks
something like this. Alright and the front kick. We have the straight punches, the hooking
punching going around the gloves, the straight punches go between, we have the upper cuts
coming right up the middle and the body punches. Okay from mid range we have the knee strikes
to the body, we have the knee strikes to the face, we have the elbow strikes to the face, horizontal,
horizontal, vertical, upward, downward.

100 thoughts on “Muay Thai Boxing Moves : Attacking Vital Points on the Body in Muay Thai Boxing

  1. i cant belive how some of you ppl fucking talks shit STFU and post a video of you doing better then

  2. Good video, floating ribs are a great target on an oponent because most people don't tend to guard them well and they actually break very easily and once you've broken them your oponent 'aint gonna' be fighting back no more.

  3. This is a guy who's blatantly grown up doing something like Karate or Tae Kwon Do. I used to do TKD for a year before very quickly moving onto Thai Boxing and all the guys at the TKD used to stand around talking about different "techniques" and stuff as if they actually knew how to fight. Frankly, it embarrasses me to think I was one of them for a year. This guy reminds me of them because they seemed to think they could watch videos and shit and all of a sudden they know how to fight thai etc

  4. HE IS FUNNY. Lets laught every1… This is how I fight with my GF when Im drunk… She disregards me as the other guy COZ im doing silly stuff. SHHH SHHH Dirsshh dirsshhh =))))

    Sorry but I wanna kick this guys ass. I do Kung FU and respect my friends doing Muay Thai.

    Long live the king!

  5. omg the stance of the left guy is suck !!!
    his elbows doesn't protects nothing .. if he were put them inward it was increase a ribs,lieber whatever side body defense

  6. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU HIT THE CHIN WIHT A STRIGHT PUNCH :s , his chin wil be down to protect his windpipe .. and stright punches are to hit the eyes and nose :s not a fucking chin a chin cant brake a jaw, nose and eye socket can

  7. the expertvillage guy said : hit the chin with a straight punch, 1) the chin of a thaiboxer will be down to cover his windpipe, one punch in the throat and it's lights out 2) a chin can't brake, a nose or eyesocket can ( that's what you need to attack whit straight punches not the chin goddamn it )

  8. its good its basic. that's why we are at youtube isn't it ? Let's see the complaining guys above make their own expert video. I'd love to watch and see what they give off !

  9. i dunno about that kick to the inner thigh, lots of shins have been cracked getting checked by the opponents knees with that kick. if the guy your sparring isnt that experienced the liver show is the easiest. beginners fear getting hit in the head and dont think body shots do as much as a strike to the chin or temple.

  10. You aren't looking to break his face, you're looking to knock him out. To knock someone out you basically have to shake up their brain, the chin is one of the best places to do that

  11. I do muay thai but no compitition (yet) I chose muay thai because it works in the street ( and I like to break faces )

  12. Come on lads- We're all mates on here! 😉

    I've only had one fight with a lad from Manchester so far- came out it ok. I've another at the end of this month. Trying to keep weight down, fitness at a good level.

    .37 to .45 where the instructor is chopping into his lead leg, i nearly got dropped in my second round with that one.

    I want to protect that leg so i'm now training Southpaw. It's fuckin well difficult! :)))

  13. It's going to be tomorow. I'm doing some ground work later tonight (approx 3 miles) and back to gym Thursday.

    I try that. Cheers mate!

  14. Na man the guy in this video does not have a clue. He's like someone who's watched Thai boxin but never actually done it himself. All the guys for this "Expert Village" mob are tits.

    I just went to a seminar with Liam Harrison and Andy Howson at the wekend there and that taught me fuckin 100 times more than anyone'll ever learn on youtube. especially if they're watchin this guy – he's not even on his toes ffs.

  15. WHAT!!!? That geezer aint go a clue, Flat footed, no balance, low punch was terrible, and the less said about the teep/front kick the better!

  16. hes turning his foot with the kick???? i always thought you position the main foot holding the balance before you go into the kick

  17. the front foot turning is to increase your radius on your kick therefore making it alot stronger
    its actually really affective.

  18. the muay thai that the settlers passed down was way more violent and technical much more of a martial art then it got dulled down abit for the ring and spectaters but is still as brutal as hell i think at this point the military took it up

  19. Yup – muay thai is extreme. Our trainer used to make us stand in a line and he'd go back and forth the line punching us in the stomach xD. It is rough, but this way you get used to being hit.

  20. It's not actually that bad. The base and floating ribs are the best points to hit right at the start. The pain builds up as the muscles are tiring, causing them to fatigue way before you do. Fatigue is an open weakness, et voila.

  21. there's absolutely nothing wrong with criticizing someone's technique in a video designed to show technique. this guy's technique in his kicks is amateur. i'm a muay thai fighter (under Kru Nurse). I should know.

  22. first off i believe its called a teepe kick and there is a front and back. video is stupid by the way, poorly planned out i guess.

  23. Front kick can be done with either leg.

    Or at least that is how I was taught when I studied under Thai Muay Thai teachers in the UK and in Thailand.

  24. Ok, nice video, but perhaps knees, rib, stomach are not called 'vital point' right? U said 'vital points' in the title but i dun see any vital points attacking skill here.

  25. I dont mean that those attacking places are not hurt, just that these places are not considered 'vital points' in traditional martial arts. Check out what is 'pressure point' via google.

  26. Well, you kind need your knees to stand up, you need your ribs to actually be alive for more than 5 minutes and if you don't have a stomach well then you're pretty fucked lol. So yeah, they're pretty vital points

  27. In my 29 years of training, I find it more important to improve my techniques as opposed to criticizing others. If you are that good a fighter, why are you watching a beginners training clip? Focus on yourself, that is what the martial arts are about

  28. Im not trying to criticise this at all, you'd probably kick my ass, but i just wanted to point out something for beginners. When you do front kick, use your heel and not your toes. Its just a safer and stronger kick that way. (safer meaning you wont break your toes)

  29. He's not rolling onto the ball of his foot when he does the knee strikes…and he swings his arm too low when he kicks. It leaves him exposed. Pretty good video overall though

  30. @MetalHeadJuggalojr muay thai doesn't lack defence. The guy in the video lacks defence. His technique sucks. One of the most rubbish muay thai vids i've ever seen!

  31. Very sloppy technique. Doesn't go on the balls of his feet when he kicks. His foot does nothing when he knees. Should be pointing back. Drops his hands before he punches. Actually one of the worst videos i've ever seen.

  32. @ClownCockMeen many people use these Muay Thai tactics in 'real fights'. Would you consider a fight in the UFC, Pride FC (RIP), or K1 a 'real fight'? Muay Thai is known by martial artists to be one of the most effective and brutal disciplines in the world.

    Pay attention moron.

  33. @ClownWalkMeeen the reason these techniques dont work for people in real fights is because people are to lazy to train to way there suppost to. If you don't put in the time into it, it wont work. Kicks take real work to work in real situations and people are just to lazy to do that work.

  34. @iApna tried doing that and although it is easy to counter it's not a good idea… took about 5 strong low kicks to my left leg in my 2nd match just so i could counter. Didn't really feel them in the match but after I couldn't walk very well for a week… it sucked lol

  35. @salmon595 constructive criticism is always good, but to just rag on someone is crazy. And to answer your question, I like to refresh my mind at times by watching beginners in action. I remember what it was like back then.

  36. @heald111111111111111 Muay Thai is great I started training 3 months ago and I love it. In muay thai you use punches, kicks, knees and elbows. It depends on who your trainer is if they focus more on kicks or not. Traditional muay thai focuses more on kicks, but the way we train the emphasis is put on mixing all techniques together fluidly. We train boxing technique just as much as we do Kicking. I would definitely recommend starting muay thai it's a great workout and has really cool techniques.

  37. @zulu625 the vital points of an unnatural person is the same as a natural person……we all have the same vital points no matter how strong or skilled one is

  38. @kironkabir Good for you man. I really enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone. Just remember that it takes time and dedication to improve. Be ready to get worn out and beat up a little bit.

  39. @tgreaper i gave a thumb up because i agree in this case.

    however, after wrestling and kickboxing for so many years i still watch the beginner videos over and over and over and over again again and again. The basics are so important that i always go back to them once awhile, it helps me remember certain things i could do in a fight, so that i dont lose a fight and say to myself : OMGSH, how come i didnt do this or do that…

  40. ive been training muay thai for 2 weeks and what i do is
    jab strike jab strike jab strike jab strike jab strike jab strike jab strike jab strike jab strike jab strike jab strike jab strike jab strike thats right thats right thats right thats right thats right thats right thats right jab strike


  41. So with the hooks in muay thai how come the fist is in a riding bike position, instead of holding a steering wheel position?

    Im not having a go I actually wanna know if there's any advantages to it, ive trained for boxing (a little) and ive recently started thai and the people i train with seem to be really bad at punching, but obviously better at all the other things, bt the trainer never pulls me up on my boxing skills, he's complimented them a few times and used me as an example

  42. i got pounded at that area, the inner point above the knee. It hurts like hell, was unable to train for a few days…

  43. @xatumonoco2 You must be a fucking noob.
    That expel of air you are hearing is to prevent getting the wind knocked out of you, if you were to get countered to the body. Also it tightens up core muscles and all around puts the cherry on top to a perfectly executed strike.

  44. hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah this guy is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking funny…..the move and the compine is not the samee….lol

  45. if both standing with left leg forward which means that you can't really kick much with your right leg.. i mean round kick , cause you end up kicking opponent's back .. i mean body kick, also kicking with back leg taking longer than with other leg, but kicking with forward leg is so difficult and kick is not that strong.. doing switch is to long… push kick in the body is not winning you much… round kicks in the head are pretty possible to catch, so they dangerous to do.

  46. Only kicks I found safe and convenient to do are. Push kick in the face and Straight Knee in the head and chest..
    Also round kicks in legs are pretty possible to block and also don't often result in your opponent to loose balance and fall

  47. Hi. could you please post some video on some efficient kicks in the legs which easy, quick and safe to do and will make your opponent fall.. even if they part of simple combination it would be great. Thanks in advance

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