MUAI – Basic bare-knuckle introduction (The original Muay Boran) [ENG Subs] UNCUT

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No more boxing gloves If you train with green-belts you still use gloves because they can’t do that yet But between white and white, white and black white and blue white and red – whatsoever no gloves First rule: no gloves Second rule: Since you have learned some Ling Lom some grabbing may occur Since you have learned some Ling Lom ground fighting can happen We start slow and small for you to find out, how it feels without gloves Do you agree? – Sure! You dare to do that? – Sure Let’s just try Right. Without gloves we start like this Right. That small angle Really small angle Difficult with boxing gloves, but possible without Sweet! Make sure to pull through That’s right See that? – Yeah! That’s possible too? – Sure! Just slapping the other guy – slap! Okay, there you have grabbed me .. Oh, no – Yes Some minor changes for knee This and this and that You can now use all of this stuff Yeah .. sweet! You could even .. come on .. Give it a try You can set up your knee with that Wicked Here – yes Grinding techniques start to make more sense now Something like this There’s no stop No stop No stop? No stop! Not anymore Good Look Ah yes See what’s possible when you wear boxing gloves it’s hard to grab like that – yeah, just like that.. Meh Yes That’s it Make him hit himself Now you could also You can now use all these small angles Just by not wearing boxing gloves That’s a nasty spot Check for small gaps You can’t afford them anymore Make it tight This doesn’t make sense anymore Doesn’t work too well without gloves Instead you use this guard This is where Ling Lom pays off Very well! All of the sudden I didn’t feel like punching anymore Make it a punch Go down – what? You mean for escaping? Now kick That’s it No. Try a knee defense This way Nope. Here. Yes But no stop There is no break There’s no round, no referee, no stop Either it works, or it doesn’t Have fun practicing – Thank you!

One thought on “MUAI – Basic bare-knuckle introduction (The original Muay Boran) [ENG Subs] UNCUT

  1. Was ist so besonders dadran, ohne Handschuhe zu trainieren wenn man sowieso in Zeitlupe übt? In jeder anderen Kampfkunst wird auch ohne Handschuhe trainiert aber in voller Geschwindigkeit, wird halt milimeter vor der Nase abgestoppt. Bei euch macht nicht mal der Tiefschutz sinn 😀

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