Motu Patlu Ka Udhaar – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

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Big brother do something, tea vendor is not giving me samosa to eat. Whenever I go there he asks me for the previous balance. Today he also hit me. How dare he hit you? I will confront him, I will teach him such a lesson, which he will never forget in his life. Don’t beat him more. Help! He hit me so badly and taught me a lesson which I will never forget in my life. Dr.Jhatka do something so that he forgets about his dues. Oh Patlu my friend my brother, take this needle that makes people forget. And inject him and show him the board that says today free pay tomorrow. Whenever you go to eat samosa, he will say eat free today pay tomorrow. And will not take the money from you. Big brother that is great. Only we have to show him the board that says today free tomorrow cash. Only this? Yes, as soon as you prick him show him the board. If he sees something else then he will do what he sees. All right but he will not allow us to prick him. I have a solution for every problem. Take this, lots of pins and this pipe, from far away put these pins in to the pipe. And take aim at him as soon as the pin pricks him show him the board today free tomorrow cash. So nice tea I made today, and samosa as well. Boss, what are you doing? John will become don, we clean up the treasury who will clean up this garbage? Wow! Boss this poetry is very good. But let’s run from here quickly otherwise Chingam will come. This job is perfect for John. Help! Somebody help! Give it to me, let me take aim this time. Enough aiming, come with me. Motu quickly show him the board. Oh god, what happened to him? He has seen the poster of Bruce lee and he has become Bruce lee. He punched me so hard. Come Motu Patlu come and eat some samosa. No, we don’t want to eat samosa. What? How dare you refuse to eat my samosa? Now I will show you. Now tell me if you want to eat my samosa or not? We want to eat samosas but we don’t have money. What? You want samosas and that to without paying? Boxer brother if someone is hitting your neighbor what would you do? I will break his bones. This tea vendor is hitting your neighbor. You tea vendor, how dare you, I am coming. Dad! No dad. Don’t try to ever clash with me again, understood? Will you eat samosa? No, I don’t eat samosa. Then you have to take my hammering. What has happened to this tea vendor? How has he suddenly changed to Bruce lee? It is a long story don’t ask. Now you have to eat samosa and pay money otherwise I will teach you a lesson. Oh no, not again. Oh Motu my brother my friend, did it have any effect on the tea vendor? Oh, as soon as the needle pricked he saw the poster of Bruce lee, he beat us up into a pulp. If we eat samosa he hits us if we do not eat then also he hits us. My friend, swear on my patients both of you are very innocents. Go and remove the needle from every one and then they will all become all right. Thank you big brother. Stop, that’s enough, your chase ends here. Oh my God! Why am I so tired? As if I have run miles. Oh my lord! I feel the same. I will tell you but you all have to help us remove the needle from the tea vendor’s neck. Chingam sir come, eat somosa. Oh my god! I do not eat samosa, I eat Idli, Dosa. Ok, then take my hammering. Motu, do something quickly. I can’t think on an empty stomach, you do something. Idea! Listen Tea vendor I have pricked a needle in your neck and soon you will faint. Now the fun begins. What are you all doing here? What will you eat, samosa or sweets? Listen Motu I will not give you a single samosa to eat, first give me the money. Tea vendor, thank you. You look good like this only. What happened to him? Is he ok? He was ok up till now, but soon he will not be. Because of him, we had to run so much and we took a lot of beating, right friends? Yes. Hey Motu, stop in the name of law.

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